How to Apply for VISA Online Via MakeMyTrip { Full Guide}

Do you know how to apply for VISA online? No, correct? We thought so, hence we bring to you this article where you can know all about getting a e-VISA via MakeMyTrip.

Do you also often think as to how to apply for a VISA online? Well, if that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place and in case you didn’t know, you can now apply for Visa online. Yes! That’s right. And moreover, you can now apply for it online via MakeMyTrip also.

Travelling hasn’t always been this convenient as it is now, especially, international travel. The entire process of getting your Visa used to be very cumbersome, a few years ago but not anymore. It baffles me every day, tremendously, to see how far the human race has come over the years. From trying to create a fire spark using stones to attempting to create a colony on Mars. How things have changed and now everything is possible and plausible at a mere touch on the phone screen. Now, apart from booking your flights and hotels, you can also get your visa via MMT. Crazy, ain’t it?

In a case where you wish to apply for a tourist visa in India or get an e-visa for UAE, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka, Vietnam, and Cambodia, you now have a very easy way of doing it. How? Read on and know more.

Here’s a step by step guide for applying for a tourist VISA online via MakeMyTrip:

With the advent of science and technology, we’ve all come far along. Who knew that one day possibly everything could be done just by the means of a few clicks on our smartphones? Well, call it a boon or an advantage, it is what it is and as of now, it helps us tremendously in getting all our work done.

MMT by letting its users apply for Visa via their platform is yet another major revolutionary step in the travel and immigration industry! Don’t you think so? Frankly, I’d never ever thought that something as crucial and important as a visa document would become so easily accessible and grantable to the common countrymen. Well, without any further adieu, here are all the steps you’d need to follow if you wish to apply for Visa online via the MMT app:

Step 1 – First and foremost, if you already don’t have the Makemytrip app, download it.

Step 2 – Sign up/Login with your credentials and go to the Visa section of the app.

Step 3 – In the Visa section, select your preferred destination, date of entry in the country, and date of exit from the respective country.

Step 4 – Now choose the Visa type you’d want(MMT only processes Tourist Visa as of now) and click on continue.

Step 5 – Post this step, you’d be asked to upload a few documents, which are mentioned below:

a) Passport front copy
b) Passport back copy
c) Your passport size photograph

P.S.- Your passport should be valid six months from the date of entry in the respective country you choose.

Step 6 – After the successful completion of uploading all the required documents, make the payment and complete your purchase.

Step 7 – After this, you should get your tourist Visa in your mail in a couple of days.

The above steps work well and good if you want a tourist visa for any of the following countries – Dubai, Srilanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

In case you are looking for a tourist visa to Thailand, you have to follow two additional steps, given below:

Step 8 – You’d need to send your documents via courier to a MakeMyTrip office or they can be picked up by a MakeMyTrip agent. The documents which you need to submit or courier are as follows:

a) Passport
b) Filled and attested Visa application form
c) Any other additional documents asked for by Makemytrip.

Step 9 – After a few days, Makemytrip shall courier back your passport copies with a stamped visa.

Pretty easy and convenient, no?

Don’t believe us yet? Here are a few promising and convincing reasons that’ll make you believe why applying for Visa on MMT is advisable.

Top reasons why you should apply for Visa via MakeMyTrip:

I’m sure that the majority of the readers here are already avid users of MMT. Even if not avid, they must have used it at least sometime in their lives. Assuming that to be true, you must be aware of the MMT app functions. How the flight/hotel/train/bus and other bookings function. Also, how user-friendly the app is and how quick & crisp functioning does it have. Well, I’d still like to point out and give a special mention with a few reasons as to why one should apply for their visa via the MMT app.

So, here are four primary reasons which set MMT apart from all other resources out there to apply for Visa online. Here they are, read on –

Reason 1

The overall process of applying for a tourist Visa is pretty easy, short and convenient, boiled down to only 3 major steps – Upload documents, make payment and receive Visa on your mail.

Reason 2

In the case where a certain potential Visa applier hasn’t booked flights or hotels on Makemytrip, even, in that case, they are eligible to apply for their Visa via MakeMytrip. MMT marks no difference amongst users who do and do not make hotel/flight bookings on their app and apply for Visa.

Reason 3

MMT doesn’t guarantee that a user’s Visa will be processed always but still holds a 99.99% success rate, which says everything for itself. As of today, they have successfully processed over 13,000 applications. So, there’s almost a 100% chance that your Visa will get approved.

Reason 4

If you follow all the steps and upload all the required documents correctly, there’s a cent percent chance that you’ll get your Visa within a very few days in your mail, without any hassle.

What more can you really ask for?

We understand that even after reading everything mentioned above you might have some genuine doubts and questions, so here’s a list of FAQs, I curated for y’all, based on what might be the potential questions asked by the majority of you.

A compilation of FAQs, for a user’s better understanding and satisfaction:

How will I get my e- Visa?

Depending on the country, either they issue an e-visa which can be sent via email and can be downloaded form MMT’s MyTrips section or your visa will be sent to you via courier services.

How will I get my e- Visa?

Depending on the country, either they issue an e-visa which can be sent via email and can be downloaded from MMT’s MyTrips section or your visa will be sent to you via courier services.

Can I cancel my e-Visa?

You can only cancel your Visa only until the time your documents aren’t submitted to the embassy. Post this process you wouldn’t get any refunds for your cancellation. In case, your documents aren’t submitted to the embassy, you can expect a refund of the visa embassy fee.

Can I apply for a visa if I haven’t booked my flight tickets?

The visa application doesn’t require you to share ticket details but at the immigration, you will need to present your return tickets.

Can I re-apply in case of e-visa rejection?

You can re-apply though the chances of approval would be very low. Also, MMT usually doesn’t process the Visa Applications that have been rejected once.

Do I need to share my original passport to get a Visa?

Yes, that’s the only way you can get your Visa.

What all documents are required at the embassy?

At the immigration, you will be required to present your original passport, a printout of your e-visa and you’re onward and return air tickets.

How long can I stay in a certain country I’m visiting?

Depending on the country, your Visa remains valid for 90 to 180 days and you can stay in that country for 30 consecutive days at a stretch.

When is the best time to apply for an e-visa?

You can apply anytime you want but Makemytrip only sends out the documents to the embassy 30 days prior to your departure so that the Visa remains valid at the time of your travel.

We hope that via this piece of article we helped you and made you aware of Visa application through MMT. Also, if you are looking to book flights, domestic or international, you can do so via MMT. Check out MakeMyTrip Internation flight booking offers and MakeMyTrip hotel booking offers & coupons, so that you can get the best deals and use all the money you save for bringing back souvenirs from your trip.

In case you have any more questions/suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below and we shall get back to you as soon as possible for us!

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