10 Best Watch Brands for Men & Women in India in 2024

Check out our take on the Best Watch Brands for Men & Women in India in 2024. The list features some of the top luxury brands like Fossil, Police, and Rado.

Class and style is everything nowadays whether it be clothes or accessories. Some of the top watch brands in India in 2024 manufacture such delicate and appealing products that you might just get hypnotized by their beauty. You may have been scrutinizing online for some of the most popular watch brands, however, your search ends here as we have the answer to all your questions.

Best Watch Brands for Men & Women in India

The need to look good comes with the fact that the way you carry yourself reflects a lot about your personality. To stay up-to-date with the latest fashions individuals can be seen eager to purchase the latest released garments and accessories of various high-profile brands. One such item which is deemed necessary that every individual wear and is bound to make them look good is a watch.

The shiny metal with a nice trim, an elegant colour and a decent strap is bound to do the trick of enhancing your overall look. Watches are available in various colours, shapes, sizes, material and types. Everyone wants to get an item which is worth its price, the same goes for watches. People get confused about which watch they should purchase for themselves and which watch will not suit them. Each brand has its own unique design.

To choose a watch that is the best fit for you is not exactly a very challenging task. There may be a few confusions, however, to help you out we have drafted a list of the best wrist watch brands in India. These are the brands that have received the most recognition, gained the best reviews and are deemed the best for the people of India.

Impressive List of Top 10 Watch Brands in India 2024

Before we start off with our list you should know that these brands have been ranked on the basis of how well the Indian population accepts it. As there are many brands which may not be preferred by them. The list of the top 10 watch brands in India in 2024, consist of some of the most precious and trustworthy brands of all time.

The benefit of buying a watch from renowned and big brands is that their products are tried and tested. Thus making you have some faith in them, other than that, the best watches are those which fulfill their purpose while looking good. So without further ado, let’s get started with the list!

1. Titan

Titan Watch

If you could quote ‘Class at a reasonable rate’, you would definitely be quoting Titan. Titan is one of the best selling watch brands in India in 2024, which has managed to flood the markets with its best in class watches. This business tycoon was established in India and has managed to dominate over the wrist watch market and other accessories.

It started its process in 1984 and ever-since then is growing. Titan has loyal customers as it has been able to satisfy the public’s need with each and every one of its watches. With the most trendy designs for both men and women, Titan has managed to gain the loyalty of its customers with the affordable wrist watches it has to offer.

The best part is titan consists of various sub-brands/in- house brands which many people recognize as a separate entity. The brands like Fastrack, Sonata, Nebula, Xylys, Helios and zoop all are in-house brands of Titan. These brands tend to branch out and provide customers with a wide range of appealing watches that they cannot resist. The Titan Raga in-house brand, is considered to be one of the best watch brands for women in India.

Titan is a brand that never cuts back on quality and this is a factor which you can observe and agree upon. Their exotic collection which comprises big dials, leather straps, metal straps, nice trim, quartz and other such components which are available at a reasonable rate, make Titan attain the top-most position.

  • Comprises of wrist watches of all ranges (cheap to expensive)
  • Titan Raga has an exceptional collection for women
  • Titan’s chronograph watches are expensive and highly recommended for men
  • Titan’s watches are available in a price range of Rs.1500 – Rs.20,000

2. Citizen

Citizen Watch

You may have seen many adults wear watches made by this brand. Citizen has always had an amazing reputation whenever it came to the classy look it offered. This Japanese origin brand has amassed immense popularity in the Indian markets due to its appealing designs and affordable rates. The watch is mainly worn by people who are termed as young-adults or are in their late 40s. That, however, does not mean Citizen doesn’t create watches for other age groups.

Citizen has a wide variety of choices when it comes to wrist watches, each a little different than the other. Many people are not aware but Citizen is a global brand which comprises six other brands; Arnold & Son, Alpina, Bulova, Citizen, Campanola and Frederique Constant. Each of these brands had set the bar pretty high in their own way. Being an international brand Citizen watches can be seen having designs and features which are preferred worldwide.

Talking about the watches Citizen produces in India are mainly wrist watches which can be simple, smart watches, chronographs, digital and much more. The series which are available in the Citizen brand are- Axion, Eco-Drive, Mechanical, Oxy, Citizen L and a few more. These series help categorize the different types of designs and price ranges Citizen has to offer. With such a wide variety of Citizen ranks in the list of the top watch brands in India.

If you’re a person who prefers chronograph watches or premium watches then there is no better alternative for you than the Eco-drive series of Citizen that range up to Rs.1,30,000. If you don’t wish to spend much on watches but still however want an exceptional watch, you should try out the Citizen Quartz collection.

The beauty of Citizen is that it is a premium brand which manufactures prominent watches in all ranges. Whether you are looking for a leather strap, metallic strap watch, big dial, small dial, full black or a watch with a colour combination, Citizen has you covered. As this brand has dominated the Indian markets for quite a while now, it has also adapted to the demands put forward by the public, thus making it one of the top best watch brands in India.

  • Premium range watches with a variety
  • The Eco-Drive range comprises of Chronograph watches which are in the range of Rs.15,000 – Rs.1,50,000
  • Citizen’s Quartz series has wrist watches for both genders in an affordable range of Rs.7,000- Rs.15,000
  • Citizen watches are preferred mostly by the age group of 18-50 years.
  • The overall Citizen wrist watches range from Rs.5,000 – Rs.1,50,000

3. Casio

Casio Watch

After Citizen, Casio is the top competitor against Titan. Though when it comes to the price ranges Casio is expensive in comparison to Titan, even though both are considered to be proper competitors in the wrist watch market. Casio is an international brand which originated from Tokyo, Japan in 1946. This brand is mainly a consumer electronics and commercial electronics manufacturing brand.

The wrist watches produced by Casio are one of the most prevalent accessories in the Indian markets. These watches have a unique bulky design which you won’t find easily in watches produced by other brands. Casio’s main target audience is the youth of India and individuals in their early 40s. The reason being it’s bulky watches tend to bring out a feeling of power and confidence when one were to wear it.

If you were to ever observe the watches produced by Casio you would see that the majority of these watches show a complex build. It isn’t just a metallic strap and then a big white dial. No, these watches mainly have a 2 or 3-way colour combination, which gives its watches a classy look. And, that’s not all, as Casio targets a large population it’s wrist watch collections are filled with variety.

The different series which are offered by Casio are- Edifice, G-Shock, Enticer, Pro Trek, Sheen, Baby G, Youth, Outdoor series, Connect series (smart watches) and the Vintage series. Out of all the mentioned series one of the best watch brands for men in India is the Casio-Edifice! The watches in this series are so well-built and elegant looking that the youth will go crazy over them.

G-Shock is one of Casio’s best selling series of watches, for rough conditions where you might need a watch to withstand wear & tear. For women, the Casio-Sheen collection is bound to make their hands look lovely and give them a feeling of confidence. The Sheen series mostly comprises metallic watches which are available in colours like rose gold, silver, gold, black and other colours which many females prefer to wear. In the affordable range, Casio is one the best ladies wrist watch brand in India

  • Casio produces watches which are loved by the youth and young people
  • Most of these watches have a bulky look or elegant design
  • The most popular series of Casio is Edifice and G-shock
  • The price range of Casio watches are between Rs.1,000 – Rs.30,000

4. Tommy Hilfiger

This American apparel brand is famous for the creation and production of over the top accessories and items like belts, sunglasses, wallets and watches. Tommy Hilfiger is a name which is on the lips of almost all those people who want stylish watches with a unique design. This brand always tends to offer the most unique styles and designs which you might not be able to find elsewhere. The watches provided by Tommy Hilfiger are designed and produced by Movado.

Tommy Hilfiger is a brand which dignifies supremacy and enhances a person’s outfit to a great extent. The stainless steel design incorporated with scratch-free glass protection gives Tommy’s watches a unique look. Most of the wrist watches produced by Tommy are fit to wear for any occasion. Whether you’re going to college, on the way to a party or an outing with friends, if you possess a Tommy Hilfiger watch it will surely match with your outfit.

One of the most appealing features of the watches produced by Tommy is the placement of their logo. Given that their logo is in the shape of a flag and is coloured, so when you see that on top of a dark dial watch it tends to bring out a nice look. Apart from this Tommy Hilfiger has different series of wrist watches available, each of which has a variety of watches with different specs and price range.

Tommy’s watch’s description is available in the name itself. The unique thing about this brand is that it has named its series after ‘People Names’ To give you an example here are the name of some of Tommy Hilfiger’s best-selling watches: Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Decker Watch Blue Dial Blue Rubber Strap or Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Hudson Two-Tone Bracelet White Dial

Tommy’s huge collection of chronograph watches which consist of round stainless steel watches of different colours, different functions and many other differences. Some of these watches may be heavy and have a bulky design while being attached to a chain, or have a simple dark dial, scratch-free glass and leather strap to give it a classy look. The same goes for Tommy Hilfiger women’s collection of watches; there is a huge variety all you have to do is explore. All this makes Tommy Hilfiger rank in the list top wrist watch brand in India.

  • Tommy has a big collection for both men and women
  • Price of Tommy Hilfiger watches range between Rs.4,000 – Rs.30,000
  • Watches made of stainless steel cases and mineral glass cover
  • Watches suitable for all occasions
  • Tommy doesn’t have special series but rather an assorted variety

5. Fossil

Fossil Watch

This American based brand which was founded in 1984 and originated from Texas has gained massive appreciation when it comes down to the attention-catching watches it sells. Fossil is a brand that almost every teenager at least once dreamt of having, one of its watches.

The Fossil group comprises Abacus, Michele Watch, Misfit, Relic, Skagen Denmark, WSI, Zodiac and Fossil watches. With such a wide group being a contributing factor, Fossil has managed to mark its presence in the market. It has sold so many units that it is easily considered one of the best watch brands in India.

This brand is considered to be a millennial-friendly brand due to its moderate prices and elegant designs. The main reason any person would be attracted towards a watch is the way it looks on their hands, brand name and what all features it has. Fossil is one of those brands that tends to produce wrist watches with such distinctive designs that everyone In India goes berserk for their watches.

Fossil is a brand of the youth and people who prefer elegance over anything. This brand not only produces watches but is also spread out in different categories of apparels; jewellery, handbags, wallets and other small goods. Fossil watches are recommended for those with a bright personality, somewhat similar to Fossil India’s brand ambassador- Varun Dhawan.

Fossil has numerous series which it has categorized its watches under, each representing a different type. The name of the series is as follows: Townsman, The Machine, The Minimalist, Q Commuter, Decker, Neutra and much more. Fossil is one of the top watch brands for women in India, with a wide range of watches it has to offer.

The Neutra series incorporates a look inspired by the mid-century and puts it together with chronograph technology. The machine series watches are made in essence to the rustic design of a machine making these watches mostly brown. Just like this every series and type (analog, digital or smart watch) of watches sold by Fossil has its own uniqueness.

  • Fossil watches in India range from Rs.6,000 – Rs.21,0000
  • Fossil has a massive collection and is popular for both men & women
  • Full black and chronograph watches by Fossil are one of the best selling wrist watches
  • Simple yet classy design, most of which are waterproof

6. Giordano

Giordano watch

Now, coming to a brand that produces some of the most reasonable-priced watches. Giordano is a Hong Kong based brand which boomed in the Indian markets about a few years ago. Many people have not heard about Giordano and some even consider it to be an expensive watchmaking brand. Well, that is not the case, as Giordano is one of the best affordable watch brands in India.

When Giordano at first entered the market many people were confused as to why some of its most decent watches were priced at such a low rate. That confusion soon went away when many customers reviewed that these watches were a bit fragile. This doesn’t mean that Giordano watches are not good, they are great in terms of design, efficiency and affordability. These watches, however, are not that sturdy and durable as compared to other watches.

Giordano watches are attractive, stylish and fit for those who like to go for a vivid look. As these watches are pretty cheap you can buy multiple pieces and wear them for different occasions. The watches put forward by Giordano are water-resistant, have a stainless steel case and varying dial design.

This brand has a unique way of naming its watches; Giordano 4009-33 Analog Watch – For Women or Giordano 1468-01 Analog Watch – For Men. The watches put forward by Giordano for women are affordable and have the most trendy designs (big dial & small strap) and colours (like rose gold). The same goes for men’s watches, the brand produces watches which are the most prominent in the market, at an affordable range.

  • Giordano watches are priced at an affordable range
  • Giordano watches are fragile
  • These watches are available in a price range of Rs.3000 to Rs.15,000
  • These watches have a stylish design and are available for both men and women

7. Fastrack

Fastrack Watch

Which brand’s watch do the majority of school-going children tend to wear? The most common answer that you will hear is Fastrack! From the ages of 10 to 20 you will find most guys wearing the watches produced by this brand. Fastrack is a part of Titan or can also be called as an in-house brand.

Fastrack was established in 1998 in India, but it wasn’t up till 2005 that it was considered an independent brand. The brand’s main motive was to target the youth of the country and establish a place in the Indian accessories market.

We have already mentioned the greatness of the Titan brand above. Now, coming to Fastrack, this brand produces one of the most durable, sturdy and resistant watches for youngsters. If you’re looking for a watch to give your young nephew or get one for a teen, then you have to check out Fastrack’s insane collection. It is one of the best watch brands in India with reasonable pricing.

Fastrack promotes its watches with the tagline “The cool, trendy, funky range for the young and young at heart”. After reading this we bet you can draw a conclusion of what is the target audience of this brand. This, however, does not mean that there is any compromise in quality or design. Majority of Fastrack watches have a sporty and funky design, making these watches stand out.

There are a few watches produced by this brand which have a bit of a decent look. With a stainless steel case and leather strap, these watches look a tad bit simple but with a funky twist. Such types of watches are preferred for teenagers and young adults who like to live life freely.

Fastrack is a big brand and has an enormous collection. It possesses watches for both girls and boys. Fastrack’s collection for girls starts at colourful watches but as you soon go up, the colour combination simplifies. If you are looking for a cheap and best watch brand in India, Fastrack is bound to do the trick.

  • Fastrack is a brand for youngsters and people young at heart
  • Most of Fastrack’s watches have a funky and sporty design
  • These watches are available in a price range of Rs.500 to Rs.4000

8. Timex

Timex watch

The only brand which can compete with Fastrack in the domain of cheap and funky watches is Timex! This is an American based watch making brand which was found in 1854. Timex’s main focus is the production and selling of its watches. It is well-known in the international markets for producing stylish and appealing watches.

In India however, that is not exactly the case for Timex. This brand is mostly seen as a competitor of Fastrack, as they mainly produce watches of similar design or within the same price range. Many Indians consider Timex as a brand for youngsters and don’t prefer it for the people above the age of 20. This belief is set due to the fact that Timex has produced some of the best durable watches for children.

These were those firm plastic watches that looked sporty and were extremely durable. The watches which Timex produced for kids were so resistant to wear and tear, that a child could wear it while playing any sport or wear it all the time and the watch would last for years. These are the type of watches which were produced by Timex.

As the people of India trust the quality and efficiency of Timex watches, they tend to buy them a lot. Mostly school children and other youngsters can be seen wearing some of Timex’s most durable watches. Not many adults prefer to wear Timex’s watches but if anyone does, then Timex has a large gallery of wrist watches for you to choose from.

Timex also has a list of series/collections which categorizes the different types of wrist watches produced by the brand. The following series are the most prevalent- Standard, Navi, Waterburry, Command, Milano, Easy reader and much more. You should check out these collections if you’re interested in heavy-duty watches. With such durable watches that are long-lasting Timex has attained a place in our list of the top ten watch brands in India.

  • Timex has a wide collection of watches for men, women and kids
  • In India mostly youngsters buy Timex watches
  • Timex watches are extremely durable, sturdy and fashionable.
  • The watches are available in a price range of Rs.400 – Rs.4000

9. Police

Police Watch

There is a saying ‘Dress Italian’ that is declared as Italian clothing and accessories are considered to be the finest in the world. With that being said let us introduce you to Police, an Italian brand which was established in 1983 in Italy. It wasn’t until the early 2003 that Italy started to produce and sell perfumes and displayed its first watch collection. Police is considered to be one of the best watch brands in India in 2024, due to its impeccable quality and premium level watches.

Police is one of those brands which will make a watch with such precision, design and style that as soon as a person lays eyes on it, their only wish will be to buy it. The ‘Police’ logo is placed on each one of its watches at the most appropriate place and thus giving it a unique look. Wearing an exclusive Police watch makes a person give off a confident vibe while being confident themselves.

This brand is one of the most loved brands among mature individuals who want a wrist watch which will be fit for every occasion. Some of the best watches of Police include the full-black metallic analog watch for men, silver and rose gold analog watch for women and many such elegant designs. Each design and category of watches put forward by Police have their own speciality or different look that they tend to offer.

Now, you may be wondering as to why we have positioned Police at the bottom of our list? Well, the thing is that Police watches are pretty expensive in comparison to other brands, thus many Indian families don’t prefer to buy the watches of this brand. Apart from being a tad bit expensive, Police has no other obvious drawbacks.

In fact, this brand is considered to be one of the best women watch brands in India. As its top-notch watches for women are no less than jewellery.

  • Police watches have a unique, classy and exclusive design
  • These watches are available for men and women
  • Police watches are premium-level watches and are expensive
  • The watches of this brand can be found in the price range of Rs.7000 to Rs.25,000

10. Rado

Rado is one of the top luxury watch brands in India. This brand doesn’t just produce watches, it crafts each part and assembles them to create a distinctive design. The watches produced by Rado aren’t just for the normal public. Being a premium level watch manufacturer, Rado is a brand whose watches are priced at a very high rate.

Rado is a Swiss luxury watch brand founded in 1917 in Switzerland. With the high-end technology and the need to stay on top, Rado produced its first-ever scratch-resistant watch in 1962. It basically set a benchmark, which made many people from around the world just want to get their hands on a Rado watch.

Rado is a brand which produces over half a million units per year. These watches are distributed to different nations where they are sold. The elite class of India have a soft spot for watches created by Rado, as they seem to be a perfect fit for them. And given that not everyone can afford a Rado watch, a person wearing one tends to stand out. This fact makes the person have a feeling of power and ultimate confidence.

Rado has given the world some of its most unique designs. It sells an all gold-coloured watch, a full-black watch with a shiny chain, a navy blue dial along with a blue and rose gold coloured metallic strap. Such watches are some of the most precious designs which makes Rado all so popular in India. And this very fact makes Rado one of the best ladies watch brands in India.

This brand’s lowest model or design is worth around Rs.25,000. That’s the ending range for many wrist watch brands, but for Rado that is just where they start from. It’s this very, uniqueness that sets Rado apart and makes it one of the top watch brands for men in India.

  • Premium quality watches for both men and women
  • Rado’s cheapest watch is priced at Rs.25,000
  • Rado is a Swiss brand
  • The watches of this brand can be found in the price range of Rs.25,000 to Rs.4,00,000

Factors to Consider While Buying a Watch – Watch Buying Guide

Now that you have received a vivid insight about the top 10 watch brands in India. It is time that you get well-aware of the factors which you should use to guide your decision while buying a watch.

When looking through the vast collection of watches offered by different brands some people may get confused as to what to buy. To help you out and reduce your efforts we have jotted down some points you should consider before buying a watch.

a) Purpose

The one thing you should be clear about before purchasing any item, is what purpose will that item serve. The same goes for wrist watches. The watch that you are going to buy is for daily wear, sporty wear or party wear? Do you want a multi-purpose watch which you can wear for any occasion or anywhere? The first and foremost is to define what is you need, what are you looking for, why do you need it? When you answer all these questions then you should start looking for watches.

b) Budget

After you have decided what you type of watch you want, now you need to set a budget. Your budget or what you are willing to spend determines what you are going to buy. Don’t go over-budget and regret your decision or go under-budget and feel that you could have gotten a better watch. As soon as you set your budget you will be able to narrow down the brands which are selling in that range. Now, all you have to do is select a wrist watch which you think is best for you within those brands.

c) After Purchase Benefits

Watches are accessories and tend to cost a lot if you enter the premium range. One way of selecting the perfect watch for you is by looking at brands which offer after purchase benefits. This means to check out the warranties, guarantees and deals which are offered to you with the purchase. Are service centres of that brand available in your province? If any part gets damaged will you be able to find its parts in India? What all comes under the warranty and many such aspects.

Make sure you look into all of these factors before you buy a wrist watch, as we would want you to buy a watch which is perfect for you.


Below we have mentioned some questions that people tend to ask about the top watch brands in India. Go through these questions once, maybe you might have the same doubt?

Which brand is best in watches?

Titan is the best watch brand in India due to it being affordable, having amazing designs and offering great after purchase benefits. Apart from that Casio, Fossil and Citizen are also considered the best.

Which is the No1 watch company in India?

Titan is the best-selling and No.1 watch company in India, followed by Casio and Fossil.

What is a good affordable watch brand?

Some of the best affordable watch brands are Titan, Citizen, Giordano and Fastrack.

Which brand is best for men’s watches?

Casio, Police, Fossil, Citizen and Titan are the best brands for men’s watches.

Which brand is best for ladies’ watches?

Fossil, Police and in the premium-rang Michel Kors are amazing brands for ladies watches.

What is the cheapest luxury watch brand?

Casio, Fossil and Titan are the cheapest luxury watch brands.

Which is the costliest watch in India?

The costliest watches in India are of Rado, Tag Heuer, Hublot and Rolex.

What is the cheapest Swiss watch brand?

There isn’t exactly any cheap swiss brand. However, Rado is cheaper compared to other Swiss watch brands.

Is Fastrack Indian brand?

Yes, Fastrack is an Indian brand. It is a sub-brand of Titan, which is also an Indian brand.

Are Fastrack watches good?

Fastrack watches are durable, strong and very good for youngsters.

Is Daniel Klein a good brand?

Yes, it is. Daniel Klein is a luxury brand of watches.

Is Fossil a luxury brand?

Yes, Fossil is a luxury brand.

Is Casio better than Titan?

In terms of bulk Casio is better, but overall Titan is better than Casio.

Go get yourself one of the Top Watch Brands in India now!

We hope you found the above list of the best watch brands in India to be useful and at your disposal. There are numerous brands that have amazing watches but we still haven’t mentioned them on our list. The reason being that those brands either don’t sell well in India or might be too expensive or not that much preferred by Indian customers. As this list was made for the Indian public we thought we should include only those brands who have great reviews and purchased more by the Indian public.

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