Top 10 & Best Vitamin C Serums for Face in India 2024

Here are the 10 Best Vitamin C Serums for Face in India in 2024 for youthful and radiant skin. Check out the features, pros, and cons.

If you are looking for a long-term solution to various skin problems, a list of best vitamin c serums for face in India in 2024 is the first thing you should be looking at.

Best Vitamin C Serums for Face in India

Since the beginning of time, people have been searching for the holy grail to flawless skin. But with tonnes of superficial products promising a great appearance, vital nutrition gets lost in the maze. It’s important to know that the skin has to be nourished from within. Speaking of which, Vitamin C is one of the most important elements necessary for healthy and radiant skin.

What is Vitamin C serum?

A vitamin C serum is a topical solution in the form of a liquid or a gel containing vitamin C. The contain antioxidants that protect the skin from damage by UV rays and environmental causes. Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen which is the secret to youthful and radiant skin. Not only that, but it also aids in fading away dark spots, acne scars, pigmentation, thus revealing a flawless skin from within. You should apply it only after thoroughly cleansing and toning the face to avail maximum benefits.

Benefits of Vitamin C Serum for Face

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have amazing youthful genes. Even if you do, genes on their own are not usually sufficient to keep your skin healthy from inside. Celebs such as Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima have a secret to a youthful and blooming glow. Do you wanna know what it is? They have committed to using vitamin C serum for its numerous benefits. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of vitamin C serum for face.

1- Ensures Safety For Maximum Skin Types

Thanks to an outstanding safety profile, a vitamin C serum is safe for maximum skin types. A majority of people can use it without experiencing any discomfort. In fact, those with sensitive skin also need not worry about adverse effects. However, in some cases, mostly with people having hypersensitive skin, they can experience slight irritation.

2- Boosts Production of Collagen

Wrinkles and fine lines can be a nightmare for every woman. We have all grown up hearing that aging is inevitable. But all this time, we haven’t ever really thought about the root cause of aging, the lack of collagen! So, this obviously makes collagen essential for preventing signs of aging. And that’s exactly where vitamin C again plays a crucial role. By boosting collagen production, Vitamin C serum eliminates the need for expensive cosmetic procedures. Thus, it gives a hale and hearty skin.

3- Hydrating Properties

Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate is a derivative of Vitamin C present in serums. It imparts hydrating properties and decreases water loss. Thus, the moisture retention capacity of the skin increases. This property is a boon for people with dry skin. Hydration prevents chapping of skin as well as severe skin conditions such as eczema.

4- Barrier Against Sun Damage

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that is effective in preventing sun damage against UV rays. Even though it’s not an alternative to sunscreen. But the effects of Vitamin C combined with sunscreen has the potential to do wonders for the skin.

5- Prevents Hyper Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a result of the overproduction of melanin in some areas of the face. My impeding the production of melanin, Vitamin C helps in preventing pigmentation. Dark spots might also start to fade and you get a more even-toned skin.

You must have noticed that the Victoria secret models I mentioned above don’t suffer from wrinkles and fine lines as much! So, if you wish to achieve an unblemished skin like your favorite celebs, a good vitamin C serum has to be your one-stop destination.

Amazing List of Best Vitamin C Serums for Face in India in 2024 :

Now that you have realized the striking benefits of vitamin C serum for face, it’s time to go ahead and make your purchase! But hold on, how would you know which one to choose? After all, there are tonnes of brands marketing their products as the best!

Well, to put an ease to your dilemma, we have compiled an entire list of the best vitamin C serum online in India 2024. For each product, we have listed out the main features, pros, and cons. This will help you make an infirm decision according to your skin type So, let’s dive right in!

1. St.Botanica Vitamin C 20% + Vitamin E Facial Serum

St.Botanica Vitamin C 20% + Vitamin E Facial Serum

The St.Botanica Vitamin C 20% + Vitamin E & Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum is the first on our list. It boasts anti-inflammatory properties. The free-radical composition controls sun damage and ensures skin repair, thanks to vitamin C. Since it contains both vital ingredients, that is, Vitamin C and E, the protection From harmful rays is enhanced.

  • Contains Gotu kola, an ingredient effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines
  • Aloe extract soothes and moisturizes skin
  • Contains wild geranium oil rich in tannins which help in skin tightening
  • Gentle formula ideal for sensitive skin
  • Reduces the appearance of scars due to acne
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores by shrinking them
  • Hydrates the skin well to prevent dryness
  • Slightly sticky texture
  • Doesn’t prevent discoloration or pigmentation

2. UrbanGabru Vitamin C Facial Serum

UrbanGabru Vitamin C Serum for a face

The UrbanGabru Vitamin C Serum is one of the best vitamin C serums in India for a face. It consists of grape seed and aloe vera extract along with the main ingredient, hyaluronic acid. Besides protecting the skin from free radicals, the serum helps maintain softness in the skin. As your skin ages, it requires more antioxidants and this is exactly what this product does.

  • Additional benefits of grape seed extract and aloe vera
  • Diminishes fine lines and age spots
  • Moisturizes the skin without making it greasy
  • Appropriate for all skin types, thanks to the product’s versatility
  • Helps in fading redness by soothing out sensitive skin
  • Best vitamin C serum for sensitive skin
  • Fights signs of aging even when they have become visible
  • Excellent packaging of the product bottle to prevent leakage
  • Reduces the appearance of acne spots
  • Doesn’t remove blackheads and pimples
  • Overwhelming fragrance for some

3. Khadi Global Vitamin C Serum with Vitamin E

Khadi Global Vitamin C Serum with Vitamin E

Khadi Global Vitamin C Serum is the third-best vitamin C serum in India in 2024. The primary reason behind its immense popularity is the prevention it offers for skin aging. Not to mention, the additional benefits of Vitamin E, Ferulic Acid, Vegan Hyaluronic Acid, and Vegan Glutathione Acid Serum. Plus, it enhances the overall complexion of the skin besides being packed with the benefits of vitamin C!

The formula is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. The combination of aloe vera, glutathione, Ferulic Acid, and Sea Buckthorn Extract provides a radiant and youthful skin without being harsh.

  • Best vitamin C serum for hyperpigmentation in India, thanks to both vitamin C and E
  • Most stable vitamin C form used in the composition
  • Glutathione provides an even-toned complexion
  • No animal testing performed
  • Silicon and paraben-free
  • Easy to apply and non-sticky
  • Fit for use by those who follow a vegan lifestyle
  • A bit on the pricey end
  • Requires at least 2-3 months of continuous use for results to be visible

4. Irem Vitamin C Serum for Face

Irem Vitamin C Serum for Face

If you are looking for the best vitamin c serum for skin in India with superior antioxidant properties, then Irem Vitamin C Serum is the way to go. Along with vitamin C, the serum contains Hyaluronic Acids, Ferulic, and Vitamin E. This makes it an excellent product for fighting the most prominent signs of aging such as brightness, fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, firmness, & sunspots.

  • Best vitamin c serum for acne-prone skin in India
  • Refreshing properties for a complete facial overhaul
  • Prevents oiliness, breakouts, & blackheads
  • Suitable for oily, dry, and combination skin types
  • Customers can contact for 100% money-back refund
  • Hydrates skin deeply without any stickiness
  • Heals skin from within
  • A small amount goes a long way
  • Not as effective on dark spots

5. Beardhood Vitamin C Serum for Face

Beardhood Vitamin C Serum for Face

The Beardhood Vitamin C Serum for Face with Vitamin C 20%, Hyaluronic Acid, and Green Tea Extract stimulates collagen production to slow down the signs of aging. Despite the high intensity of moisturizing properties, the texture of this serum is not heavy. The potency of the formula is such that it helps revive the elasticity in the skin.

  • Reduces wrinkles, dark circles, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and age spots
  • Antioxidant protection prevents damage from free radicals
  • Refines the texture of the skin by reducing sun spots and getting rid of discoloration
  • Hyaluronic Acid protects the skin from the effects of harsh environments
  • Best vitamin c serum for hyperpigmentation in India
  • Provides a natural glow and plumpness to the skin
  • Green tea and aloe vera extract soothes the skin and imparts a refreshed appearance
  • A bit on the expensive end
  • Some might experience stickiness in the texture of the serum

6. Natural Vibes Ayurvedic Vitamin C Skin Care Face Serum

Natural Vibes Ayurvedic Vitamin C Skin Care Face Serum

The Natural Vibes Ayurvedic Vitamin C Skin Care Face Serum is in the list of the best vitamin C serum available in India due to its properties extensively derived from nature. It is suitable for all skin types and is 100% vegans. This means that the manufacturers haven’t used animal products in it. Moreover, the serum is cruelty-free, so there is no possibility of any kind of animal testing here.

  • Paraben, SLS, SLES, and phthalate-free
  • DEP, DBP, and DEA-free
  • Doesn’t contain PG and PABA known to cause adverse effects on skin
  • Heals skin issues naturally without any harsh chemicals
  • Helps with oil control
  • Reduces acne, blemishes, and tanning
  • The soothing and relaxing aroma
  • Doesn’t give immediate results
  • Some might not like the runny watery consistency

7. O3+ AgeLock Vitamin C Booster Serum

O3+ AgeLock Vitamin C Booster Serum

O3+ Age Lock Vitamin C Booster Serum provides a boost of vitamin C your skin needs to enhance the quality of your skin and curb different signs of aging. The manufacturers of the serum have made the base from nature-extracted substances. So, you can rest assured that you are not piling up your face with artificial and harmful chemicals.

  • The formulation makes the serum perfect for sensitive skin
  • You can also use your regular moisturizer after this serum
  • Eliminates dullness from face
  • Lightens up acne scars
  • Reduces dark spots and blemishes
  • Imparts a natural glow to the skin
  • Provides hydration to the skin to keep it fresh
  • Patch test recommended for those with sensitive skin
  • Not a pleasing aroma

8. Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Vitamin C Face Serum

Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Vitamin C Serum

If radiant skin is one of your primary priorities along with nourishment from within, the Mamaearth Skin Illuminate Vitamin C Serum is one of the best vitamin C serums in India. The potency of vitamin C in this serum is high. This means that the antioxidants prevent the production of melanin to a great extent besides reducing dark spots.

  • Reduces as well as reverses hyperpigmentation to a great extent
  • Turmeric is one of the primary ingredients that exhibit antiseptic properties
  • Free from Paraben, Sulfates, SLS, Artificial Preservatives, Petroleum, & Synthetic Colors
  • Makes skin firm by improving elasticity
  • Reduces squalane production to prevent dehydration of the skin
  • People with hypersensitive skin might experience breakouts
  • Might feel a bit heavy on oily skin

9. Himalayan Organics Vitamin C Serum for Face

If you are looking for a premium range of skin defense serum, the Himalayan Organics Vitamin C Serum is an ideal choice. It offers a synergistic blend of Retinol, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, plant extracts, and Himalayan Organics along with the main ingredient vitamin C. Not only does the serum provides a radiant appearance on the surface, but it also penetrates deep into the skin to worth it’s magic.

  • A unique combination of vitamin C, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, as well as Vitamin E, offers triple benefits
  • Effective in fading wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, sun spots, and acne scars
  • Cruelty-free product
  • Free of harsh chemicals like parabens, GMO’s, sulfates, artificial fragrance, corn, silicones, and soy
  • A small quantity goes a long way
  • No animal testing
  • People with dry skin need an extra layer of moisturizer after applying the serum
  • Hypersensitive skin can experience breakouts

10. Optimum Organics Vitamin C Serum

Optimum Organics Vitamin C Serum

Pamper your skin with the ultimate luxury and nourishment of Optimum Organics Vitamin C Serum. Hyaluronic acid is one of the primary premium actives that help maintain the optimum levels of collagen in the skin. The concentrated form of the ingredients provides the maximum possible benefits.

  • Free from parabens, harmful chemicals, and synthetic colors
  • Antioxidants maintain healthy skin and reverse signs of aging to a great extent
  • Sweet natural fragrance, thanks to the Bellis perennis flower extract
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Best Vitamin C serum for an instant glow
  • Not entirely suitable for people with extremely oily skin

How to Use Vitamin C Serum To Get The Best Results!

Before applying vitamin C serum on your face, any product for that matter, it’s important to do a patch test. Take a few drops of the vitamin C serum of your choice and apply it on your wrist or forearm. Leave it on for 24 hours. If there is no adverse reaction, it’s an indication that the product can be safe to apply on your face.

Cleanse your face thoroughly before applying the serum on your face. If you are toning, apply the serum after the toner. Follow it up with a moisturizer if required. Most of the vitamin C serums mentioned above come with moisturizing properties. So, there’s a good chance you might not need an additional moisturizer at all!

FAQs- Clearing The Air About The Best Vitamin C Serums In India

Now that you know the best options available for you, it’s time to get some common doubts cleared up. It’s important to have some knowledge about vitamin C serums before you go ahead and apply them to your face. After all, you’ve got to get the most out of your money!

Which is the best vitamin c serum in India?

According to our list, the St.Botanica Vitamin C 20% + Vitamin E & Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum is the best vitamin C serum in India.

What does vitamin C serum do for the skin?

Thanks to the rich antioxidant properties, Vitamin C serum curbs various signs of aging and reduces pigmentation and discoloration in the skin. With regular use of a vitamin C serum, you will begin to notice that your skin has a radiant glow.

Do vitamin C serums actually work?

Yes. Since most ingredients in a vitamin C serum are in the most active, potent, and concentrated form, they can work surprisingly well!

How do you apply Vitamin C serum?

You can apply vitamin C serum after cleansing and toning before applying moisturizer.

Can I use Vitamin C serum everyday?

Yes, you can use a vitamin C serum every day.

Does vitamin C fade dark spots?

Yes, vitamin C is effective in fading dark spots to a great extent due to the antioxidants present in it.

How long does it take for vitamin C serum to work?

Depending on your skin type, it can take from a few weeks to a few months to show visible effects. However, most vitamin C serums can provide a radiant glow instantly, at the same time, working deep within the skin cells!

Can I use Vitamin C serum every night?

Yes! In fact, to get the maximum benefits, it’s a good idea to leave the serum overnight.

Can vitamin C serum be used under the eyes?

Can vitamin C serum be used under the eyes?
Since most vitamin C serums are designed for sensitive skin, you can use them in the under-eye area. However, you can discontinue use in sensitive areas if it gives you any adverse reactions.

Does vitamin C lighten the skin?

With regular use of vitamin C serum, you can notice the dark spots and acne scars fade, thus revealing an enhanced complexion.

Does vitamin C serum dry out the skin?

Vitamin C serum doesn’t dry out the skin. However, if you have really dry skin, follow up with a moisturizer.

Summing It Up

Aging is an inevitable process. But does that mean you have to look your age? Absolutely not! There was a time when aging gracefully was the only option. But in today’s world where you have the best vitamin C serums at your disposal, you have the option to flaunt your grace without displaying signs of aging for a really long time! So, what are you waiting for? Make a wise choice from the above list of the best vitamin C serums in India in 2024 and enhance your skin in every way.

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