Flipkart Mobiles Bonanza Sale Offers & Deals: July 2024

Here’s all you need to know about Flipkart Mobiles Bonanza Sale offers & deals for July 2024! From discounts going up to 50% on best selling phones, all the way to several bank deals and EMI options. Have a read.

The Flipkart mobile Bonanza sale is back with a bang in July 2024! Avail discounts up to 50% on some of the latest and expensive phones during this five-day sale. Hurry! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Flipkart Mobiles Bonanza Sale Offers

The Flipkart mobile bonanza sale 2024 offers are here at your doorsteps with unimaginable discounts on some of the trendiest smartphones available in the market. If you have been waiting and saving up money to get rid of your outdated phone and wish to buy a new one with the latest specs, well your time has come! Flipkart mobiles bonanza sale is offering some of the best discounts, which make even the most expensive phones come under the affordable ranges.

This is the time for you to step forward and claim these humongous discounts! So, there is no need to save more money to pay for that Rs.42,000 smartphone, when you can easily get it at Flipkart mobiles bonanza sale from 15th – 18th July 2024 for more than 60% off.

To top it all off, Flipkart is offering an additional 10% discount on purchases that are made using an HDFC Bank credit or debit card. And with the easy in-app purchase it has become a piece of cake to order something from Flipkart and get it delivered to your door! It is as if almost the only effort you will have to put in is to get up and receive the package from your doorstep.

Flipkart mobiles bonanza sale is the most awaited season sale for tech-savvy individuals and people who just want to get rid of their old and sluggish phone. The reason this phone sale is prevailing in comparison to other e-commerce sites that offer a similar sale is that consumers get a varying range of discounts on a wide variety of phones. It’s as if they are at wholesale of phones where customers can get their hands on any of the latest phones in the market at surprisingly low rates.

Other than that, if you were to check out the Flipkart mobile sale offers details you will find that they are offering extreme discounts, some even up to 60% off. These apply even to the big fishes in the market like Apple, Samsung, and even OnePlus. Almost all the phones produced by these brands have huge discounts attached to them at Flipkart’s sale! So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your hands on some of the most extraordinary phones for cheap rates!

As this year’s, Flipkart mobiles sale 2024 is bound to be epic, so we thought to save you from all the hassle and keep you well-informed by providing you with vital information about the best offers you can avail on Flipkart! To help you out we have created this list mentioned below, check it out.

The Flipkart mobiles bonanza sale in July 2024 has arrived!

We couldn’t have been more excited than we already are for a Flipkart upcoming sale. As we have been consistent in bringing forward information regarding numerous offers that companies have to offer to our daily readers, we might have just stumbled upon one of the greatest phone sales of this year!

While viewing the details and checking out the various discounts provided by Flipkart we were immensely pleased. The deals put forward by the company were so well sought out that we think their whole stock of phones is going to get sold out pretty quickly. With discounts up to Rs.5000 off newly released smartphones, Flipkart wasn’t messing around when they named it the Bonanza sale. The word means any situation which brings immense wealth and given how these phones are priced, households can be seen welcoming more than one gadget!

Our overall review about this sale is that DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT! It is our generous suggestion that tries to get your hands on the phone you want during this very sale. After this, that phone’s price may skyrocket back to its MRP making it look not worth it. Try to explore your options and if you have a flexible budget, well then it’s going to be super profitable for you.

List of Flipkart Mobiles Bonanza Sale Best Offers & Deals 2024

We bring to you some of the most breathtaking offers and discounts that only one could imagine getting. These offers are not on just some basic smartphones which didn’t quite kick it in the market. But, rather are on phones which when released dominated the market and made people go crazy over them. The crazy part is that such phones are available at up to 50% discount!

Breathtaking Offers on Realme Phones

In the upcoming Flipkart mobile bonanza sale 2024 enjoys up to Rs.4000 off on some of their most exquisite phones! Realme has been producing some exclusive smartphones which are fast and have exceptional camera quality. To get your hands on such a phone which costs less than Rs.10,000 seems like a fair deal. You can club that discount with another additional 10% discount if you pay via an ICICI Bank credit card.

  • Realme 7 Pro (6GB|128GB) at just Rs.17,999 (Original Price Rs.19,999)
  • Realme X3 (Upto 8GB) at just Rs.21,999 (Original Price Rs.25,999)
  • Realme 6 Pro (6GB|64GB) at just Rs.15,999 (Original Price Rs.17,999)
  • Realme 6 (6GB|64GB) at just Rs.12,499 (Original Price Rs.14,999)

What more could you ask for?! With such decent margins, which have been provided as discounts we don’t think you will need to hold back anymore. Explore the wide ranges present and choose a brand new phone to replace and update your old phone. These are just a few discounts which we thought are quite exceptional and shouldn’t be missed. Let’s take a look at some of the huge discounts Flipkart is providing on other high-end phone brands.

Mindblowing Deals on Samsung Mobiles

Samsung has been around and dominating the mobile phone industry for the longest time. There was an era when it was Samsung vs Apple in any case scenario, Samsung representing the Android platform and Apple showcasing the abilities of the iOS platform. Over the years Samsung started to lag due to some of its phone’s not setting the bar high enough. All of that soon went away as soon as Samsung released its all-new Galaxy S10 series! These extraordinary phones which have the sleekest design took the market by surprise and had the public wanting more.

Out of the many Flipkart, mobiles bonanza offers 2024 the one which left us in complete awe was the Rs.40,000 discount on Samsung Galaxy S9! We are not even joking, about Rs.40,000 OFF! And this was just the beginning as when we started to explore more, we found that Flipkart didn’t hold back in providing its customers with the most precious discounts. Check out these over-the-top discounts attached to some of the best Samsung phones!

  • Samsung Galaxy F41 (6GB|64GB) at just Rs.15,499 (Original Price Rs.15,999)
  • Samsung A71 (8GB|128GB) at just Rs.27,499 (Original Price Rs.34,999)
  • Samsung S10 Lite for just Rs.39,999
  • Samsung A21S (6GB|128GB) at just Rs.12,999

Now the question which many have in the back of their minds is that ‘How are such hefty discounts provided on these expensive phones’. Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. Flipkart is an e-commerce site that functions on the principle of removing the middleman and providing you with products directly. Doing so makes Flipkart eligible to a huge profit margin which they can manipulate and change according to their wish.

Unlike retailers which are middle-men and don’t have such leniency in their profit margins, making them not eligible to provide such amazing discounts! So, if you are thinking that Flipkart might be ripping you off or duping you by giving you a fake or used product, well then take that thought completely out of your mind.

The e-commerce giant offers only assured and guaranteed quality items for sale or up for a discount. So, no need to worry about authenticity and just focus on choosing what phone you would love to purchase. Save the Flipkart mobile bonanza sale 2024 date and finally get the phone you want for a decent price.

Amazing Offers on Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi is a brand that broke the internet when it came to the market. This brand created the record for being sold-out the fastest, online on our very own Flipkart. Now you can expect to get some goodies from Xiaomi as this company has always focused it’s view and motive on one thing ‘To provide the best specs in the most economical way possible’. If you feel that you haven’t saved enough for this sale and might not be able to get the best value for money phone. Well, we would say you hold that thought and check out what Flipkart has to offer on Xiaomi’s divergent range of phones!

  • POCO X3 (Up to 128GB) at just Rs.14,999 (Original Price Rs.16,999)
  • Redmi 9i (4GB|64GB) at just Rs.7,999 (Original Price Rs.9,999)
  • Redmi K20 Series starting at Rs.19,999 (Original Price Rs.22,999)

These are the top 3 offers which you can easily avail on Flipkart. We would recommend that you try out Mi A3, as that phone possesses all the features of the OnePlus 7 series and it is priced in an affordable range.

Best discount on Vivo Phones

Vivo has been advertising its phones on so many platforms that it can be considered the brand which is into excessive advertising. However, the mobile bonanza sale on Flipkart showed that Vivo’s phones are priced at an exemplary level, with hefty discounts! Now, these discounts may not look huge separately, but if you were to put it relatively to the base price of Vivo’s phones you would easily be able to understand the difference. In this sale, you can easily up to 30% off or Rs.6000 off on Vivo’s collection of smartphones.

The phones offered by Vivo have a sleek design, amazing camera quality and overall splendid performance. All of these phones are up-to-date with the market and are quite trending in the range of affordable smartphones.

  • Vivo Z1 Pro (4GB|64GB) at just Rs.11,990 (Original Price Rs.15,990)
  • Vivo Z1x (6GB|64GB) at just Rs.13,990 (Original Price Rs.19,990)
  • Vivo U10 (3GB|32GB) at just Rs.7,990 (Original Price Rs.10,990)

As you can see, Flipkart has given some decent discounts on the newly released phones by Vivo. So, don’t miss this opportunity, and go get yourself a new smartphone.

Awe-inspiring discount on Apple iPhones

Everyone at one point in their life wishes to get their hands on one of Apple’s sleek phones which just looks so good, it will grab everyone’s attention around you. This is the range of premium smartphones which most people wish to buy. While they are busy wishing we’d suggest you go and purchase an iPhone off Flipkart before it goes out of stock or the sale gets over. Why are we saying this with such confidence?

Well, when we were exploring the Flipkart mobiles bonanza sale 2024 we came across a few iPhones which were priced so low, that we were star struck. This sale is offering (and we’re not joking) uptoRs.40,000 off or 40% on the exquisite range of Apple iPhones! That’s right you can buy an iPhone for Rs.50,000 and save around 40k. That isn’t just a generous offer, but more of a one-time offer! You could have an amazing handset created by Apple at almost half the price at which they are selling in the market, but only if you hurry and purchase them now.

If any of you are concerned about whether you will receive a genuine product or not?No need to second guess yourself, as all these products Flipkart assured and are guaranteed to be genuine. Why are they priced so low? Well, we already explained that above, but in addition to that, we’d like to say that this event is Flipkart’s biggest phone sale! So, you should expect such breathtaking discounts.

  • iPhone XR (64GB) at just Rs.40,999 (Original Price Rs.43,999)
  • iPhone SE (64GB) at just Rs.31,999 (Original Price Rs.34,999)
  • iPhone 8 (64GB) at just Rs.35,999 (Original Price Rs.39,990)
  • iPhone 11 series at just Rs.49,900

As you can see these all are some of the best iPhones put forward by Apple. To buy an iPhone during this sale means to get the best value for money! So, don’t hesitate and save the Flipkart mobile bonanza sale 2024 date on your old phone, and replace that outdated phone with an iPhone!

Best Prices on OPPO Phones

OPPO has been known to provide moderately priced phones with amazing cameras. And given the very fact that people are crazy about getting their pictures clicked right, they can upload it on various social media platforms. Many users opt for phones manufactured by OPPO just for the camera quality which leaves many speechless. Now, even you have a way to get your hands on these phones for a cheap price. This mobile bonanza sale on Flipkart is offering up to 50% off on some of the most prominent OPPO phones.

  • OPPO A12 (3GB|32GB) at just Rs.7,990 (Original Price Rs 8,990)
  • OPPO Reno 2F (256GB) at just Rs.16,999 (Original Price Rs.17,990)
  • OPPO A52 (up to 4GB) at just Rs.10,490 (Original Price Rs.14,990)
  • Oppo F11 Pro (Up to 128GB) at just Rs.15,990 (Original Price Rs.28,990)

As you can see some of these phones are priced at almost 50% less of their original value after the tremendous discount offered by Flipkart. So, what are you waiting for, go and get one of these phones for yourself?

Amazing Deals on Asus & Honor Mobiles

Asus and Honor mobiles have been the underdogs of smartphones for quite a while now. They entered the market with a bang by providing consumers with smartphones that possess the latest features, similar to that of premium-end phones. And now you have a chance to get your hands on these phones for an astonishing lower price.

  • Asus 6Z (Upto 8GB) just at Rs.23,999 (Original Price Rs.35,999)
  • Asus Max M2 (Upto 4GB) just at Rs.6,999 (Original Price Rs.12,999)
  • Honor 9X (4GB|128GB) just at Rs.12,999 (Original Price Rs.15,999)
  • Honor 20 (6GB|128GB) just at Rs.21,999 (Original Price Rs.35,999)
  • Honor 20i (128GB) just at Rs.9,999 (Original Price Rs.16,999)

Best Offers on Lenovo, Motorola and Nokia phones

Lenovo, Motorola, and Nokia lost its market presence over the years, due to their negligence. However so, a few of their handsets are still trending and desired by many. With this sale, many individuals will get a chance to buy some of those phones for quite a cheap rate.

  • Nokia 7.2 (Upto 6GB) just at Rs.15,499 (Original Price Rs.19,999)
  • Nokia 2.2 (Uptp 3GB) just at Rs.5,699 (Original Price Rs.8,599)
  • MOTO g8 Plus just at Rs.11,999 (Original Price Rs.15,999)
  • Motorola one Vision (128GB) just at Rs.12,999 (Original Price Rs.22,999)
  • Lenovo K10 Plus (4GB|64GB) just at Rs.8,999 (Original Price Rs.13,999)

Wait, there is more!

Extra discount on HDFC Bank Credit Cards!

Have you ever heard the term ‘collective discount’? Well, it means you apply numerous discounts together to get a final price which is surprisingly small compared to the original price. You can avail of this type of discount in this auspicious sale! All you will need is an HDFC bank credit card and you will get an extra 10% discount on the already discounted phone.

To avail, this discount all you need to do is buy enough items or a single phone which is priced higher than Rs.5,000. Anything below this value and you won’t be eligible for the 10% discount or a maximum of Rs.1,250. It may seem less but any amount off is still a profit for the buyer!

No Cost EMI & Debit Card EMI

If in case you feel you haven’t saved enough and can’t afford to pay the whole amount for the phone you choose. Well no issues, as there is still a way out of this. With Flipkart’s easy to apply ‘No cost EMI & Debit Card EMI’ buyers can purchase expensive phones and pay the amount in installments. The best part is there is no extra cost and you will end up paying the discounted price of the phone.

Claim an Additional Benefit with Exchange Offer

If even after all of this you feel that you want to get rid of your old phone completely as you will be too occupied with your new phone. Well, there is a solution for that which will tend to benefit you to a great extent!

When you select a phone and are about to buy it, just go to ‘exchange phone’. Where you will be asked the company and model of your phone. After which Flipkart will state an estimated price, which will be deducted off your new phone. Doing so will give you almost another discount and a genuinely cheaper price than the original price of the smartphone.

Avail these astounding Flipkart Mobiles Bonanza offers now…

These Flipkart Mobiles Bonanza Sale offers and discounts are available for a limited time only, so start exploring and select the phone you think is best for you off their list of discounted smartphones. If you feel that you can’t afford that handset at the moment, just apply for a No Cost EMI or phone exchange offer. In the end, we would suggest that you don’t miss out on this once-in-a-year opportunity!

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