HDFC Bank Credit & Debit Cards Offers 2024 on Flight Bookings

Travel to your heart’s content since there are HDFC credit & debit card offers on international & domestic flight ticket bookings. If you wish to save your pockets from getting deeply dug, grab the most profitable HDFC bank discounts on flight bookings.

The HDFC credit & debit cards offers 2024 on flights are nothing less than a welcoming note for travelers. This is especially because the discounts are going to reduce their travel expense, make their holiday’s joyful, and allow them to travel within a budget. There’s truly nothing more important for a traveler than to have a budget-free travel experience without compromising on the most basic things.

In less than a decade, with the advent of digitization, the world has witnessed a massive upsurge in the number of frequent travelers traveling across both cities and countries. Amidst this, HDFC bank has managed to grab everyone’s attention. So, if you are one amongst those who were tracking the prices of domestic or international flights to crash down, here’s an opportunity that you shouldn’t be ignoring.

If you have been postponing your trip to the top-most destination from your bucket list, it’s time to tick it green, because now you can travel safely without disturbing your plan due to budget constraints. While you do so, you can earn exciting discounts and reward points on your booking. If you are an HDFC bank customer, you are undoubtedly one of those lucky individuals whose travel plans are going to come to life. We are sure that you are glad since all the travel aspects have been made seamless for you.

The best part of such deals is that they are pocket-friendly and commercially beneficial. We can’t deny how end-time bookings cost us a fortune – be it the cost of domestic flight tickets or the international ones. But finally, we can breathe a sigh of relief due to these offers that have not just simplified the whole process, but have made traveling easy.

Well, now that we are done praising HDFC bank for introducing discounts this month, but let’s also get into the nitty-gritty of these offers.

Here’s your go-to guide for HDFC Bank offers on Flight Bookings –

Don’t just dream about having a golden period in your life, live it – with HDFC bank offers on flights, yes you can! With the following discounts on flight bookings, you will be saving massively that can otherwise be used elsewhere. So, without lingering around, let’s dive deep into the details of HDFC bank offers on flight tickets. All the offers are listed down below and we hope that atleast one of it suffices your travel needs –

1. HDFC bank and MakeMyTrip Unite through their Card Offers

HDFC Bank in unification with MakeMyTrip has personally curated this offer, keeping in mind its customers’ needs. HDFC bank offer on flight ticket bookings 2024 is one of the most incredible offers for people wanting to travel but are hesitant due to budget constraints. For people who are HDFC bank customers, this offer is going to benefit you in leaps and bounds. Let’s get into the details to understand the offer on domestic flights and international flights, respectively.

a. Domestic Flights

If you are an avid credit card user of HDFC bank, then this offer is totally meant for you. Imagine getting an instant discount on your domestic flight ticket by swiping your credit card. Who wouldn’t love this kind of comfort? So, if your ticket to a particular city is costing you somewhere close to Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7500, you get an instant discount of Rs. 500 on your booking via HDFC credit card offers on Domestic Flights.

We are sure you must be thanking your fate for hinting you to apply for that credit card earlier. Similarly, if you are traveling to an off-beat location, and if the ticket cost is a little high, as high as Rs. 15000 or more, you get the benefit of an instant discount worth Rs. 1250.

If you are wondering how you can avail the Sunday flight offers to plan your trip right away, then first make sure that you are an HDFC bank credit card holder. Secondly, the flight tickets should be booked via HDFC bank credit card only. This offer is valid till 31st December, so waste no time in grabbing it! Apply coupon code “HDFCDOM” and get away to enjoy your most awaited trip!

b. International Flights

Haven’t we all been secretly planning an international trip to some exotic destination for the longest now? But what’s been stopping us? Well, quite obviously the exorbitantly expensive flight tickets and the whole concern of budget getting affected. But hey, here’s good news for all those dreamers. Your dream of traveling to an International destination is now going to get fulfilled because of HDFC credit card International flight offers.

Isn’t this a huge sigh of relief? Regardless of how expensive your flight ticket is, you get an instant discount on it by swiping your HDFC bank credit card for utilizing the Thursday flight offers.

So, even if your flight ticket costs Rs. 150000 or above, you get an instant discount of Rs. 10000 on it. Well, that does make a huge difference. But for those of you who are traveling to international locations whose flight tickets range in between Rs. 20000 to Rs. 35000, you are not going to be left without any discount. You still stand a chance for an instant discount worth Rs. 1500.

However, don’t let the enthusiasm fade away, book your tickets immediately because the offer is valid only till 31st December. One person can avail this discount only once per card. All that you are required to do is to apply “HDFCINT” code while booking your ticket and cherish the amount saved because of HDFC bank offer on International flight ticket bookings.

Now that you know the details of the offer on domestic and international flights, energize yourself to pack the bags and get rolling on an unplanned last-minute trip!

2. Grab Goibibo’s Deal in Association with HDFC bank

If you are an account holder at HDFC bank, make use of your credit cards to avail some mind-blowing deals on Goibibo. You can now look forward to some notable discounts on your domestic or international flight bookings by availing HDFC credit card flight offers.

Thank God for this offer, your travel expense has finally gotten lighter. You can explore different cities or even countries by booking your flight tickets during the offer period and saving a tad bit of money. This is possible by simply installing Goibibo’s App or accessing the mobile site. But, before you get onto book your tickets, have a look at how much discount you’d be getting on domestic and international flight bookings, respectively.

a. Domestic Flights

If you are planning to travel within the country for a quick getaway or a family tour, you must make use of the HDFC bank offer on Domestic flight tickets. Let’s assume that the ticket is going to cost you somewhere around Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7500, by applying the coupon code “GOHDFC,” you can get an instant discount of Rs. 500 on your ticket.

Similarly, let’s say your ticket is costing Rs. 15000 or a little more, you can apply the same coupon code and get a discount of Rs. 1250. However, do note that this offer is valid only on HDFC credit cards and EMI payment modes. For those of you who have HDFC debit cards or net banking facility will not be able to access this offer. This offer holds valid till 27th of December – it’s time to pull up your socks and pen down your travel plans!

b. International Flights

Goibibo’s deal with HDFC bank is a specially curated offer for those of you who love to travel but take a step back merely due to expensive flight tickets. We all travel frequently within the country, but to plan your first international trip is dream-like for each one of us.

However, undeniably, international travel can be expensive! But now, the same expense can be cut down by booking tickets through Goibibo and making payments via HDFC bank credit card. Yes, you heard that right. Ever thought that you could get a discount of up to Rs. 8000 on tickets costing Rs. 80000 or more? It’s hard to believe, but yes, you’ll be saving a huge amount if you book your tickets while the offer is valid.

This offer ends on the 26th of December, but is active on every Tuesday. So, do mark your calendars now!

If you are planning a trip to Dubai or Thailand for instance, and if your ticket is reasonable, say Rs. 25000 to Rs. 45000, you’ll still get a discount of Rs. 2500 on that ticket if you make your payment via HDFC bank credit card. Now you know the drill, all you need is a credit card and a coupon code – here the coupon code is “GOHDFCF”.

Who knew planning a trip via Goibibo with merely a credit card would prove to be so fruitful.

3. Plan your ‘Yatra’ with Yatra

Are you worried about your travel expense – importantly your flight tickets and your hotel stay? You may bid a final good-bye to all your worries because now we have Yatra’s offer in conjunction with HDFC bank. If you are looking forward to making use of this offer, then you must know that this offer is valid on every Monday and the tickets can be booked only through the Yatra App.

The order value to avail this offer needs be at least Rs. 3500. In case of domestic flights, you get a 10% discount on a ticket worth the mentioned amount, i.e. Rs. 1500 off. If your travel is planned to an international destination, the minimum transaction amount should be of Rs. 30000 and a maximum of Rs. 150000. On international flight bookings, you get flat 10% off, i.e. Rs. 3000 and Rs. 15000 off each. All you’ll need to grab this opportunity is a coupon code – apply “FLYHDFC” before making the payment.

Besides this, let’s also check out the reward points that can be earned using HDFC bank cards.

For all those of you who were upset about not being able to avail any of the above offers because you don’t own a credit card, this offer will not disappoint you. If you want to take full advantage of this offer and save a little money on your flight tickets, you will only need your HDFC debit or credit card. Unlike other offers, the validity of this offer doesn’t end too soon. You may take a little time, sit down with your family or friends, and plan a long vacation and yet access this offer since its valid till 31st September.

So, whether you are looking for a weekend getaway with your spouse or an extended weekend holiday with your friends, rest assured about your travel plans. For now, let’s get into the depth of what the offer is and what kind of reward points you should be expecting on domestic and international flight bookings.

a. Domestic Flight offer

Flight bookings can get tedious sometimes, especially due to multiple offers and a long payment process. But we are here to simplify things for you. By now, you must be aware of the HDFC bank offer on domestic flight tickets, but did you know that you get to earn reward points as well. Surprised? Don’t be. That is what describes this offer. You are eligible to participate in this offer if your flight ticket costs Rs. 3500 or more. In that case, you get a flat 10% discount or a maximum of Rs. 1500 off on the total ticket amount. Let’s check out what the rewards under this offer are –

Yatra and HDFC have come together to offer 5X reward points if you use your HDFC bank credit cards on domestic flight bookings and 5% cashback if you use your HDFC bank debit card. Either way, this offer is going to benefit you in every way. So if you are planning to make use of this time, do take note of the promo codes that are extremely important – HDFC5X (Credit card) and HDFC5XD (Debit card).

Wondering how you can redeem the cashback points earned by making payment through debit card? You can easily redeem your cashback points either by logging into Net banking or through Phone banking. In case you have used your credit card for making the payment, the bonus reward or cashback points will be credited to your credit card account in a period of 90 days after the transaction has been made.

b. International Flight offer

If you are a business person or a frequent traveler internationally, then this offer is going to help you in a lot of ways. International flight tickets are originally expensive, and on top of that, the accommodation charges upset the entire budget. But HDFC and Yatra together have decided to lessen this burden on you and give you a stress-free travel experience.

If you are wondering how then here’s how it is. If you book your flight ticket to an international destination, and if it costs you somewhere around Rs. 30000 to 60000, you’ll be given a maximum of Rs. 3000 off, i.e. 10% discount on the total amount. At the same time, if your ticket costs you Rs. 150000 or anything beyond it, you get a 10% off on that as well, i.e. Rs. 15000 on higher range.

There’s no way you should say “NO” to these offers! They are truly grab-worthy. Let’s also have a look at what the rewards indicate –

While you book your international flight to any destination through, you not only get 3% instant discount, but you also get 5X reward points if you swipe your HDFC bank credit card and 5% cash in case of a debit card. The applicable promo codes remain the same as above. But do remember, on each credit/debit card, you can avail this offer just once per person during the offer period. Don’t miss this chance. You’ll be happy you took this decision!

4. Save Big with Cleartrip

Quite clearly, the internet is filled with offers and discounts on different platforms for travelers. However, what sense does it make to pursue any offer that doesn’t give you as many benefits as it should? Rather, go for an offer that suits your needs and is designed for avid travelers like you!

This time, Cleartrip has come up with an offer in association with HDFC bank to offer cashback and discounts on your domestic and international flight bookings. So whether you want to enjoy Shimla’s snow or explore the forever-warm Dubai, this offer enables you to do either or both.

Excited to know the details of this offer? Let’s check it out –

a. Domestic Flights

Let’s assume that you are planning to book tickets for Shimla up to Delhi for a family of three or more. If you avail the offer on HDFC bank credit cards, you are eligible to get an instant cashback of Rs. 3000 for a round-trip and Rs. 1000 for a one-way trip. At the same time, let’s say you are going to be traveling alone; you will still get an instant cashback of Rs. 600 on your round-trip, and Rs. 250 cashback for one-way booking. This offer is ultra-attractive and there’s no way you should say “NO” to grab this one!

b. International Flights

Ever imagined getting a huge discount on your International flight ticket? That’s possible if you are an HDFC bank customer and a credit card holder. Planning to book a ticket for yourself and family? This offer gives you a chance to book your ticket for three or more and earn instant cashback of Rs. 5000 and Rs. 1500 on your round-trip and one-way booking. Similarly, if you book just one international flight ticket, you still get a chance to earn Rs. 800 and Rs. 300 on your round-trip and one-way booking, respectively.

But before you go ahead and quickly book your tickets, glance through the process of availing this offer. Firstly, download the Cleartrip App on your smartphone. Insert the destination of your choice and go ahead with booking your domestic or international flight ticket. Do make sure that you enter “CTWKNDHDFC” as the coupon code before making the payment using your HDFC credit card. The cashback will directly be deducted from the total amount payable. This offer is valid till 31st of September on every transaction made on Saturday or Sunday. The process is as simple as this!

5. Ixigo enables you to have an Extra Lavish Travel Experience

Save a lot using your HDFC bank debit and credit card through Ixigo’s offer. Yes, this offer is applicable on both domestic and international flight bookings. So, if you haven’t yet booked your tickets but are still in the planning process, we’ve saved you and your pockets as well. Check out to know what this offer is –

a. Domestic Flights

Let’s say the cost of your domestic flight ticket is somewhere around Rs. 3500 to Rs. 4000 – if you make use of your HDFC bank debit or credit card to make the payment, you’ll end up saving Rs. 600 on the same ticket via Ixigo. However, this offer is not applicable for tickets costing less than Rs. 3500. To avail this offer, you only have to apply the promo code “IXHDFCDF” at the time of payment. That’s it – make no excuse and plan your travel now!

b. International Flights

Similar to the discount on domestic flight booking, you can save a flat Rs. 2400 on your international flight booking too. The only difference is that the cashback amount saved is a lot higher and the minimum value of your ticket needs to be of Rs. 18000 or more. For those of you who were upset about the fact that you do not have a credit card, this offer lets you use your debit card as well. Just apply “IXHDFCIF” promo code while making the payment. You are good to go!

6. Avail EaseMyTrip offers to have an “Easy” Travel Experience

EaseMyTrip along with HDFC Bank has introduced this offer for HDFC Bank customers who own a credit card. So if you are a frequent traveler within the country or outside, this offer is going to benefit you largely. Have a look –

a. Domestic Flights

All HDFC bank credit card holders are eligible to get a discount of up to Rs. 500 off if their domestic flight ticket ranges in the bracket of Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7500. Similarly, if your ticket cost is a little high, let’s assume somewhere close to Rs. 10000 or above, you’ll get an instant Rs. 1000 off. But how will you get this off? You do need to apply “EMTDOM” coupon code while booking your flight ticket. Do note that, this offer is valid till April only, so until then, you can avail this offer once per card in a month. Finally, your credit cards have come to your rescue.

b. International Flights

If you are keen on savings a bit on your international flight ticket bookings, then you must check out EaseMyTrip’s offer in association with HDFC bank. For those of you who are HDFC bank credit card holders, you are going to thank yourselves for applying for that credit card at just the right time.

Let’s assume you are traveling to Singapore and your flight ticket cost is somewhere in the range of Rs. 20000 to Rs. 35000, you save a significant amount on this, i.e. Rs. 1500. On the other hand, if your ticket is exorbitantly high, say Rs. 150000 or more, you get a whopping Rs. 10000 off on it. By now you know the drill; you only need “EMTINT” coupon code while making your payment through HDFC bank credit card.

This offer can be availed only once per card in a month during the offer period. So, hurry up, very limited time left!

7. Make your Travel Extra Enjoyable with Qatar Airways

Planning a holiday is never a stress, but booking flight tickets definitely is. And we’re all aware how expensive flight tickets are, especially to locations that have less frequency of flights. But one of the most premier airlines, Qatar Airways has joined hands with HDFC bank to offer discounts to its customers. This offer is available on debit as well as credit cards.

If you book your tickets anytime soon while the offer period is on, you get an instant 10% discount on your flight ticket.

The process to avail this offer is pretty simple – visit Qatar Airways website. Search for the destination of your choice. Book your flight tickets using “QRHDFC01” promo code before making the payment. Remember to insert your card details to avail this offer. Now that we’ve given you a reason to travel this season, go grab the opportunity before it passes by.

8. Flight Ticket Bookings on EMI – Uncommon Offer on your HDFC bank Credit Cards

Ever heard about an offer that lets you pay for your flight tickets in monthly installments? Well, yes – that’s now possible with HDFC bank credit cards. If you plan to travel anytime soon and find the ticket really expensive which might upset your budget for the whole trip, you can avail easy EMI option by paying through HDFC bank credit card on the following sites – Yatra, MakeMyTrip, Goibibo, ClearTrip, and Indigo. Be it your domestic flight tickets or those costly international tickets – you can travel stress-free. Thanks to this offer.

You need not pay any down payment for this offer. You only need to choose the EMI tenures from different options available. Do you see your travel dreams turning into a reality soon? It should, with such pocket-friendly offers and convenient options, it’s impossible to not be lured.

Make the Most of these Deals and fulfill all your Needs

Hopefully, you are now aware of all the offers stated above. Think no longer; go grab the best deals available on this site. You have no reason to be disheartened anymore. Be it your plan with regard to a domestic holiday or a long family tour to an international destination. All the plans are going to get fulfilled under these offers.

Do not forget to take advantage of being an HDFC bank customer, and moreover HDFC bank credit card user. Your flight tickets and overall expense will get a lot affordable with these offers, so don’t miss them out! If you are not an HDFC bank customer yet, look no longer. It’s high time that you become one, because who can afford to miss such enticing deals?

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