BigBasket ICICI Bank Offers 2024: Discount on Cards & Net Banking

Are you aware of these crazy discounts under the BigBasket ICICI Bank Offers, when you shop using your ICICI Debit/Credit Cards or Internet Banking at BigBasket?

BigBasket and ICICI together have come up with some great Big Basket ICICI Bank Offers in 2024. On that note, lately, BigBasket has been collaborating with some top-notch banks present in India. One of them being ICICI Banks Pvt. Ltd.

ICICI, as we all know is the second largest bank in India, while the first Indian bank to ever have been listed in the Newyork Stock Exchange in the year 2000. It employees over 81,000 people from all over the country and globe.

Needless to say, when such a big brand takes an initiative for the benefit of its clients, it’s gotta be nothing but beneficial. In association with BigBasket, there’s a wide range of offers and discounts that are being offered to the ICICI clientele.

So, why put off shopping for your daily needs and cooking essentials, when you can now get them delivered on your doorstep that too with great discounts? Read on find out what’s in store for you.

Here’s a list of all the BigBasket ICICI Bank Offers 2024 :

Well, ICICI Banks have been in business since 1955, when its parent company was formed. It was also the first bank to introduce mobile-banking in India, while its head Chanda Kocher has been making it to the Forbes’ List of Most Powerful Women in the World, since 2010, consecutively. All this and more, speaks volumes about the type and value of this bank. There’s a reason why it’s so beloved amongst the Indian public.

Now that we know so much about ICICI, without any further adieu, let’s dive in to talk about the offers:

ICICI Coupon CodeMinimum Order ValueBigBasket Offer Details
BBICICI200Rs 50020% discount on 1st Order
ICICIGTJAN1Rs 250010% discount every Tuesday

1. ICICI Bank’s Credit & Debit Card Offers on BigBasket

The first offer comes for those who use the ICICI Debit or Credit Cards. In an event when you are shopping at BigBasket and making your payment using an ICICI Debit/Credit Card for the first time, use the code BBICICI200 in order to get 20% off on your purchase.

The catch being, your minimum order value should be INR 500 and the maximum discount availed would be INR 200. Moving on, the ICICI Bank offer can be availed using the BigBaskte App, M-site or directly using the official website.

There are few limitations to the offer, where firstly, this discount is not applicable to products purchased from the BigBasket Speciality Store nor can it be coupled with any other existing offers at BigBasket. Also, this offer shall not be eligible on the few items.

The offer is valid only once per ICICI Debit or Credit Card and in case of any suspicious transactions, seeming fraudulent, BigBasket holds the full and sole right to cancel an order.

Lastly, this offer is not applicable in three cities across India – Bhopal, Indore, and Surat.

So, are you ready to go all bonkers and shop like crazy? You better be because these deals keep getting better.

Get ready for offer number two.

2. Avail special discounts at BigBasket if you shop with ICICI Bank’s VISA Cards

This offer is exclusively for all those ICICI Bank users who possess an ICICI VISA Debit or Credit Card and coupon code is BBVISA200 .

Here are a couple of things to remember in order to get the best out of this offer – You are qualified for a 20% rebate on a base buy of INR 800, with the greatest markdown being INR 200 on your first purchase, made utilizing your ICICI VISA Debit/Credit Card.

As a consumer don’t hesitate to benefit this offer from any of the three – Website, App and M-Site, yet you wouldn’t have the capacity to club it with some other existing offer in play at BigBasket.

In the event that you are a customer who shops from the BigBasket Speciality Store or on the off chance that you live in Bhopal, Indore or Surat, I’m sad yet you’re kinda up the creek without a paddle here as this offer won’t be pertinent to you.

Also, there are just a few numbers of things, you can really count on the tips of your fingers to which this offer can’t be connected like ghee, baby foods, feeding bottles, edible oil, Amul products & Wagh Bakri Tea. Be that as it may, rest guaranteed, you can purchase everything else!

To wrap things up, BigBasket holds the sole right to drop any purchase suspected to be fake or illegal.

All in all, what are you hanging tight for? Go on and start shopping!

3. Premium discounts for the premium users of the ICICI Master Card:

Try not to stress, ICICI remembered its Master Card clients without a doubt. Here’s a decent arrangement for you guys as well! So as to profit from this offer, while making purchases utilizing the ICICI Master Debit/Credit Card, you’d have to utilize the coupon code: BBMC20 as it is during the time of checkout.

With this, you would be qualified to a markdown of INR 200 on a base buy of INR 1000. An incredible 20%! Yet, hello! remember you’d have to make the whole payment of your order utilizing the ICICI Master Debit/Credit Card as it were.

Further, as a client don’t hesitate to benefit this offer from any of the three – Website, App and M-Site yet you wouldn’t have the capacity to club it with some other existing offers.

A couple of the rules are regular for ICICI VISA and Master Card clients like – There are just a few things that will not fall under the category of availing discounts. Leaving those aside, rest guaranteed, you can pretty much purchase everything else!

Also, on the off chance that you buy stuff from the BigBasket Speciality Store or on the off chance that you live in Bhopal, Indore or Surat, I’m sad however have to inform you that this offer won’t be available to you.

Let’s face it, despite everything you’re outwitting bargains here, so simply prepare for a shopping binge as of now!

4. Last but not the least, avail crazy discounts at BigBasket though ICICI Netbanking aswell

As ICICI celebrates, 20 years of ICICI Bank Digital Banking, they’d like to include their customers in the celebration as well. Now, buy stuff for your everyday family essentials from BigBasket with ICICI Netbanking at avail mind-boggling discounts.

Get ready to avail 20% off at on a base buy of INR 500.

If you’re not aware as to how can you avail this offer let me give you a step by step guide to making purchases at BigBasket using NetBanking.

Here we go!

In order to make use of this offer firstly, log in to ICICI Bank Internet Banking, iMobile Corporate Internet Banking or iBizz between December and January 19. After successfully logging in, a code will be sent to you on your email id.

Once you get the code, use it on the while checking out and make the adequate payment using ICICI Internet Banking.

Also, this offer is only valid on every first purchase made using ICICI NetBanking and the maximum discount that can be availed is INR 200.

So, are you ready for a shopping spree, because I definitely am!

All things considered, that entirety up the stunning offers the ICICI Bank brings to the table for its clients this season. Regardless of whether you are a Debit Card/Credit Card, Visa or Master Card client, they have got all of you secured. All you truly must do is buy things that you need!

Furthermore, notwithstanding for that, you don’t generally need to physically go to a BigBasket outlet, you could simply put in your request online on their site or their application, and they’d get it all delivered to you on your doorstep, the very same/next day! Incredible, isn’t it?

With such energizing arrangements and offers, you can really bear to rampage spend on your regular needs and get all the extravagant things, you’ve for a long while been itching to. Give me one valid justification, why not to shop from BigBasket for all your day by day needs, necessities, and the sky is the limit from there? Also, I highly doubt if we’ve got any better offers at all!

In conclusion, in an occasion where you don’t claim any ICICI cards however do possess HDFC cards, you can look at what all BigBasket HDFC Banks Offers and how you might benefit from them.

After all, has been said about ICICI and its collaboration with BigBasket, here is where this article needs to end. Also, on the off chance that you loved what you read, stay tuned for additional content, and continue reading about all great offers here.

In any case, at all, you might want to contact us, leave your remarks in the comments area underneath and we will hit you up as quickly as time permits.

Likewise, let us know whether you’d like for us to expound on something explicit and we may really think about it. Up to that point, adios amigos!

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