Trending 10 Best Wallet Brands for Men’s in India in 2024

Get a glimpse of the best wallet brands for men in India in 2024, if you want to update your wallet’s look and get something to match with your outfits.

This article lists and describes the top 10 best wallet brands in India in 2024 for all those men who are looking for the best wallet in the market according to their needs and demands. It is known that men do not accessorize much but there are still few essentials such as watches and wallets that almost every man wishes to own in the best of quality and style.

With so many leading brands in wallets, it can get confusing for interested customers regarding which to choose for their purchase. Since wallets are almost a representation of a man’s personality and style, it is important to buy one that suits your personal idea of perfection in aspects such as colour, texture, surface, prints, and patterns.

Best Wallet Brands for Men’s in India

Apart from the physical appearance, it is also important to examine a wallet for its functionality before purchasing it. The wallet should have an appropriate number of pockets or cardholders depending on your needs and it should also be strong enough to safely hold all the contents without the risk of tearing or falling apart.

If you wish to buy a wallet that includes all of these aspects in the right quality and quantity, then referring to the upcoming list of top wallet brands in India is the best step to take. After learning about the different brands, you will definitely be able to decide the brand you want to purchase from, one which fulfils your demands for quality, style, and budget.

Catalouge For The 10 Best Wallet Brands for Men in India in 2024

From a large number of wallet brands that are currently available, these top 10 wallet brands in India in 2024 are picked out for the readers so that their effort and confusion can be reduced for the process of picking out the best of them.

1. Levi’s

 Levi’s Wallet

Established in the 1850s by Levi Strauss, Levi’s is one of the best leather wallet brands in India. It is one of the most notable brands in the market of clothing and now for men’s accessories too such as leather wallets.

A mainstream design brand that started out by producing and selling denim jeans, Levi’s now also manufactures the best wallets in the market in terms of design, functionality, and quality.

Levi’s wallets are known for their unique and appealing combination of modern-touch and perfection since these products are not just simple to use and carry, but also appear as stylish as you can choose for the wallets to be.

Levis wallets come in various shapes, sizes, shades as well as in the small but significant aspects like the number of pockets, slots or zippers. Some of their options have front and work ID window pockets too for those of you who would like their wallets to have these.

Levi’s leather wallets are without a doubt amazing in quality and strength and hence, rightfully deserve a place at the top in the list of top 10 men’s wallet brands in India.

Levi’s is also known to offer a warranty of up to 6 months on their wallets wherein any wear and tear would either be repaired or the damaged product would be replaced by a new one. Even though the many advantages of purchasing Levi’s wallet includes its best quality, variety in colour and design, and genuine material, the one major disadvantage of the brand is that it is expensive and hence, not affordable by many.

Some of Levi’s wallets can be as priced as high as Rs 4000. However, many still prefer to invest in this brand because of the quality it offers.

2. Woodland

Woodland Wallet

Woodland’s position in the list of best wallet brands for Men’s in India falls a close second because of the exceptional quality and strength the brand offers in the category of wallets for men. Founded in Quebec, Canada, Woodland is one of the most famous and leading brands in the world of accessories such as shoes, belts, and wallets.

The brand is known for the real and genuine hide they use to make their products and this is what makes them more unique than the other wallet brands in India.

The best wallet for men offered by Woodland includes many features such as an attractive style and design and an adequate number of card pockets, slots, and coin pockets. The wallets are also excessively sturdy and tear-resistant, all thanks to the best quality of leather the company uses.

Woodland wallets are also known for the wide range of prices, colours, and sizes that are available for customers. With the additional availability of tri-folds and bi-folds in Woodland wallets, you can now choose the best according to your needs from the innumerous variations and options.

These wallets are the best choice for customers who wish to create a collection without having to get rid of their existing wallets. Even though the many pros of Woodland wallets are its highest quality, easy to use and carry, a spacious design, light weightedness, and easy accessibility through physical stores and online websites, few disadvantages of the brand include it having wallets with a lesser number of card slots and reduced duration of the warranty.

The woodland is still one of the best choices to go to for your wallet needs and offers one of the best branded wallets for men.

3. Fossil

Fossil Wallet

Established in the 1980s, Fossil is an American brand that has made it to the list of best men’s wallet brands in India because of the brand’s reputation of offering its customers some of the classiest and exceptionally tasteful options in accessories like wallets, watches, and satchels.

Even though the products of Fossil, especially wallets, are not affordable for everyone, it is still one of the most sought after brands because of the style and quality that the wallets are made with. The brand gives a sense of uniqueness to the customers who are able to their wallets and this is where the brand makes a name for itself.

It could also be helpful to know that Fossil does not just have a significant presence of its own but also includes many other brands under its umbrella such as Relic, Skagen Denmark, WSI, Zodiac Watches, Abacus, etc.

The brand also manufactures authorised accessories for companies such as Adidas and Armani.
The various textures that Fossil wallets are available in include leather, synthetic, fabric, and polyester and Rs 2500 – Rs 5000 is the price range within which these wallets fall. It is clear that Fossil wallets are not for everyone because of the expense at which they are available but it is nonetheless a worthy and valuable possession.

So if you feel like budgeting is not a critical issue for you, then purchasing a Fossil wallet is a viable and worthwhile option since these wallets will always prove their value and never disappoint their owners in any aspect such as quality or durability.

4. U.S. Polo Assn.

U.S. Polo Assn. Wallet

U.S Polo Assn easily earns a place in the list of best wallet brands in India because of the glossy and stylish yet sturdy and durable wallets they create and sell. U.S. Polo Assn. is one of the most well-known brands for clothes, accessories, and footwear for men, women, and children. The brand had risen in association with the United States Polo Association (USPA) which is a non-profit body that manages the game of polo in the US.

Before growing to be one of the best brands in the market of wallets in India, the company had established a good reputation in the States with more than 1,000 branches of shops, retail stores and chains along with an online presence in 150 countries around the world.

All of the company’s brand names and associated logos are known to be managed entirely by the USPA Global Licensing Incorporation which is an auxiliary of the USPA. Some of the most obvious advantages of U.S. Polo Assn. wallets include smoothness and genuine material since it is made with real and authentic leather. These leather wallets are available in a wide variety of designs and surfaces such as matte or polished. An adequate number of slots and card spaces are also present in the wallets.

Apart from being visually appealing, physically strong, and exceptionally functional, these wallets are affordable enough for almost everyone.

Available in a range of Rs 500 – Rs 2200, U.S. Polo Assn. wallets are one of the best and most worthy purchases in the market, especially if you are one who does not wish to compromise on quality but also not spend extravagantly on a small yet significant item of accessories.

5. WildHorn

WildHorn Wallet

WildHorn is an Indian wallet brand that manufactures some of the best leather wallets for men within a reasonable price range of Rs 200 to Rs 1400. Although the brand does not have a reputation equivalent to the international names mentioned above, it is still one of the best in the market of wallets in India.

The company has risen to this status all thanks to the best quality of wallets they manufacture and sell to their customers. WildHorn wallets are not only attractive in appearance, design, and style but they are also very strong and durable in functionality because of the pure leather that is used to make these wallets.

Since the real and unmixed quality of the leather is used, the wallets also appear quite classy and sophisticated which is a quality in wallets that almost every man is attracted to. The various pockets and compartments incorporated into the design make it easier for you to carry monetary notes and coins, credit and debit cards, and ID proofs in your wallet.

The compartments present also offer additional advantages since they are spacious and safe, hence making WildHorn wallets one of the most reliable wallet brands in India. The various tones and colours the wallets are made into will also appeal to your desire of owning a fancy wallet that is capable of making a firm fashion statement.

All these qualities bring about an unmatched sense of elegance and style in WildHorn wallets which makes it not only a timeless possession but also one that is worth every rupee it is purchased with. The many pros of the wallet can be summarised with the terms affordable, high-quality material and product, appropriately sized, and easily available and accessible in multiple colours and designs along with a 6-month warranty.

However, there are some cons to purchasing WildHorn wallets and these include the brand’s contribution to animal cruelty in the process of obtaining leather along with the creases that form on the material after repeated use. The brand is still one of the best choices to make for your wallet needs since it is easily affordable and available in the best quality.

6. Titan

Titan Wallet

Titan is one of the top 10 wallet brands in India for reasons that are clearly noticeable in their products. Made with some of the greatest quality of leather, Titan wallets can be as elegant and stylish as any other branded wallet and hence prove to be an excellent choice to make if you wish to own a wallet that is known for its leathery strength and appealing features.

There is a wide variety available under Titan wallets in terms of surface quality wherein the wallets could either be textured, matte, smooth, or polished and the inner part is generally made with canvas material. Other basic features available in a good quantity in Titan wallets include pockets for coins, ID proofs, and credit, debit and visiting cards along with space for keeping notes.

Most Titan wallets are also extremely easy to carry and use since they are generally made in a compact size but with lots of space so that functionality of the wallet is not compromised. Another alluring feature offered by the brand is the one year of extended warranty it has placed on the wallets so that you can get your product repaired or replaced in cases of wear or tear, or any other kind of damage.

There are many advantages of purchasing a Titan wallet such as its stylish features, sleek design, availability of multiple card slots and compartments for bills, variety in colour and pattern, and ease of accessibility through physical stores and e-commerce websites. However, few disadvantages for customers to note are the leathery material used to make the wallet which violates animal rights and the products being susceptible to damage on exposure to water or other liquids.

It is, nonetheless, a worthwhile purchase to make for customers who wish to opt for a brand that sells products at expenses suitable for the customers. This basically means that you can buy a wallet as expensive or reasonable as you want from Titan and still expect to not be compromised on the aspects of quality, strength, and durability.

7. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Wallet

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the best wallet brands in India in 2024 because of the stylish and classy wallets it manufactures for men around the globe. An international brand with roots in the US, Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most famous brands that is a household name in many countries around the world, including India.

The company is well known for manufacturing and selling a wide variety of clothing items like jackets, t-shirts, pants, etc. and accessories like wallets and watches. With multiple retail locations all over the world along with its convenient e-commerce websites, Tommy Hilfiger is a brand that is available and accessible to all, especially for the ones that want to get their hands on some of the best quality wallets.

These wallets are some of the best in the market because of their flawless leather finish, surface design and pattern, and functional structure. The brand not only brings a fresh change to the process of carrying money and other pocket essentials in luxurious wallets but also makes all this available at very reasonable prices.

Along with having an adequate number of cardholders and compartments, Tommy Hilfiger wallets are extremely stylish to look at, all thanks to the good and pure quality of leather that is used in the manufacturing process. If you are someone who likes to carry their pennies in a way that does not fail to make a fashion statement then Tommy Hilfiger wallets are one of the best options for you.

The brand’s products will without a doubt meet your demands for a wallet that is a beautiful combination of aesthetics, pleasant tones, and functionality. Even the classy logo that is printed on Tommy Hilfiger wallets will give you a sense of elegance and style. Every buck spent on these wallets will prove its worth once you realize how the brand creates wallets that specifically suit the tastes of men around the world.

The many advantages of these wallets are the availability of zip closures and hidden pockets, extended durability, and a sleek and slim outline that fits easily in back pockets. Few disadvantages can also include the lesser number of card holding slots in comparison with other brands and the high costs on some of their variety.

However, Tommy Hilfiger wallets are still one of the best purchases to make, especially if you are one who likes to have a collection of stylish and gorgeous wallets.

8. Urban Forest

Urban Forest Wallet

Urban Forest can easily be named as one of the best wallet brands for men for their wallets are some of the best in the market in terms of quality and design. The main reason why Urban Forest deserves a place on this list is that the brand manufactures wallets that are famous for their uncomplicated yet cool look.

For those of you who need spacious wallets that also look as cool and breezy as wallets can get, Urban Forest is the best brand to go to. With an aesthetically pleasant variety of products that are structurally apt to carry all your basic belongings in an organised manner, Urban Forest wallets are some of the best in the market with the added advantage of being reasonably priced.

These wallets are also the perfect gift to give to the kind of man whose personality runs along the lines of simple and genuine yet fun! Vintage and soft appearance is also offered through these wallets along with them being extremely durable and robust, hence making it a great option for the contemporary men of India.

Since Urban Forest wallets are made with good quality leather, they are incredibly strong in structure and function. The strength acts as a bonus point to the already tastefully engaging look these wallets have.

Some of the greatest advantages of Urban Forest wallets that you as a customer should be aware of are that it has a soft and smooth touch, designed with a compacted style so that it is easiest to carry, made with some of the best quality of leather, offers highest degrees of comfort along with being extremely durable, and is available in all kinds of bright hues, designs, and patterns.

The few cons of purchasing these wallets could also be that since it is compact in size, sometimes Urban Forrest wallets could fall short in height and hence, have a lesser number of cardholders and slots. Urban Forest is still one of the best brands to go to for your wallet needs if you are one who wishes to own a cool, fun, and functional wallet at extremely reasonable prices which falls in the range of Rs 400 to Rs 2000.

9. Hidesign

 Hidesign Wallet

An Indian brand that is all about style and poise, Hidesign is easily one of the best leather wallets for men in India. Known for their pure and unmixed leather quality, Hidesign makes wallets that are a feat to your eyes as well as your pockets since these wallets are available in beautiful designs and colours at very reasonable prices.

If you are specifically looking for a brand that has an exceptional reputation in making original hide wallets, then a Hidesign store or online site is an apt place to visit. An adequate number of card openings, compartments, and slots are available in almost every Hidesign wallet. This makes it extremely easy to use and carry since it is capable of carrying all your wallet essentials.

With roots established back in the 1970s, Hidesign started out as a small local two-man business which has now progressed to being an international name with a special loved reputation in India.
A characteristically unique logo exists in the name of Hidesign which is always displayed on their wallets and adds to the class and sophistication of their products.

The product quality offered by the brand can easily be considered unparalleled and exceptionally elegant and so Hidesign wallets are one of the best options to consider if you wish to own a wallet that is excellently detailed and easy to use. The brand is also known to be extremely mindful of the environmental impact they leave behind along with practising some of the best methods of customized administration.

Hidesign also offers a warranty of 6 months on their wallets which is an appealing feature for many customers. If you wish to own some of the best wallets in the market in terms of quality and cost then Hidesign should definitely be a stop for you.

10. United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton Wallet

United Colors of Benetton is part of the list of best wallet brands for Men in India for many reasons.
The brand is known to be a well-known name amongst the younger generation who often visit the brand’s stores to purchase a wide variety of items ranging from clothing items like t-shirts and pants to accessories like wallets, bags, and perfumes.

UCB wallets have grown a reputation for themselves recently, all thanks to the wallets’ cool and attractive colours, designs, and patterns. The brand offers its customers some of the richest and most robust tones and hues of colour in their wallets. So if you are one who wishes to choose something apart from the typical earthy colours that are usually available in wallets, then UCB is one of the best brands to consider since its colour palette is extremely diverse when it comes to the various products sold under the name.

Apart from being visually pleasing, UCB wallets are also extremely functional since they have an apt number of card openings, slots, and compartments so that all your basic wallet essentials can be carried around without any hassle. Priced reasonably within the range of Rs 300 to Rs 1800, UCB wallets are the perfect choice for you if you want to add some colour and uniqueness to your wallet collection.

How to Buy the Best Wallet For You?- Wallet Buying Guide

Wallets are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe and so it is very important that men be aware of everything related to the process of buying wallets before going out into a market.

This is where a buying guide can be helpful, especially for customers who want to know which type, design, colour, or pattern of wallet to buy according to their needs and personal preferences.

1 – Purpose of Wallet

Before choosing to buy a wallet, it is important to realize the purpose you have for this accessory. Certain factors that predetermine the purpose could include your occupation, daily routine, hobbies, or special occasions.

  • For people who wish to purchase a wallet for regular use, the tri-fold variety in wallets would best suit their purpose since this design is spacious and includes lots of pockets, slots, and compartments so that all the wallet essentials that are needed for daily travel can easily fit into the compact wallet.
  • For businessmen who usually carry multiple credit, debit, and business cards, a strong and durable aluminium wallet would be the better option. These wallets are also classy and elegant in appearance and would appropriately suit a businessman’s personality.
  • Sports wallets are also available for sportsmen which are specifically designed for rough and regular use. These wallets are also waterproof in quality and hence, the perfect accessory for those who jump too much or swim too deep!
  • Thin and sleek wallets are found in the market of wallets too for those who wish to carry an accessory that easily fits in small pockets and is extremely convenient to use. These wallets are capable of carrying all the basic items and hence perfect for those who want to place comfort and ease over class or elegance.

2 – Wallet Material

Another aspect to keep in mind while buying wallets is the material you want the wallets to be made of. There are different types of raw materials used in the making of wallets.

Some of the most commonly used raw materials include leather, cow leather, and cotton. You can make the choice depending on your personal likes and dislikes.

3 – Wallet Colour

Most wallet brands manufacture wallets in a wide variety of colours for customers to choose from.
If you wish to carry a wallet for a formal event, then shades of black, brown or tan would be suitable to look for in the wallet.

If you are attending a casual event or just stepping out for informal reasons then any casually coloured wallet should suit the purpose.

4 – Back Pocket or Front Pocket

Wallets are made differently for carrying it in the front or back pockets and so you should buy one depending on the habit you have regarding where you keep your wallets.

If you prefer carrying your wallet in the back pocket then a typical bi-fold wallet should complement your habits.

If you are one who keeps their wallet in the front pocket then a slim and minimalist wallet that is not too bulky in weight would be perfect for your daily use.

FAQs on the Best Wallet Brands in India

There are many questions that could come to your mind while purchasing wallets and while most of them would have been answered after referring to the list of the top 10 best wallet brands for men in India in 2024, here are some additional doubts that you can free yourself from.

Which brand is best for men’s wallets?

Levi’s has been referred to as the best brand for men’s wallets in the abovementioned list of best wallet brands for men’s in India followed by Woodland. The other brands are equally exceptional if you wish to buy a wallet of the best quality.

Which is the best leather wallet in India?

WildHorn, an Indian brand, is known for making the best leather wallets in India and is placed on the fifth position of the list of top 10 best wallet brands for men’s in India in 2024.

What is the most expensive wallet brand in India?

Fossil wallets are said to be the most expensive wallet brand in India since their wallets can cost as much as Rs 4000.

Which Colour wallet is lucky for men?

Different colours are considered lucky for different people. However, shades of black and brown are said to best suit men when it comes to wallets since they go with almost any outfit or attire you wear.

Ending Remarks on – Best Wallet Brands in India in 2024

Wallets are one of the most important elements in a man’s ensemble and hence they should be purchased with careful consideration. Majorly men keep wallets close to them whether it be a normal outing or when going to the office.

As a wallet contains all the essential cards, cash, receipts and other items which may be needed every day, it is considered decent to have a wallet that matches your style and fashion. So, why not choose one from the top brands which specialize in making wallets.

Referring to our list of the top 10 best wallet brands in India in 2024 will be a huge help to anyone interested in buying a wallet that best suits their personality and needs.

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