Flipkart Women’s Day Sale Offers 2024 : 7th & 8th March 2024

Celebrate Women’s Day with the Flipkart Women’s Day Sale offers on 7th & 8th March 2024! Flipkart announces up to 80% OFF on its Sale!

Flipkart Women’s Day Sale promises to give you astonishing offers and additional discounts with various bank cards from 7th March 2024! Read here to find out why 7 and 8 March 2024 is a special period this year on Flipkart!

Dive into Flipkart Women’s Day Sale 2021 Dates & Offers :

Sale Start Date & Time12:00 AM on 7 March 2024
Sale End Date & Time11:59 PM on 8 March 2024

On the occasion of  Women’s Day, Flipkart has thought to do something that it has never done before for its customers; there is a big flipkart sale from the period of 7 to 8th March 2024. For two days, i.e. 7th and 8th March, be all set to get bumper discounts and offers when you purchase products like kitchen appliances, mobile phones, tablets, electronic items, clothing, laptops and others on the list.

Can you imagine getting up to 90% off on certain products?

Flipkart Women's Day Sale Blockbuster Deals

Along with the mentioned discounts in this list, there is something more for people who have their very own account at Axis bank. If you have an Axis bank debit or credit card, don’t forget to use it during the period of 7th to 8th March this year to get an additional 10% off! This means that along with the discounts that the others are enjoying, you are going to get an additional discount that the others are not able to enjoy!

That’s not all – have you ever heard of the app PhonePe? Most of the people are now attracted to this app and they are using it happily to make payments through the same. If you have not used this app, yet, create your account in it so that you can get an additional cashback when you make the payment through it. During the SALE period on Flipkart, you can use the app of PhonePe and get an additional 30% cashback along with the regular discounts that you are eligible to get on this online store, which has won the hearts of millions across the country.

Well, don’t stop reading yet, because that’s not the only thing that you are going to get during the period of SALE on Flipkart – you can get a chance to win a FREE shopping offer; this means that you can shop for any product that you want to and if you are the chosen winner for the free shopping offer, all the products in your virtual card on Flipkart are taken care of! You feel amazed when you are selected for such an amazing victory on this online store, since it makes you pay nothing for everything you wish to own!

1. Changing the Style with Sizzling Discounts on Fashion Products:

Flipkart Women's Day Offers on Clothing

It is always good to add a new touch to your look and appearance, which is not possible if you don’t have enough money in your account since all the products are so expensive.

However, that’s not the case anymore – with the help of some of the best deals on Flipkart, you can now impress your crush by your brand new style. All you need to do is save the dates from 7th to 8th March 2024 since you can then buy any fashion apparel you want to. Fill your wardrobe with some of the best and highly rated brands like Lee, Levis, Adidas, Fila, Puma, Vero Moda, etc.

So what is it that you wish to buy to sizzle on the roads this season?

2. Tempting Flipkart Women’s Day Sale Offers on Mobiles:

Flipkart Women's Day Offer on Mobiles

There was a time when people flaunted their cellphones so much that the ones who didn’t have one in their hands lacked confidence. However, mobile phones have become necessity now and not just another luxury item. Yet, there are people who like buying expensive cellphones so that they can flaunt what the others don’t have. If you like flaunting your products, the best thing to do is buy a very expensive phone. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on your needs for other things and own a phone that is way beyond your budget.

The good thing about Flipkart womens day sale period is that it has announced discounts on mobile phones as well. More expensive the phone is, better is the deal for you.

3. Eye-Widening Discounts on Laptops & Computer Accessories:

No matter how addicted people are to their cellphone screens, laptops are still the basic necessity of most of the people. There are hundreds of individuals who work through the home and earn in lakhs every month because of the kind of skills they have. Also, there is so much to learn from the computer that you have at home. Thus, it is necessary for every family to have at least one computer at home.

But it is true that laptops are very expensive and thus, buying one is a big decision. However, if you want to buy a laptop from Flipkart during the women’s day sale period of 7th to 8th March, expect to enjoy discounted rates of the same. Do we really need to say more?

4. Excellent Offers on Television Sets:

Aren’t you sick of looking at the same old TV that you have at home? Aren’t you tired of the boredom that the old TV has been causing to you? If the TV set that you have in the living room is new, but you don’t have a special and private TV in your bedroom and you have always been thinking of buying one for yourself, then it is time for you to purchase a brand new TV set during the SALE period of Flipkart.

You can own a good and new TV set at quite a reasonable price, since Flipkart wants to give bigger deals to its customers on the special day of its sale; don’t wait for any better offer because there can be nothing better than this!

5. Beautiful Discounts on Beautiful Appliances:

Kitchen is not the place for only women, anymore, most of the men now know how to cook and, in fact, they enjoy cooking for the women in their lives. If you want to make your kitchen life easier, it is always good to buy new kitchen appliances, which are quite expensive when you visit the ordinary market to own them. The good news is that kitchen appliances are now at discounted rates on Flipkart and hence, people are now buying all that they wish to at affordable rates.

The next time your friends visit your house, give them a new reason to adore your kitchen by introducing brand new latest technology kitchen appliances to them.

Psst… don’t let them know you bought the appliances at lesser prices!

6. Never-Enjoyed-Before Discounts on Home and Furniture Items:

Aren’t you sick of looking at the mess that your living room has? Do you want to get rid of that pool of stuff that you have all scattered in the living room? Then probably you need an excellent and strong cabinet so that you can stuff all the unwanted items in the same and give a new and more organized look to your house.

The good news is that there are excellent offers and deals on home and furniture items during the important SALE period on Flipkart. So wait for a few more days so that the sale period spreads in the air and you buy different exquisite things to change the look of your house.

7. Surprising Offers on Electronics and Accessories:

There are thousands of electronic items that you may wish to own, but haven’t thought of buying due to the expensive prices you have to pay for them. However, it is not so when you have the SALE period of Flipkart. No doubt it is the anniversary of Flipkart and it should be wished for its successful 10 years in the online industry, but the online store decided to do something different for its customers. Thus, it has ensured to bring some of the best discounts.

If you haven’t checked electronic items and accessories on Flipkart yet, it is time for you to check for the same so that you get what you are looking for at an affordable price, without compromising on the quality of the products.

8. Buy Products at Additional 10% Instant Discount on your Axis Cards:

Got Axis debit or credit cards? Then you need to use it during the period of Flipkart sale for the sake of getting 10% additional discounts on all the products that you wish to purchase and use. Whether you want to buy fashion products or new cellphones for your family members, you can surely get the discount on your Axis debit or credit cards.

But you need to know that the minimum transaction amount that you need to make the purchase of is Rs.1,500 and the maximum cashback that you’d get is of Rs.4000 on the occasion of Flipkart’s Womens Day Sale!

Download PhonePe APP for Cashback Offers:

PhonePe app is not an ordinary app anymore; it has gained immense popularity in India due to the kind of services it has and the instant offers that you get when you use to pay through it. If you are planning to shop on Flipkart during the women’s day sale period and if you want to have an additional cashback during this time, you must download and install the app on your cellphone and use the details to make the payment for the products you buy on the online store. You are promised to get an additional 30% cashback on the same.

Don’t Forget to Claim your FREEBIES:

What else do you have in your mind to celebrate and enjoy the sale of Flipkart with its team?

The team has designed a special FREEBIE offer for all those who think the above offers are not sufficient for them. This year is special for Flipkart store and thus, it has ensured to give freebies to all those expecting much more from their shopping experience. You can now win free shopping worth up to Rs.10,000. You can also win Flipkart gift vouchers EVERY HOUR (top 10 shoppers win) along with a free trip to Kuala Lampur. Don’t forget to claim your MakeMyTrip Gift Cards by shopping on this e-store!

Also, you can now focus on making the lowest unique bid and win bigger prizes!

Flipkart Women’s Day Sale 2024:

What makes Flipkart Women’s Day sale, so special?

All the offers and discounts mentioned above in the list are the things that make the sale of this online store all the very more special. The people in India are already quite happy and satisfied with the products and services of Flipkart, but thanks to this new sale period from 7th March, the crowd is going GAGA over the website. You can now buy whatever you want to at an affordable price, along with enjoying additional special discounts.

Instead of accepting gifts, Flipkart is gifting discounts, offers and freebies to all those who have made it so popular in the country. Fill your cart with all the products you have been thinking of owning and pay lesser for them, since it is not everyday that you get such discounts.

Now that you are very well aware about the Women’s Day Sale period of Flipkart, don’t forget to save the dates, slip into your comfortable pajamas and sit in front of your computer (or your cellphone screen) to shop for products that have only been in your dreams till date.

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