Grofers Bank Offers 2024 for HDFC, ICICI, Axis, SBI & Citibank Customers

If you’re a fan of Grofers, here are the best Grofers Bank Offers associated with HDFC, ICICI, Axis, SBI, CitiBank, and HSBC Bank for 2024. Check ‘em out today!

Hey! Have you checked out all the Grofers Bank Offers for 2024 yet? In case you haven’t, here is what you need to read today!

Remember, back in the days, how buying grocery used to be a task for at least half your day? Well, you millennials probably won’t but ask the 90’s kids, they’re well aware of it!

Well, as they say, things changed for the best in 2013 when, Grofers – an online grocery delivery service, was founded in December by Albinder Dhindsa and Saurabh Kumar, in Gurugram. As of now, the company stands at revenue of 780 crores with about 1,100 employees. Yep! It has done wonders over the years as it has grown.

Moreover, they’ve expanded into now selling other products worth the everyday needs of their users. From groceries to baby care stuff to kitchen cooking needs and what not.

If you’ve been an avid user of the Grofers, you’re much aware of it. But in case you aren’t, trust me, it’s time to give them a chance because they totally deserve it!

Here’s a complete list of the Grofers Bank Offers for 2024:

So, with 2024 coming in, Grofers has collaborated with some top-notch Indian banks to bring its users, deals like never before. They are really going to leave you spellbound. Don’t believe me yet? Here, read for yourself!

The Mind-Blowing Grofers HDFC Bank Offers 2024

HDFC is offering two types of offers to its users based on the fact that they are new users or have been a part of the HDFC clientele since before. Here they are:

1. Grofers HDFC Bank Cards Offer for New Users

In case you are a brand new user, you are in a lot of luck, my friend. Any new user signing up to Grofers and then making purchases using their HDFC cards, shall be eligible for an instant discount of flat 20% up to Rs. 200/-, where the best part is, there is no minimum order value. The Grofers HDFC coupon code to be used at the time of the checkout is HDFCGRO.

This offer shall be valid only once per user, as you can only be a new user once, it’s obvious! Although, this HDFC Grofers offer will only be valid when a user makes all the necessary payments via his HDFC Debit Card or HDFC Credit Card.

Also, just keep a note that offers made via PhonePE or any other wallets will not be eligible to avail this scheme.

2. The Amazing Grofers HDFC Bank Debit & Credit Cards Offer

A user will be eligible to avail an instant discount worth Rs. 250/- on a minimum purchase of Rs. 2000/-, using their HDFC Debit or Credit Cards. All they have to do is use the promo code HDFC250 when they checkout. This Grofers HDFC bank offer will be applicable in the first week of every month that is between the 1st and 7th of every month.

Apart from these primary things, there is a bunch of other things that you should also know about this offer like – This offer is non-encashable, not extendable and non-negotiable. Further, you cannot combine this offer with any other existing offers on Grofers or HDFC. The offer is valid on all Retail cards but not on any of the Staff, Corporate, Commercial or business cards.

The Latest Grofers ICICI Bank Offers 2024

ICICI brings two Grofers offers for its clientele as elaborated below:

1. ICICI Bank & Grofers Discount offer for all the users

This is pretty much straight forward, all a user has to do is to make purchases at Grofers by logging into and enter the promo code as ICICI225, to avail the given discount. On a minimum purchase of Rs. 1500/- a user will be eligible for a discount of Rs. 225/-.

A user can avail this Grofers ICICI offer, once every month on any day of the month. Also, it will be applicable on ICICI Debit, Credit and Pocket cards.

There a number of things that a user must be aware of before wanting to avail this ICICI Grofers offer. For instance, no discount will be applicable in case a user opts for cash on delivery. Also, if you choose to use your ICICI card via a wallet service, the discount won’t be applicable to your purchase.

All discounts will be calculated purely on the basis of the total sum paid by a client using their ICICI card. In case of refunds, the discounted amount will be deducted before sending back the purchase amount.

2. Grofers Cashback offer for all the ICICI users

The second offer is primarily based to offer cashback to the Grofers users, using ICICI cards to make purchases, in the form of Grofers money. Here is all that you need to know:

The ICICI bank coupon code to be used at the time of check out is ICICI15. In order to avail this offer, a user needs to shop for a minimum value of Rs. 1500/- exclusive of the delivery fee and grofers cash. Post this, the cashback will be credited to the users account in the form of grofers account within 7 working days of the purchase, only after successful delivery of the items.

The maximum cashback, a user is entitled will be no more than Rs. 300/- and this offer can be availed once per month, per user. For users making payments via net banking, this offer will be valid on every weekend of the month.

Enjoy the great deal with Grofers Axis Bank offers 2024

Axis Bank again is sure trying to create some new clientele here and favor them by introducing a good deal for them in association with grofers:

1. An exciting Grofers Axis offer for all the New Users

A new user coming into association with the Axis Bank and making purchases from the Grofers shall be eligible for a flat discount of Rs. 250/- on a minimum purchase of Rs. 1500/-. The Grofers Axis bank coupon code that shall be used at the time of check out is AXIS250.

This offer shall be valid only once per user, as you can only be a new user once, it’s obvious! Although, this Axis bank grofers offer will only be valid when a user makes all the necessary payments via his Axis Bank Debit Card or Axis Bank Credit Card. Lastly, no payments made via any wallets like PhonePe shall be eligible for this offer.

2. Some new Axis bank offers for Grofers existing users

Axis Bank offers its new and old users a flat discount of 15% up to Rs. 300/- on a minimum purchase of Rs. 1500/-, at Grofers using the Axis Bank Debit or Credit Card. Just use the promo code AXIS300 while checking out, on the Grofers app and website. You can only avail this offer every Wednesday from 00:00 am to 23:55 pm on a single transaction without combining it with any other pre-existing offers at Grofers or Axis Bank.

Again, there are a few things to be kept in mind for the users before availing this offer, here they are –

The Grofers offer is valid when a user makes purchases using their Axis Bank Retail Debit, Retail Credit or LIC Credit Cards. The participation of Axis Bank users is completely voluntary and a matter of choice.

This offer shall be non-transferable, non-negotiable and cannot be encashed, under any circumstances. Bank and Grofers hold the sole right to disqualify any transaction at any moment if suspected to be fraudulent by any means. And the decision of the bank shall be final.

Exclusive Grofers SBI Credit Card Offer 2024

In case you were disappointed that Grofers had not been running any offers for SBI users, do not worry anymore. An exclusive Grofers offer for SBI Credit card holders is now up and running. You can get a flat 10% discount on a minimum transaction of INR 1500/-, where the max discount can be INR 250/-.

This Grofers SBI offer will only be applicable for payments made via the SBI Credit Card only, exclusive of all and any Corporate Cards. A user can avail this SBI Grofers offer once every weekend of the month except the first one.

Also, transactions made via PhonePe shall not be considered for availing this discount. The Grofers SBI credit card Offer coupon code to be used at the time of checking out is SBI250.

Exciting Grofers Citibank Offers 2024

Here’s what the Citibank tends to offer its user in collaboration with Grofers. –

a) Citibank Offer for all the Grofers new users

A new user can avail a cashback of Rs. 300 on a minimum purchase of Rs. 1500/- while shopping at the Grofers official website.

b) Exciting offer all the existing users

The existing users shall be eligible for a cashback of Rs. 100 on a minimum purchase of Rs. 2000/- when shopping at the Grofers official website.

Here a few things that you need to keep in mind in order to avail this offer –

The promo code to be used is MASTERCARD50 for old users and MCNEW for the new users at the time of checking out and the cashback shall be credited in the users Grofers account as Grofers money. And the user would have to make the entire payment using their Citibank cards only, no exceptions at all.

The total minimum cost would be calculated excluding any delivery fee or GST. The offer stands non-binding, non-encashable, and non-negotiable at all times. The user cannot avail this offer to buy oil, ghee, and baby food products.

Grofers in alliance with HSBC Bank Offers the following deals

HSBC also offers two different deals for its users as mentioned below –

a) HSBC Bank Offer for Grofers 1st time users

For all the new users, HSBC offers a discount of Rs. 150/- on minimum transaction of Rs. 1,000/- made at the Grofers website. The promo code to be used is HSBCNEW.

This offer again as all of the above shall be valid only once per every new user. But here’s the deal, this offer only stands eligible when a user pays via their HSBC Credit Cards, no Debits Cards shall be accepted. Also, no transactions made via any wallets like PhonePe will be eligible for this offer.

b) HSBC Offer for all the Grofers old Users

For all of its existing users, HSBC offers a discount of Rs. 200/- on minimum transaction of Rs. 2,000/- made at the Grofers website. The promo code to be used is HSBC200.

Further, even this offer will be valid only when a user makes all his purchases at Grofers using his HSBC Credit Card, Debit Cards shall not be entertained for this scheme at any cost. A user can avail this special discount once every month and even the new users are eligible for this.

Lastly, no transactions made via any wallets like PhonePe will be eligible for this offer. How? Well glad you asked! To add a cherry on the cake, a new user can avail both the offers, i.e. that for the New Users and that for the Existing Users (1st transaction ₹150 + 2nd transaction ₹250) by using the appropriate promo codes. Both Promo codes are applicable in a single month only.

Grofers Offers for Bank of Baroda Customers

If you are a religious Bank of Baroda Credit Card user than this offer is specifically for you. Every month you can get a discount of up to 15% amounting to a maximum of INR 1500/- on a minimum order value of INR 1250/-.

A user can use this Grofers Bank of Baroda offer twice a month, where the offer will be valid on any and every day of a month. The total discount that can be availed on a single card, every single month is INR 3000/-. To avail this BOB Grofers offer please use the promo code BOB3000 while checking out.

This brings us to the end of all the offers that Grofers has put out for its users. I hope they made sense to you and you wouldn’t stop yourself from taking advantage of this remarkable opportunity where shopping for your everyday needs has never been so easier, simpler, and convenient.

So, before heading towards the end of this article, we’d like for you to learn a little about Grofers and how and when did it come into existence? How did it become a household name in such a big country where people have been in a constant habit of buying vegetables and fruits from local vendors over centuries? So, read on and know more.

Also, let’s talk a bit about Grofers and its background so that you’d be sure of what you’re getting into, fair enough?

Grofers came into existence in the year 2014 in Gurugram and was founded by Albinder Dhindsa and Saurabh Kumar and since then, there has been no looking back for these folks along with Grofers. It has been nothing but a huge success and has become one of the most beloved brands amongst the common man.

In simple words, Grofers is India’s biggest and most advantageous hyper neighborhood conveyance organization which enables its users to buy basic supplies, baked products, natural products, vegetables & fruits, and different items that one needs each day, straightforwardly through your smartphone or laptop. By the end of 2018, their revenue was estimated at about USD 150 Million or 1,100 crores, that in itself is a statement on their massive success.

They were successfully able to raise funding of USD442.5 million from investors like Tiger Global, SoftBank, and Sequoia Capital.

Grofers is presently serviceable in eighteen cities across India like Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Banglore etc, where they provide you with the lowest prices on all your grocery needs and then delivers them at your doorstep. Apart from grocery, they have expanded into baby care, health care, pet care products, meat & seafood, and beauty and wellness too, over the years.

For the commendable work, they’ve been doing and for the inception of such a great ides, they have been featured in top-notch magazines and journals like Forbes, Business Insider, The Times of India, and The Indian Express. And it’s only fair given their growth has been increasing by four folds every month, their app being downloaded over 3 million times and that it took them just ten days to launch themselves in eighteen cities.

Apart from all the general information about Grofers, I’d also like to take this opportunity to discuss a few FAQs just for the sake of our readers. Here goes,

What all cities does Grofers operate in?

Grofers operates in 18 countries across India – Agra, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Cuttack, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kanpur, Kochi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Madurai, Mumbai, NCR, Nagpur, Pune, Ranchi, Surat, and Vadodara.

Does Grofers offer a wide variety of products to choose from?

Yes. You can choose from 120,000 items spread crosswise over different classifications, for example, staple, pastry kitchen, natural products and vegetables, refreshments, individual consideration items, infant care items, pet items and substantially more.

What is Grofers’ Cash?

Grofers cash is a cashless technique for making payments on the Grofers Platform. Your Grofers Wallet is naturally initiated upon enlistment.

Any discount, for a sum not as much as Rs. 500, will be credited as Grofers Cash which will be noticeable on the Grofers versatile application. This can be utilized at any time for future exchanges on Grofers application and web. On the off chance that you might want to exchange your Grofers Cash, do inform the Grofers team and they’d be cheerful to support you.

How can I return something from my order in case of dissatisfaction?

It’s a rather easy process. Just register an objection by means of the application inside 48 hours for durable things and 24 hours for transitory things. Their client bolster group will connect with you to determine your issue. You can likewise restore the items which you are disappointed with, at the season of conveyance and we will get the discount started for you.

What if I need to drop my order?

Do not worry at all, in case you need to cancel your order. Grofers gives a very simple and hassle-free retraction. You can drop your request by the means of the application or web before it is dispatched to your home. This alternative is accessible under the “My Orders” tab in “View Details”. The only catch is that, once the request is pressed, the trader may collect an expense of Rs.29 if a request is dropped by the client.

So, are you guys ready to shop at Grofers?

As a matter of fact, Grofers is offering the best deals in association with all these banks, as compared to other leading brands in the same industry. So what are you waiting for? Just log on to or the Grofers app and start shopping right away!

I hope we’ve addressed all your questions and concerns but just in case you have more questions and wish to reach out to us, just leave your comments in the comment section below and we shall reach out to you as soon as we can. Until then, keep reading and stay tuned for more offers and deals

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