ClearTrip HDFC Bank Offers 2024 on Flights & Hotels Bookings

Cleartrip HDFC bank offers are all set to entice you with deals that you must have never seen before. Go ahead with your flights and hotels bookings through ClearTrip and visit your favorite destination by grabbing the on-going deals.

Cleartrip HDFC bank offers have been designed to provide travellers with grab-worthy deals and an opportunity to take a break from their mundane life. And hence, Cleartrip and HDFC Bank’s collaboration for providing some offers is something you must keep an eye on.

Are you excited already? Have you also been postponing your travel plans for the longest now? Well, it’s safe to say that the duo, Cleartrip and HDFC Bank have heard your request and come up with fresh lucrative offers. All that you’re going to witness now is offers and discounts heavily pouring in. The best part? If you are an HDFC Bank customer, you must find your way through all these offers. If not one, there has to be some or the offer meant for you.

So, if you are still not an HDFC Bank customer, you must hurry up to open an account. Beyond the monthly offers and deals, there are a lot of other benefits too. It’s time for you to bid goodbye to all the hurdles that were coming your way and start working on your wish list. ClearTrip HDFC bank offers for 2019 are all set to provide you with a comfortable and memorable trip, without spending exorbitantly.

If you are an HDFC Bank customer, it’s time that you put your debit and credit cards to use by availing either of the offers listed below. We are sure you’ll not be able to turn your back to these offers once you learn about them!

Checkout the list of HDFC Bank Credit Card offers

We don’t want you to waste a single moment now that you want to know what the offers are. Whether you are a business traveller or a solo wanderer, ClearTrip HDFC bank offers have got you covered. The duo has joined hands to present some of the best offers to all you travellers. On the other hand, if you are not one of those avid travellers yet, after going through some of these offers and lucrative deals, we’re sure you’ll become one. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the details –

1. Unmissable ClearTrip HDFC Offer on Domestic Flights

To travel by air is everyone’s wish, but not everytime one can afford to spend on those hefty tickets. This Cleartrip domestic flight offer is for those of you who are hesitant on traveling by air merely because the ticket prices are expensive and it could upset your travel budget.

If you are planning to travel within India in the near future and while the offer period is on, you can book your tickets through ClearTrip if you are an HDFC bank customer.

Talking about HDFC ClearTrip offer specifically, if the minimum booking amount of your domestic flight ticket costs Rs. 10,000 or more, you stand a chance to earn Rs. 1000 cashback. If not, if your flight ticket costs anywhere between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 9,999, you can earn a cashback of Rs. 500.

Isn’t this interesting? Well, if you haven’t noticed, you do need a coupon code for availing this offer. Without it, you’ll not be able to grab the instant cashback. The special Cleartrip HDFC bank coupon code is CTHDFC.

Additionally, do note that you can try your hands on this offer only if you are an HDFC bank customer owning an HDFC bank credit card. Hurry up; the offer is valid for a limited period of time.

2. Irresistible ClearTrip HDFC Offers on International Flights

Do you wish to travel abroad simply because you are done exploring cities within India? If yes, then this offer is definitely meant for you. Talking about this ClearTrip HDFC bank offers on international flights, like the earlier offer on domestic flight, you’ll be able to earn cashback on this offer too.

Don’t we all know how expensive international flight tickets are? But now, you don’t have a reason to be worried about it. If your flight ticket costs somewhere around Rs. 20,000 or a little more, you’ll be able to earn Rs. 1500 in the form of instant cashback.

All you need for availing this offer is an HDFC bank credit card and the coupon code ‘CTHDFC.’ At the same time, you also need to remember that this offer is valid for a limited period. So grab it while it’s still available.

3. Enjoy your stay with special discount on domestic hotels

What’s the best part of taking a trip? Local cuisine? Shopping? Well, for a majority of us, it’s about the stay, relaxation, and unwinding. For this, undoubtedly, we would wish to stay in a comfortable and accessible hotel with quality services in exchange. If you are planning to go on a trip anytime soon and wondering where you should stay, you must check out ClearTrip’s website for this.

If you book your hotel stay during the offer period and if you are an HDFC bank customer, you are going to benefit a lot from the ClearTrip HDFC offer.

Wondering how? Well, here’s the answer – if your domestic hotel stay costs you Rs. 10,000 or more, you’ll get an instant cashback through ClearTrip. Similarly, if your hotel stay costs you somewhere between Rs. 4000 to Rs. 9,999, you’ll still be eligible to earn Rs. 500.

Isn’t that great? Like every offer, for this ClearTrip HDFC credit card offer 2019 also, you need to take note of the coupon code. Simply enter CTHDFC at the time of payment. So, without wasting any more time, go and plan your trip today!

3. Mind-blowing Offers on International Hotels

All those of you who are planning an international trip and going to book a hotel anytime soon, you should take a look at the ClearTrip HDFC credit card offer on International Hotels.

If you are one of the lucky people owning an HDFC bank credit card, you can instantly think about booking a hotel through ClearTrip. If you avail this offer, you’ll get to earn a cashback worth Rs. 500 or Rs. 1000, depending on the minimum booking amount.

Like the previous offers, do remember that entering the coupon code is mandatory for this offer as well. Enter the coupon code ‘CTHDFC’ at the time of payment and enjoy the well-deserved benefits. These offers have been exclusively designed for a limited period of time, so grab it now!

We are sure you have now got a clear sight of which offer is suitable to you and which is not. However, are you aware of the process of availing the HDFC credit card ClearTrip offer? No, right? We are here to help you on that! Let’s make the process faster and simpler for you. All you need to do is to follow this guide. It will solve all your queries and help you access any of these offers easily. Check out the tips down below –

Here’s how you can grab the ClearTrip HDFC bank offer –

Now since you are aware of the offers mentioned above and wish to grab the best of it, you may want to learn about the process of grabbing these deals. Check out the guide listed below-

  • Step 1: Install ClearTrip App or Login to the ClearTrip website
  • Step 2: Select the date of your choice
  • Step 3: Book your flight ticket or the hotel stay as per the preferred date
  • Step 4: At the payment page, insert the coupon code ‘CTHDFC’
  • Step 5: Once you apply the coupon code, the discount will automatically be applied to the total amount
  • Step 6: Process the payment using your HDFC bank credit card

And, that’s it! You are done. This is how simple the process is. There’s no scope for you to encounter any problems. If you still do, our guide should help you clear the hurdle.

Find out details about HDFC bank PayZapp ClearTrip Cashback Offer:

If you haven’t noticed yet, we have yet another offer for you to look up to. Through ClearTrip PayZapp offer, you can book your domestic or international flights, hotels, or other activities.

If the amount of your booking costs Rs. 5000 or more, by making the payment through HDFC Bank PayZapp on ClearTrip, you’ll get to earn Rs. 500 cashback.

Isn’t that great? To begin with, ensure you are registered with PayZapp at the time of the transaction. Also, don’t forget to apply the coupon code ‘CTPZ500’ at the time of the payment.

Are you now excited to grab this Cleartrip PayZapp offer? Well, you can, but for that, you need to know the process of availing this offer and also the offer period. Read on to find out the process –

How to grab the PayZapp and ClearTrip offer?

Here’s a step by step guide for you –

Step 1: Visit the ClearTrip website or download the ClearTrip mobile app

Step 2: Book any domestic/international flight, hotel, or activity worth Rs. 5000 or more

Step 3: At the time of the payment, select “wallets” and proceed to make the payment with PayZapp

Step 4: Now, you will be redirected to the PayZapp payment page where you simply need to enter the coupon code ‘CTPZ500’ to ensure you are eligible for cashback

Step 5: If you are considered eligible for this offer, you’ll receive cashback worth Rs. 500 from HDFC bank which will be credited to your PayZapp account within 30 days from the date of transaction

Do note that this offer is valid for a limited period of time, so keep an eye on the offer period. Also, this offer is valid only once per PayZapp user per month/customer/device/PAN/Card/PayZapp registered mobile number. What you need to know is that any linked card or PayZapp card can be used for the transaction.

We hope you now have a complete idea of what the process and details of this offer is. We’ve given you enough reasons to travel now – be it within the country, to a new country, a luxury property, or a simple hotel – these offers have your back.

Why ClearTrip is your go-to destination to fulfill all your travel needs?

With years of experience of managing a massive client base, ClearTrip has proven to be the industry pioneer. Through ClearTrip, one will not only get a positive experience, but will also have all the traveling needs fulfilled.

When it comes to your trips, be it domestic or international, you can undoubtedly rely on ClearTrip. Client satisfaction and trust has brought ClearTrip to this level where all its users are loyal and only choose ClearTrip for all the travel needs.

The best part is that all the offers and packages are designed keeping in mind the customer affordability, convenience, and preference. So, whether you want to travel with your family, friends, or a special someone, you can book everything via ClearTrip at the touch of a button.

If you haven’t yet installed ClearTrip’s app or accessed the website, what are you even waiting for? It’s time that you stay updated about all these offers and monthly deals. We are sure you won’t find such deals on other platforms.

All the ClearTrip offers are aimed at taking its client’s a step closer to their dream destination. It’s now that you can make the most of these discounts and deals that allow you to save in return.

You can fly to any place of your choice, stay at any dream hotel of your preference, and yet earn cashback in return with your HDFC bank credit cards. Let’s accept the fact that the union of ClearTrip and HDFC bank has benefited all of us in some or the other way.

With so many offers closer to your sight, no place is too far since you can travel the world, take lavish trips, and stay at luxurious hotels without digging a deep hole in your pocket. Travel safe and travel happily!

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