BookMyShow ICICI Bank Credit & Debit Card Offers 2024

Use these BookMyShow ICICI bank credit & debit card offers for 2024 and make deals at a lower rate. Invest a reasonable amount to book tickets for different forms of entertainment.

It is now a trend in the present age to buy tickets from the online sites. Thus, to purchase the tickets for movie and other forms of entertainment, you may rely on this digital world. BookMyShow is one of the best websites to present you with the latest movie ticket offers.

BookMyShow platform has several offers for the ICICI bank debit and credit card users. Whether you love watching movies and events or like to visit historical sites in India, ICICI bank BookMyShow offer codes make your deal affordable. We have now talked about all those offers to help you in finding the right one.

ICICI bank movie and non–movie ticket offers at BookMyShow :

BookMyShow has presented a list of various offers, available for ICICI bank customers. Get discounts, low priced deals, free tickets and other types of offers. When you buy tickets for movie and other events, you may visit BookMyShow to get the attractive deals.

1 – Use your ICICI Debit card and get free movie tickets at BookMyShow

Watch your favorite movies on every week. It is now affordable for you to get the entertainment. Use your ICICI Debit card as the best tool to get the free tickets for the recent movies. ICICI Debit cardholders will be able to get this benefit.

However, this ICICI bank debit card BookMyShow offer is applicable for Coral, Sapphiro and Rubyx Debit cardholders of this bank. ICICI bank has issued different types of cards for its customers. However, the above three card types will help you to avail the movie ticket offer online.

You have to purchase one ticket for getting two free tickets. However, to avail these BookMyShow ICICI bank offers, you have to book at least two tickets. ICICI Bank will give this attractive offer to more than 200 customers every day. Thus, you may also be one of those lucky customers to enjoy this online offer.

2 – Have Bookmyshow ICICI credit card offer on Movie tickets

This is another good news to the movie enthusiasts. Go to Bookmyshow site or app and book a number of movie tickets for you, your friends or relatives. When a valid ICICI Bank Credit Card is with you, there is a discount offer for you. Use this card for purchasing the ticket online and then move to your preferred cinema hall.

Get a discount of INR 100 on the total price of all the tickets. Do not delay in grabbing this BookMyShow ICICI offer. Save INR 100, and use it for any purpose. It is now a fun to you to watch to buy tickets and watch movies.

However, the ICICI BookMyShow offer is not valid for all the credit cardholders of ICICI bank. That is why we have made a list of all the applicable credit cards- Coral HPCL Visa and MasterCard Credit Card, Coral MasterCard Platinum, HPCL Coral American Express, Instant Platinum and Titanium card.

3 – Get something special at the weekend

For the non-movie ticket deals, you are going to get this offer. This is one of the unique offers for ICICI bank debit and credit cardholders. However, you will get the offer on every Saturday and Sunday. Your purchase will become more affordable on these days.

Use your ICICI cards to make a transaction of minimum INR 1500 and you will get a flat discount of INR 400. Five hundred lucky customers will get this offer on every Saturday and Sunday. The interesting fact is that you may purchase the tickets for a show on any other day.

Thus, book your tickets to get entertainment from concerts, sports, plays and other events. All types of credit and debit cards of ICICI bank are valid for this offer.

4 – Avail free tickets for your family members-

We have amazing news for the families of four members. While you think of spending valuable time with your dear ones, you may purchase online movie ticket and save your money. Use your ICICI debit card to avail this offer.

The movie lovers will get high benefit from this type of offer. However, they have to buy minimum four tickets to get this offer. We think that most of the regular movie ticket buyers will have a chance of availing this offer. Watch movie with a group of friends or relatives.

For the purchase of two movie tickets, you will have a chance of getting two more free tickets. However, the discount limit for these free tickets has to be within INR 400. Thus, you will be able to buy tickets for your companions at a lower rate.

5 – Use ICICI Credit Card and save more for movie ticket transactions

Just like Debit card users, the Credit cardholders have also the opportunity to get free movie tickets. Make sure that you have already bought two tickets, and this would help you in availing this offer.

Buy one ticket for watching movie, and then the second ticket will be accessible to you at free of cost. This is one of the attractive offers for the ICICI card users. Save your money to invest it for more other entertainment options.

ICICI Diamant Credit Card users have a chance to get four tickets on every month, while other types of ICICI Credit card users will have tickets within that period. You have to check out the type of ICICI credit that you use for transaction. Over two hundred customers will have the opportunity to get this special offer.

6 – Surprise for aged movie lovers

The elderly members of your house will have high interest on this offer. They will get a chance of watching movies, concerts, plays and other events at a lower price rate. However, they need to have Senior Club Savings Account to avail this offer.

As one of the senior citizens and ICICI bank customers, you must not miss this offer. Visit BookMyShow to book your tickets and have this offer easily.

After purchasing minimum four tickets, you will be eligible to apply for this offer. Buy just one ticket, and then, wait for another ticket without an additional investment. The maximum level of discount that you can get with this offer is INR 500. Thus, the senior citizens or the elderly persons, having interest in movies and other entertainments, will have the benefit from this ICICI bank offer on BookMyShow.

Buy your movie tickets online at Bookmyshow and have offers

Nowadays, most of the movie watchers choose the online platform for buying their tickets. It has now become very easy to purchase the tickets for movies, concerts and all other forms of entertainment. While you are going to visit to any of the cinema halls, you can use your Smartphone or PC to make your ticket deals. From the comfort of your own home, you may purchase your tickets online. Get into the world of entertainment by making your deal online.

The price rates for the movie tickets are getting increased. However, there is a way to have these movie tickets at a lower rate. You will have this opportunity by approaching the digital world. There are several attractive deals for the movie lovers. With no concern on movie price, you may now think of buying the tickets online.

Moviegoers have to visit one of the online sites to find the discounts and offers. Every week or on every month, you will get different types of offers for the purchase of movie or non-movie tickets. However, there is a limited validity apply for these offers. Thus, while it is a promo code or other discount offers, you have to know the time limit to avail them. You have to visit the website to know ICICI BookMyShow offer timings.

The most important step to get the movie or other entertain ticket deals is to find out a reliable website. BookMyShow is one of the popular websites, presenting you with the latest offers on movie, concert, play and event ticket deals.

Debit and Credit card user? Get the discount offers

In addition to using the promo code, there are various other ways to enjoy the offers. Nowadays, most of the customers use their Debit or Credit cards to make their purchase. Thus, you may also use these cards while buying your movie tickets. Various banks have started offering attractive discounts for their card users.

At BookMyShow website, you will find the information on the ICICI Debit and Credit card offers. Those, who use these cards for paying for the movie or non-movie tickets, will get these offers. Free tickets or the discount rates on various tickets are highly interesting to most of the entertainment lovers.

However, there are different terms to avail these offers. You have to know all those terms and conditions while approaching for the deals. It may be a special occasion or the weekend. You will find various types of deals. ICICI bank customers, having ICICI Debit and Credit cards, will have several advantages for their online ticket purchases.

Now, start looking for the movie and non-movie ticket deals. As one of the cardholders, you must know the quota limit for every offer. It is also essential to find out the highest discount amount to be availed from the offer. Moreover, you have to make sure that your credit or debit card is valid for the offer. Follow the above tips to buy your online tickets.

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