BookMyShow Axis Bank Credit/Debit Cards Offers & Coupons 2024

Have you read about BookMyShow Axis bank offers yet? If you haven’t, then you must know that you can benefit from the exciting offers and coupons in 2024 by making use of your Axis bank credit or debit card.

You may thank us later, but utilize the BookMyShow Axis bank offers 2024 so that you can cherish the best deals and discounts when you make the payment for your movie tickets via Axis Bank credit or debit cards.

In a never-heard-before sort of an association, BookMyShow and Axis bank together aim to offer a pleasant movie experience by making movie tickets easily accessible and affordable for one and all. So, if all this while you have been a complete movie buff, these offers are going to get you all the more enthusiastic about watching new movies every now and then.

BookMyShow has been the easiest and the most convenient site for booking movie tickets. Instead of standing in the long queue at the movie theatres, it is always preferable to log in to the site or App and quickly select the seats of your choice for the movie.

But, what has gotten even better is that along with the convenience of booking the movie tickets at the touch of a button, you’ll also be eligible for a few coupons in return. So, if you have been hesitating to watch all the movies just because the tickets are usually soaring to no bounds, then leave aside all your worries. By availing any of these offers, you can not just watch the movie on the date of release, but also benefit by utilizing your Axis bank debit or credit card for making the payment.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into the details and understand the perks of these offers when you make an online transaction on the BookMyShow site –

Handy List of BookMyShow Axis bank offers 2024 –

Who doesn’t love offers on movie tickets? We all love spending time over the weekend watching the latest movies, accompanied by family or friends and a massive tub of popcorn to rejuvenate and de-stress. If you are a huge fan of watching movies, then look into the various BookMyShow Axis bank offers as listed below –

1 – Watch Out for Axis Bank Burgundy Debit card offer

If you are an Axis bank account holder along with an Axis bank Burgundy debit card holder, then this offer calls you out! The BookMyShow Axis bank offer lets you purchase one ticket and another one free with it. This also means that you are going to be able to watch a movie at half the price since another ticket comes for free.

If this hasn’t got you excited, we don’t know what will! So, if you haven’t yet installed BookMyShow app, it’s high time that you install it in your smartphone or atleast access it through your desktop or laptop. The offer is valid for a limited time period. Till then, go grab your movie tickets and watch the movie you have been excited to watch, but haven’t got the time to do so.

Customers can get a maximum discount of up to Rs. 500 or the discount amount whichever is less for movies per ticket. Similarly, you can also get Rs. 1000 or the discount amount, whichever holds less for non-movies per ticket, for every free ticket that is availed under this offer.

This offer is available throughout the week, so you can book your tickets for any time of the day or week. If you are wondering how you can avail this offer at the earliest, here’s how you can do it –

Firstly, select the movie or non-movie of your choice and follow the regular process of filling in the necessary details. Proceed to make the payment and insert your mobile number or email address to have your transaction confirmed.

To avail the offer, check ‘Apply promo codes or unlock offer’ and click on ‘Axis Bank debit card offer’ from the dropdown list. Insert your debit card details and that’s it! The process is simple and quick. So, when are you planning a movie date with your special someone?

2 – Hurry Up ASAP to Grab the Axis ASAP card offer

Under the Axis bank ASAP BookMyShow offer, you can get a flat Rs. 150 off simply by utilizing your Axis ASAP card. This offer is valid on all the movie and non-movie bookings done via BookMyShow app or website.

However, kindly note that this offer is valid on a minimum purchase of two tickets and the minimum order value should be Rs. 500. You can avail this offer only once during the offer period, so it leaves no scope for you to miss this chance!

So if you are an owner of Axis Bank ASAP card, you are going to witness what real benefits look like. Those of you, who are not Axis bank account holders or Axis ASAP card holders, rush to the nearest Axis bank and find out more about the features of this card. So, don’t hold your excitement to watch the latest movie with your friends, go book your movie tickets at the earliest so that you get to utilize this offer till it’s valid. Hurry up!

3 – Now is the Time to Avail the Axis Bank Priority Debit Card offer

This once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity is for those movie fanatics who often end up spending a whole lot of money into watching movies. Through this Axis Bank BookMyShow offer, you’ll get a 25% discount, i.e. a discount of up to Rs. 350 on your movie tickets.

Additionally, you can also grab the largest tub of popcorn since there’s a 20% discount of up to Rs. 60 on food and beverages if you are an Axis Priority debit card holder. You can also choose whether you want to utilize the discount on movie tickets at one go in one single transaction or in multiple transactions until you exhaust the monthly benefit of Rs. 350.

Ever been exposed to so much flexibility under one offer? This offer is too hard to resist, undoubtedly! Do note that while you have enough flexibility on your movie ticket booking offers, but the discount on F&B can be availed only once per month. However, that does not mean that you don’t utilize it at all. You must, because these offers are solely meant for movie-fanatics like you!

Could you ever imagine that being an account holder with one bank would prove to be so beneficial? Well, now that you are aware of it, utilize either of the offers optimally.

4 – Axis Bank Titanium Rewards/Rewards + Offer

By availing Axis bank Titanium debit card movie offers, you hold a chance to earn 5% discount on Axis Titanium Rewards and Rewards + debit card while you book your movie tickets on BookMyShow. The Axis bank Titanium debit card BookMyShow offer provides a discount of up to Rs. 200 on your movie tickets. Who knew watching movies could get so much easier and cost-friendlier than it ever was!

Since this offer is valid on all days of the week, you can book your movie tickets at any preferable time slot. All you’ll need to do is to install BookMyShow app or access the website through your desktop and search this offer. Once you have come across the offer, simply fill in all the details of your debit card and proceed to make the payment.

That’s about it! It’s hardly going to take a bit of your time. But, like they say, to gain something, you have to lose something – here all that you are losing is a bit of time!

5 – Calling out Credit Card holders – Check the Axis Bank NEO credit card offer

If you are an Axis bank NEO Credit card holder, then you are eligible to get a 10% off on your transaction made on BookMyShow while booking your movie tickets. This offer is especially beneficial for those of you who were regretting of not having any offers on credit cards. So here it is now!

Your Axis bank NEO credit card is now proving to be extremely beneficial since it is going to help you gain a monthly benefit of up to Rs. 50. No matter what kind of an offer you are looking for, Axis Bank in association with BookMyShow will cover everything on your wish list.

The process for availing this offer is also very simple and quick. Go find your Axis bank credit card and enter the details of it. The offer will automatically be applied on your transaction. So, look no further and catch hold of your friends to watch the latest movie doing rounds on social media.

6 – Reward Yourself by Pursuing the Axis Bank Online Rewards Debit card offer

Whether you want to watch a movie on the weekdays or on the weekend, you can take full advantage of the Axis bank online rewards debit card offer. In this offer, when you make a transaction while booking your tickets, you can get a flat 10% discount instantly. Every single customer can get a maximum monthly benefit of up to Rs. 100. Isn’t this enticing? However, since this offer is valid for a limited period of time, you need to hurry up and utilize this offer until it’s valid!

Do not delay in grabbing this offer because such offers are not provided too often. It’s a different fun to watch a movie knowing that you’ve got a hefty discount on an already-economical movie ticket. Aren’t discounted rates or free tickets attractive to all of us? We are all entertainment-hungry and nothing gets better than this!

What Makes these BookMyShow Offers so Compelling?

BookMyShow is a great platform for booking tickets for not just a movie, but also the events happening in and around. BookMyShow has evolved to become one of the strongest and most accessed platforms for booking movie tickets in India. The site offers all kind of appealing deals in association with different banks, and this time it is Axis Bank.

If you are one of those Axis bank debit or credit card customers, all these offers are specially curated to benefit you in every way possible. So, if all this while you were wondering what the “so-called” benefits of these credit and debit cards are, you need to witness it by yourself. And if you still haven’t realized it, have a look at the offers once again! So, if you are an entertainment lover and someone who loves spending the weekend watching back-to-back movies in the nearest theatre, either of these offers are sure to fit into your needs.

However, there are a few terms and conditions for these offers. Before you go about booking your tickets and proceeding with the payment, do glance through the terms and conditions to know whether you are eligible for the offer or not. So, start finding your Axis bank cards and open BookMyShow App quickly. Select the movie and theatre of your choice and grab the deal where you are eligible and the one that suits your needs. Follow the above-stated process of availing these offers, and we bet you’ll be done in no time! Try and test it out. Our guide will not fail to upset you in any way. Grab some popcorn, grab some cold drinks, and get going.

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