Best & Top 10 Speaker Brands in India in 2024

Time to sneak peek into the top 10 and Best Speaker brands in India in 2024 in case you are planning to treat your ears. While we often come across several attractive advertisements of speaker brands, choosing the right one becomes tough and decisive.

Music is therapeutic and a great speaker can give you an amazing experience on the clarity of the sound. Hence, it is pertinent to invest in a speaker that will make the music lively in your ears. Among so many brands existing in the market, it is also difficult to opt for the right one. Furthermore, which factors to consider while shortlisting the best speaker brand is also ambiguous.

The list of top 10 Speaker brands in India in 2024 that we have put together will immensely help you making an informed decision. Our intense market research, extensive user feedback, expert interviews have resulted in shortlisting the best of brands for you.

Best and Top 10 Speaker Brands in India

We have tested each and every product in our suggested list and evaluated them on the basis of sound quality, output, frequency range, impedance and price. We want you to enjoy the music while we meticulously prepared the top speaker brands that would suit your requirements.

Which type of Speakers are best suited for you

Even before you explore the best speakers in India it is germane to understand the major types of speakers available in the market and how different are they from each other. Mapping it back then with your requirement would result in a perfect purchase of speakers.

Often we look out for a product without knowing the nuances. So, in quest of listening to good music and enjoy the sound effect, you should understand the various types of speakers that are available in the store. Accordingly, the purchase process becomes much easier. Below listed are the type of speakers that you should be knowing of.

1 – Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

A built-in amplifier and loudspeaker when gets connected or paired with devices such as smartphones, iPods, tablets, laptops or computers, through wireless bluetooth technology then it’s called a Bluetooth speaker.

Pairing any device with Bluetooth is a simple one-time process. From next time onwards the speakers get automatically recognized by the device and gets connected when made available within the range. Even though these Bluetooth speakers are wireless it needs to be charged whenever the built-in rechargeable battery drains out.

2 – Multimedia Speakers

Multimedia Speakers

These are the speakers, usually small sized, that are generally connected with a jack to a desktop or laptop. Most of them have an internal amplifier and requires an external power source. These speakers either use a 3.5 mm jack plug or USB or RCA connectors. Mostly they come with a computer as a package, and often they are available separately in market. In order to enhance the bass output, some sophisticated multimedia speakers can also have a subwoofer unit.

3 – Smart Speakers

Smart Speaker

Smart speakers are the latest trend, powered by virtual assistant and enabled by voice command, these modern speakers can answer questions, play on your request, set alarms and reminders, as well as control other smart devices in and around.

Smart speakers’ ability to recognize voice and respond accordingly makes it completely unique. They mostly operate on voice-recognition technology and is the future of speakers. Several branded smart speakers have their own name and can be easily controlled through smartphone apps.

4 – Home Theatre System Speakers

Home Theatre System speaker

This is an entire collection of speakers to give you an awesome surround sound system effect. It includes a receiver which is where power supply is connected to along with other units. The units mainly consists of central speaker, right & left front speakers, rear speakers, subwoofers, and height speakers. It is an entire range of speakers which when connected to the device gives divine musical effect.

Top 10 & Best Speaker brands in India in 2024 that shouldn’t be missed

We have listed down the Best Speaker brands in India in 2024 just for you, to facilitate your purchase process. Music is best enjoyed with a super duper speaker, else the entire fun of music gets spoiled.

This list of top speakers have been prepared with utmost care by collating detailed information, so you have a hassle free shopping experience and take home the best of speakers to enjoy divine pleasure of music. Several factors have been considered while shortlisting these speakers for you. Have a look and go for the best one that suits your musical taste.

1. JBL

JBL Flip 5 by Harman Bluetooth Speaker

JBL is undoubtedly the best speaker brand in India in 2024. This American brand is an abbreviated form of its founder’s name James Bullough Lansing, who was a renowned audio engineer and loudspeaker designer in Los Angeles. Founded in 1946, JBL was later acquired by Harman in 1969. Harman’s India office became operational in 2009 and since then they have been producing some amazing speakers for Indian market.

JBL offers wide range of speakers at varied price points to Indian consumers. Right from premium speakers to the affordable ones, you will get to experience superior quality of sound through JBL. This global brand with cutting edge technology caters to all segments of speakers without compromising its sound quality.

What do we like most in JBL?

  • Wide range of variety based on your need – be it portable Bluetooth speakers or Home theatre speakers
  • It has outstanding sound quality with excellent balance, pitch, and thumping bass
  • Easy to install and operate
  • The lowest-priced product from JBL is at Rs 1390, whereas the highest one is at Rs 49,500
  • Apart from popular eCommerce sites, JBL speakers are available for purchase on their own website along with some exclusive offers and discounts
  • Has a great range of waterproof speakers, as many as 17 of them
  • JBL has 297 authorized service centres across India to serve customers better

2. boAt

boAt Stone speaker

Considered to be the best speaker company in India in 2024, boAt has quickly captured the market since its inception in 2013. Co-founded by Sameer Ashok Mehta and Aman Gupta, this New Delhi based firm designs and markets an array of audio-focused consumer electronics such as Bluetooth speakers, home audio equipment, wireless earbuds, headphones, and smart phone accessories.

boAt’s portable Bluetooth speakers have gained a huge popularity among the youths. Under the brand name of Stone and Rugby, it markets the wireless portable speakers. Through influencer marketing and celebrity tie-ups it reaches its audiences. Being an Indian brand it understand the youth market quite extensively and offers a wide range of products at affordable price points.

What do we like most in boAt?

  • Emerging Indian brand with international standard quality product
  • Gives blissful sound experience
  • Trendy design that resonates with youths
  • Battery life of the speakers are impressive
  • Their portable Bluetooth speakers are priced between Rs 2,490 and Rs 12,999
  • Superior sound quality
  • Easy and hassle free connection
  • There are around 45 boAt authorised service centre across India, however not all devices are serviced at every centre

3. Sony

Sony Speaker

This Japanese multinational can easily secure a position in the top 10 speaker brands in India in 2024. With its strong brand lineage in space of consumer electronics, mainly audio system, Sony offers some amazing speakers to Indian customers. Technologically they innovate new products as per market requirement and most of the time they create speakers with extravagant sound that’s easy to operate and attractive in design.

Though well known for Home Theatre system speakers, Sony has now got into portable wireless speaker segment with almost 11 products that would suit modern lifestyle and taste. These speakers from Sony comes with a list of benefits that will definitely make you fall for it. Though it caters to the premium segment, the price is worth for some top-notch sound quality.

What do we like most in Sony?

  • Compact, portable, light weight dustproof and waterproof
  • 360o audio creates awesome soundscape
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Easy and compatible with all devices
  • Extended long battery life for uninterrupted music experience
  • Prices of wireless portable speakers range between Rs 2,900 to Rs 29,900
  • Apart from eCommerce platforms, these are available on Sony’s webpage
  • Wide network of Sony service centres across cities for better reach

4. Philips

Philips Multimedia Speakers System

Philips’ domestic and overseas popularity makes it the top speaker brand in the world. This Dutch brand is started its journey with light bulbs but later forayed into speakers and is well known for its home theatre speakers and multimedia speakers. Music quality generated from Philips speakers will make you obsessed with sound. Its multimedia speakers can elevate any entertainment experience with amazing output.

Philips also has portable wireless speakers which is impressive with its punchy bass output. A total of 13 portable Bluetooth speakers are available for Indian market which gives soothing experience.

What do we like most in Philips?

  • Many speakers have built-in power bank function
  • Lengthy play time with long battery life
  • Contemporary and modern design
  • Multimedia speakers gives thrilling experience with surround sound of 120 W output
  • Power packed performance with strong bass, easy to connect and operate
  • Moderately priced
  • Wide network of Philips service centres present to serve you better

5. Bose

Bose Home Speaker

Established in 1964 by Amar Bose, this is unarguably the best speaker brands in India. Bose is popular for its home audio system, professional audio products, and amazing speakers that uses principles of noise cancellation for better and clear sound. Bose is also a well-known brand in automobile audio segment. This American brand had a lot of patents to its name in the field of acoustics.

Owning a Bose product has always been a matter of pride and prestige. This legendary brand has almost 53 varieties of speakers to offer to its customers. Right from portable speakers to multimedia speakers, subwoofers, soundbars, and stereo speakers to smart home speakers – they have an entire range to pamper our ears.

What do we like most in Bose?

  • Provides best experience with true consistent 360o sound output
  • Radiating sound with balanced bass
  • Consists of efficient transducer, dual passive radiators, and omnidirectional acoustic deflector
  • Durable, modern design and water resistant
  • Can be played through Bose Music App
  • High end speakers at premium price point
  • The Bluetooth speakers starts from Rs 7,000 – 8,000
  • Authorised service centre of Bose is managed by TVS Electronics and provides total solution

6. Zebronics

Zebronics Bluetooth Speaker

Established in 1997, this home grown brand produces best budget speakers for Indian market. With focus on design excellence, stringent quality controls and customer feedback, Zebronics has been creating amazing audio products to compete with international brands. Their in-house R&D puts into application the latest in technology and innovation.

With an aim of sustainable growth, Zebronics focuses on customer services besides creating some amazing products. Along with portable wireless speakers, it has some great home theatre system speakers that has unmatched sound quality.

What do we like most in Zebronics?

  • The portable Bluetooth speakers are affordable and are priced below Rs 1000
  • Many models have FM radio integrated into the speaker
  • Available in attractive colours
  • Features like built-in rechargeable battery, USB support, Micro SD card accessibility makes it easy functioning
  • 111+ Zeb care centres in India provides amazing customer services
  • Has speaker impedance of 4 Ohm

7. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Speaker

Amazon Echo is undoubtedly the best smart speaker brand in India in 2024 with huge amount of popularity. These versatile speakers with futuristic design and vibrant colours scores equally with its enhanced acoustics properties. These smart speakers operate with voice command and can perform functions like controlling home gadgets, set alarm, give weather list, prepare shopping list, reads news and others. Alexa, the virtual assistant AI technology forms the central theme of any Echo model.

Amazon Echo is a must have if you are gadget enthusiast and love music. Easy to operate over simple voice control, these Bluetooth enabled device creates 360o omin-directional sound effect.

What do we like most in Amazon Echo?

  • Good bass effect that fills the room
  • It has futuristic stylish design
  • Prompt voice response
  • Convenience of playing music from Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn with just voice command
  • Far field voice recognition capability
  • Prices starts from Rs 5,999
  • Android and iOS compatible

8. Infinity by Harman

Infinity by Harman Speaker

This American brand is one among the best Bluetooth speaker in India. Infinity Systems started its journey as a loudspeaker manufacturer in 1968 and later became a part of Harman International since 1983. Infinity is popularly known for a range of audio applications, home speakers, marine applications, subwoofers and car audio amplifiers.

Infinity by Harman, now also offers a limited range of wireless Bluetooth portable speakers with attractive features and premium pricing. With power packed performance, this brand surely will win hearts of music lovers.

What do we like most in Infinity by Harman?

  • Has long Bluetooth range that’s impressive
  • Made of rugged, durable fabric material
  • Has dual equaliser modes for either normal and/or deep bass output
  • Almost 9-10 hrs of continuous playtime
  • Sonic and Fuze are the brands of portable wireless speakers, whereas Hardrock 210 is the brand of multimedia speakers
  • Has access to Google Now and Siri
  • Has waterproof design
  • A total of 6 product range is available under portable wireless speaker category
  • Price ranges from Rs 2999 to 8999

9. Mivi

Mivi Speaker

Hyderabad based Mivi has fast climbed in the list of top speaker brand in India, leaving behind other competitors. Established in 2015, this Indian brand offers supreme quality audio products at value pricing. It has gained popularity among Indian masses in a very short span of time. For good quality of sound at affordable price, Mivi is the best.

In speaker category, Mivi offers only portable Bluetooth speakers which are quite popular in market. Four available variants are compact in nature with great sound clarity.

What do we like most in Mivi?

  • These portable speakers have a fabric cover on the top and a plastic bottom
  • The Bluetooth speakers come with aux & micro USB cables
  • Zero, Roam, Moonstone, and Octave are the four variants available
  • Priced between Rs 1999 to Rs 4999, these speakers are available on discounted rates if bought from their webpage
  • Available in cool colours
  • Trendy and appeals to the youth

10. Mi

Mi speaker

Mi Smart Speakers are best portable speaker brand in India specifically for those who are first-time buyer. This Chinese electronics brand from the house of Xiaomi Inc started offering speakers to its customer since 2018. With amazing sound clarity, audio quality and loudness, Mi is steadily gaining popularity among youths.

Mi Smart Speakers uses IoT and is inexpensive. Its vibrant black matte stone finish goes well with any home décor. Easy touch control keys makes its function smooth. Google Duo operates flawlessly on Mi Smart speakers.

What do we like most in Mi?

  • It can be easily linked with Google Home App and access Spotify, YouTube Music, Gaana, and Jio Saavn
  • Visually aesthetic
  • Easy to operate
  • Great sound effect with prominent bass
  • Affordable pricing at Rs 3,499
  • Weighs 853 gms – a bit on higher side as compared to competition
  • Service centre spread across major metros

Let’s Address your Queries

We have listed down best speakers in India, as we understand that without a worthy speaker and lack of sound clarity, the best of music sounds horrible and turns off our mood. A lot of research has gone into making this list that articulates all details.

The objective is to aid you in procuring the best of speaker brands in India, so that you can enjoy your music. However, we have listed below the most frequently asked questions by our subscribers which we tried to address through best of our abilities.

Which brand of speaker is the best in India?

Bose is the best speaker brand in India. All of its products are made of ANR (Active Noise Reduction) technology which is a patented technology of Bose. Beside this Bose is an innovative company that brings in new and latest technology into their product which makes it unique in the market. If you want that WOW effect from music, then Bose provides that similar experience.

Which is the best Bluetooth speaker brand in India?

JBL undoubtedly has a wide range of Bluetooth speaker for Indian market. With good network of service centre across the country, it further makes a leading brand in the segment. However, in the affordable segment Mi is catching up fast and is emerging to be a preferred brand among Indian consumers. But then Mi doesn’t offer the variety which JBL has.

Which is the best Smart Speaker brand in India?

Amazon Echo is the best smart speaker brand in India. It is popular for Alexa voice command. Over a command of voice you can do a lot of things very easily, apart from playing your favourite music from online music store or cloud. Awesome sound quality with perfect bass and coverage further makes it a best buy. For gadget freaks Amazon Echo is a cool product that goes well in sync with other smart gadgets in the home. Amazon Echo has a couple of variants, so that you can take your pick based on your preferences and requirement.

What is the best home speaker brand?

Sony speakers are synonymous to home speakers. This Japanese brand is legendary when it comes to home theatre system. The entire set of speaker boxes with subwoofer creates magical 3D sound in your home. When connected to musical device or TV, the magical sound from Sony home speakers gives you a heavenly experience. Sony also offers a wide variety of speakers in the category, thereby makes it easy for Indian consumer to take their pick basis budget, preference and style.

Is JBL better than Bose?

No brand can beat Bose in terms of sound quality and technology. But Bose is slightly premium than JBL. However, as compared to Bose, JBL has longer battery life and punching bass effect. For any electronic gadgets, servicing is most important and in this aspect JBL leads. With 297 authorised service centres across India, JBL covers better than Bose. But possessing a Bose product always gives an edge over other brands, it’s more like “neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride”.

How do I choose a good speaker?

There are several factors which should be considered while choosing a good speaker, so that it creates wow sensation in your room. Primary aspect to get best of effects is to measure the space where the speaker should be stationed. It should sync well with the décor of the room. One should then look into specs like impedance, sensitivity, amplifiers, bass etc.
Type of speakers and functionality should be considered. For example, if you want it carry it with you, then portable wireless ones are best. Last but not the least, your budget also plays a vital role in deciding one brand over the other. Do check with the technical specs of brands which you choose to buy. You can have demo session before finally paying the check.

Best Speaker brands in India in 2024 will enrich your musical experience

Music lifts our mood and helps in cheering up. Music with equal balance of bass, medium and treble, along with best clarity leaves us in awe. And with best speaker brands in India it gives us everlasting musical experience. Be it at home or at some outing, be it alone or with friends – music is best enjoyed when played in a device that has top notch technology embedded into it.

Every brand of speakers come with their USP and it becomes difficult to choose the best out of it. However, our stringent process of shortlisting these brands will definitely leave you at ease and help you enjoy your favourite music from top quality speakers. Put on the speakers on full volume and enjoy the peace of mind.

Aniket can be defined as a passionate blogger, a tech freak, and a complete shopaholic. He aims to provide a helping hand to the people by enabling a way to save money on shopping by presenting the best online deals & sales updates. With more than 5 years of rich experience in the industry, he assures to provide fully researched content.

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