Independence Day Sale 2024 Offers on Mobiles, Electronics till 15 August

Save the dates (9th to 15th August 2024) for the best Independence Day Sale offers in 2024 to grab the most amazing products of popular brands that are well-known e-stores on internet.

The grand Independence Day 2024 sale started in India in the second week of August 2024. This year, almost all the popular and highly visited online stores are providing their customers with mind boggling discounts on electronic items, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, advanced cameras, television sets, garments for men-women-children, mobile and DTH recharge, flight bookings and hotel rooms, food, fashion accessories and many more products.

Independence Day Sale Offers 2024

If you want to buy one of these products, wish to travel to another state or city or/and want to have your cellphone refilled, you have got to check out these customized offers designed for customers like you.

But you can’t daydream about the offers all the time because this Independence Day Sale will be live till 15th August 2024 only. So go ahead and take a printout of the list below and make a checklist of all the products you need.

Presenting the Ultimate Independence Day Sale 2024 offers for Online Shopaholics:

How many times have you shopped from an online store? Which is your favorite e-store? Have you been addicted to the virtual world of clothes, accessories, home décor products, electronic items, etc.?

If you have always been shopping from different online stores (or even if you have been using a single e-store to suffice your shopping needs), you might want to check out the following discounts and offers on various e-stores to get the most out of your shopping addiction:

1. Let Amazon Spread its Independence Day Sale like Fire in the Forest

Amazon Independence Day Sale 2021

Have you not purchased anything from Amazon, yet? Have you been a loyal customer of this e-store? It doesn’t matter if you are a new customer to this e-store or have always been a loyal one to it, all that matters is that you utilize those awesome benefits you get during the Amazon Independence Day Sale period!

The Amazon Independence Day Sale 2024 offers on mobiles, laptops, home and kitchen products, audio and video accessories, electronic items, beauty-heath and grocery products, sports and fitness products, men-women-kids fashion garments, etc. are all that you can ask for to celebrate the Independence Day in the coolest manner.

You have up to 50% off on certain products. If you are all set to fill your virtual card, this e-store has every single thing to offer out to you. The good news is that you get the best quality products. The Amazon India Independence Day Sale period starts from the 5th of August 2024 and ends on the 15th of August 2024.

2. Stuff your Cart on Flipkart Independence Day Sale 2024

The Flipkart Independence Day Sale 2021

Flipkart Independence Day Sale 2024 offers are valid from the 11th of August 2024 to the 15th of August 2024. Tops, trousers, men’s footwear, women’s accessories, special electronic items, mobile phones, TVs, laptops, cameras, women’s sleepwear and lingerie, and other such products are available at up to 45% OFF!

There are certain products on which you have a FLAT 25% OFF! Since this offer is not going to stay around for long, it is time for you to grab the opportunity when it is at its best. Before the others get some of the best products and make them out of stock, go ahead and get all that you want till the stocks last. Such offers don’t come often!

3. Psst… Shop on JioMart Independence Day Sale 2024

Jiomart Independence Day Sale 2021

Jio has served the whole nation for a long period of time. It continues to fascinate people with extremely good quality products at rates that they can’t even guess. It is rightly said that JioMart is the place where you can spend less and get more for yourself.

During the Jiomart Independence Day Sale Offers from 15th to 19th August 2024, the only thing you need to be worried about is filling your cart with more and more products since they quickly go out of stock. From 20% to 60% discount is available on Groceries, dairy products, personal care items, health and beauty products, home care items, etc. You just need to buy more to save more!

4. Shop at PayTM Independence Day Sale 2024

Paytm Mall Independence Day Sale 2021

If you shop during the period of PayTM Independence Day Sale 2024, you are allowed to get up to INR 1500 cashback on electronics shopping!

That’s not all, PayTM Independence Day Sale offers are on mobile phones (straight 15% OFF), around INR 200 cashback on headphones, shoes, perfumes, etc. That’s not all, if you buy GOLD using PayTM, you are eligible to get INR 100 cashback. You can use the returned or “cashback” money to buy anything or even send it to your bank account.

On Home & Kitchen items, the Paytm app or website provides you with straight 15% OFF on certain products. You are also eligible to get 80% cashback on certain brands of shoes.

5. The New Shopping Mantra is Myntra

Never experienced buying the wonderful good quality products on Myntra? During the period of Independence Day Sale on Myntra, don’t miss all those discounts that have been designed for you. There are HOT DEALS with additional 5% off on all certain brands.

You can shop for exclusive Myntra-IIFA collection and still get up to 25% off on the garments. This e-store is already known as the “Under INR 999 store”, but during this SALE period, you can save more than you can ever imagine. Let’s not forget mentioning you get extra INR 300 OFF and free delivery on your very first order!

6. Click on the RIGHT PRODUCTS at Tata Cliq Independence Day Sale 2024

Tata Cliq has some of the best brands associated with it. Coleman, Cowboy Studio, Duracell, Ape Case, BlueMart, Cowon, Acer, Entertainment, BOSS, Boya, ClickPro, LG, Bajaj and Alphabet are some of the most popular names you can count upon for electronic products.

The Tata Cliq Independence Day Sale 2024 brings the ultimate 20% OFF on electronic brands mentioned earlier, along with clothing and accessory brands like Westside, HiDesign, Capresse, Baggit, etc. on different categories of products.

If you are lucky enough to have some special bank account cards, you are eligible to get additional 5% off during the period of Tata Cliq Independence Day Sale offers. So are you all convinced to use this app or website or not?

7. Hop on to Ajio Independence Day Sale 2024 Offers

Ajio Independence Day Sale 2020

You may have not paid much attention to the e-store called Ajio, but the country is going wild looking at its products. You have clothes and accessories for men, women and children. It is known for its “everything on sale” feature, which gets wilder during the Independence Day Sale 2024 period.

Yes – you get up to 70% OFF on most wanted products like Kurtas for men, Midi Dresses for women, leggings for women, formal shirts for men, cute tanker tops for younger girls, shorts for little boys, etc. You can’t get enough of the Independence Day Sale on Ajio!

8. Snap Out of your Shopping Dreams and Shop for Real on Snapdeal:

Do you always daydream about getting awesome discounts on good quality products online? It is time for you to transform your dreams into reality. Nothing can be prettier than buying things at affordable rates, without compromising on the quality.

If you have no idea already, you get at least 25% OFF on cosmetics during the Independence Day Sale on Snapdeal, 31% OFF on instruments of brands like Jixing, Signature Gogos, etc., 8% OFF on pet food of brands like Pedigree and Whiskas, 50% OFF on furniture items and many other discounts on branded products.

9. No Clue What to Buy? Use ShopClues:

Check out the awesome ShopClues Independence Day Sale offers that promise to change your entire life! The e-store is already known for its Kurtas, tees and fashion clothes starting from INR 399; apart from that, you now get up to 80% OFF on bathroom and sanitaryware, 80% OFF on perfumes and beauty essential products, 50% OFF on couple watches and a minimum of 20% OFF on all the products you wish to collect this year. Red Chief, Micromax, Nokia, Lee Stylox, Gritstones and Killer are a few brands that are offering up to 40% OFF during the Independence Day Sale period!

10. Gadget Freak? Use Croma Retail:

Croma is that one name that has brought ultimate brands and products for all those who have a thing for electronic items. If you are addicted to buying cellphones, computers, tablets and cellphone accessories, you are eligible to get a discount of up to 60% on brands like Vivo, GoPro, Xiomi, Samsung, etc.

You can also buy a beautiful television set or a brand new washing machine for a family member who stays in another house. This year is perhaps the best year to buy gifts for the one you love using the awesome Independence Day Sale on Croma.

11. Change the Look of your House with PepperFry Independence Day Sale Offers:

Pepperfry is the name that needs no introduction. If you don’t like one of the products you have purchased, there is an easy return procedure. You also have the “no cost EMI” feature available if you wish to purchase something on EMI.

Also, even though the assembly of the furniture is a piece of cake, there is a team that does the job for you for FREE. Beautiful king sized beds, sofas, wooden furniture items and bathroom accessories are available at 50% OFF during the Pepperfry Independence Day Sale period. Let’s grab a nice bean bag, which is the bestselling product of this website!

12. With FirstCry Independence Day Sale, the Baby Won’t Cry:

Mamy Poko Pants are available at 35% OFF price, you save 40% on Himalaya Products for Babies, there is a flat 35% OFF on Bed Time products and 32% OFF on toys! All this and much more during the Independence Day Sale on FirstCry.

If you have a baby at home, or are expecting to be a father or mother soon or have a loved one who has recently turned into a parent, then maybe this is the best time for you to shop for things for the angel in the family.

13. Get Amazing Offers at LimeRoad Sale

LimeRoad is not an ordinary name; it is the name that a lot of people count upon because of its good quality products and excellent customer services.

The good news is that the special LimeRoad Independence Day Sale 2024 brings up to 40% OFF on products like women’s handbags, Kurtas, trousers, jeans, men’s sports shoes, formal shoes, tech accessories and all the products you have in your mind.

That’s not the only discount you get – even if you are looking for candle stands, artificial flowers and plants and other such home décor items, you get up to 70% OFF on brands like Aapno Rajasthan, Fourwalls, etc.

14. Outstanding Deals on Beauty Products at Nykaa Independence Day Sale 2024

Nykaa has skincare products, branded lipsticks, mascaras, eyeliners and eye shadows, blush, soaps, etc. at prices you can’t believe. That’s not all – it has also started the sale of ethnic wear, along with special products for the mother and babies.

All these products at what price? At discounted prices of up to 50%! Yes – during the Independence Day Sale on Nykaa, brands like L’OREAL, Lakme, Maybelline, The Face Shop, Innisfree, Sunsilk, Dove, etc. are also available at discounted prices. You can now create your very own collection of all the skin and beauty care products you want.

15. Buy Health Products at Discounted Products on HealthKart:

Do you hit the gym regularly? Are you fond of working on your body? Do you want to get the best health supplements? Then you need to count upon the products on HealthKart, since it is known to have some of the best products in the market for you.

Whey Protein is available at 40% discount, slimming shakes at available at 45% discount, mass gainers are available at up to 40% discount and so on. There are offers you can’t get enough of. All you need to do is get on the website during the Independence Day Sale on HealthKart.

Avid Traveler? Here are the BEST Independence Day Offers on Travel for You:

Traveling is not only a hobby to many, but also the only way in which they rejuvenate themselves. It is a therapy to heal all the emotional wounds you have ever had in your life. Whether you have recently fought a property case at the court or been through a breakup; whether you want to go to another city to get the blessings of a specific deity, god or goddess for your new married life or have to go on a business trip, the offers provided by the following online travel companies can come handy to you this year:

1. Let your Journey be Different with Yatra this Year

If you haven’t heard of Yatra Independence Day Sale, you haven’t heard of anything at all. If you have been procrastinating a specific trip since a long period of time, maybe it is time for you to get back to it and live your dream. If your parents live in another city, plan a trip to make them feel good. If you have a friend waiting for you in another state, celebrate her birthday by dropping into her house this year. You get up to 60% OFF on domestic flight tickets and holiday plans and save a huge amount on your journey during the Independence Day SALE period.

2. Make your Trip with MakeMyTrip Independence Day Sale 2024

MakeMyTrip has always been adored for its various offers. This year, it is doing something all the very more special for its customers. The Independence Day Sale offers on MakeMyTrip provide you with up to 65% OFF on flight tickets and hotels.

If you have never used this name to plan your journey, maybe it is time for you to do the same. You just need to plan the trip in your head, or on a piece of paper, and book everything using this app or website. You then enjoy a huge discount and save a good amount of money you can use during your travel. You get up to 40% off on international flights as well.

3. Go Go Go with GoIbibo

Have you ever traveled alone? Do you want to explore your country by solo traveling to distant places? Are you willing to steal sometime from your monotonous life and go somewhere to enjoy solitude? With the help of GoIbibo, you get what you are looking for.

Your solo trip can be planned in the most cost-efficient manner since the Independence Day Sale offers on GoIbibo give you an off of up to 40% on flight tickets and journey plans. If you have a location in your mind, let GoIbibo help you with the plan!

4. Have a Fantastic Journey with ClearTrip

Going on a journey can be both, exciting as well as nervous. If you have had a bad experience in the past, then maybe you need ClearTrip for the sake of a good journey.

Whether you want to book flight tickets or you want to book a hotel room in another state, with the awesome Independence Day Sale offers on ClearTrip, you are allowed to save 45% of the money that you otherwise need to spend. You can also use these offers to have a comfortable business trip. Just use ClearTrip and calm the butterflies in your belly.

5. Book Comfortable Rooms with Oyo Rooms

How much do you spend on booking a room? When you are traveling to another country altogether, it is very difficult to book a hotel room at an affordable price.

However, if you use Oyo Rooms, you can save at least 25% on international hotel rooms. That’s not all, if you are traveling to another state in your very own country, you can save up to 35% on certain hotel rooms. However, please note that you can enjoy these discounts during the Independence Day Sale offers on Oyo Rooms only and not all throughout the year.

6. Traveling by Bus? Red Bus is All you Need

Red Bus has gained prominence because you can now track your bus with the help of the Red Bus App. During the Independence Day SALE period, you can get up to INR 400 OFF on the tickets you book to travel to another location.

That’s not all, if you use Amazon Pay, you get up to 25% additional cashback offer. More than 40,000 users are on this app, taking the advantage of all of its benefits. If you want to be one of them, this is perhaps the best time.

You can Munch, But your Pocket SHOULDN’T! Get Awesome Discounts When you Order Food Online:

When was the last time you ordered for something lip-smacking? If you are a foodie, you might want to get more discounts and offers for all the food you keep ordering from various online “kitchens.” The offers mentioned below can be used to satiate your insatiable desires for food:

1. What’s Red and Blue and Delicious? Dominos India:

The moment you see red and blue colors together is the moment you feel hungry. If hunger has been striking your head and you want to fill your belly with something delicious, you need to get on the website of Dominos.

Well, delicious pizzas and garlic bread sticks are not the only things you are going to get here; you are also going to save a huge chunk of money during the Independence Day SALE period since Dominos is providing you with up to 45% OFF! It has also come up with various combo offers for the hungry birds.

2. Pizza Hut India is Now More Affordable Than Ever Before:

Those who are fans of Pizza Hut India know that the team working under the roofs of this name tries its level best to deliver pizzas just the way they appear in the promotional pictures, videos or posters.

Filled with fresh vegetables and loaded with extra-cheese, Pizza Hut’s pizzas make you hungry even if you are not. During this Independence Day SALE period, if someone at your place (or in your company) is ordering for pizzas, tell him to use Pizza Hut to suffice his hunger so that he gets up to 30% OFF on tongue delighting food!

3. Fill your Tummy with Swiggy Independence Day Sale Deals:

How many times have you used Swiggy to get ultimate offers and food delivered just in time? Swiggy is growing rapidly because it has tied up with some of the best and most popular names in the food industry.

If this Independence Day SALE period didn’t include the name of this ultimate food ordering and delivering company, it may have missed out something really big. What’s more than getting food in time? Up to 40% OFF! Yes – you get a huge discount on certain brands, if you place an order for food from their kitchens. We don’t think you need anything else!

4. Place an Order, Eat, Comment and Repeat on Zomato:

Whether you like a specific dish at a particular restaurant or you dislike the services of the place; whether the ambience of a five star restaurant has won your heart or you need to complain about the worm in your food, Zomato is the name you can count upon for all your food ordering needs.

With its help, you can leave a comment, feedback, appreciation or even stinker for a specific restaurant or individual who served food to you. What’s more is that you get up to 60% OFF on certain food brands when you place order online during the Independence Day SALE period.

Want to Fuel your Phone? Use these Wonderful Offers on Recharge:

Let’s face it – no matter how much you curse the technology, if you are living in today’s era, you just can’t live without it. Thus, more and more e-stores are getting into phone refills or recharge to give the best services to you. Now, with the help of the following names, you can not only refill your cellphone (or number), but also get ultimate discounts and coupons for the same:

1. PayTM Karo:

You may have been using PayTM to shop for various products; you may have been using PayTM to receive money from a few clients; you may have been using PayTM to send money to the bank accounts of people you want to pay money to – but how many times have you used this app or website to refill your phone?

During this Independence Day SALE period, make sure you refill your phone with PayTM to get 20% cashback! This offer is valid for all companies like Vodafone, Airtel, etc.

2. Refill your Phone with Mobikwik:

Mobikwik has been known for its wonderful mobile refilling services. Vodafone, Tata Docomo, Airtel, BSNL, etc. – no matter which network services you use, Mobikwik can help you refill the same. The best thing about this app or website is that it is very easy to use. While some refilling apps and websites are highly complicated, this one is not.

What’s more? Mobikwik is providing you with up to 40% off on all the refills you make during the Independence Day SALE period! If you have never used this name to refill your phone before, then maybe it’s time to do so now.

3. Get Coupons from Freecharge to Refill your Phone:

Freecharge has adopted a very unique concept. The more refilling you do with the help of this name, the more coupons you get. It is like refilling your cellphone for free. You can use the coupons for various things. You can use their coupons to get discounts on food, shopping of garments, accessories, etc.

During the grand Independence Day SALE period, Freecharge is providing you with more coupons and discounts. While you are going to get awesome coupons for all the refills you make, you are also going to get up to 35% off on the recharge you make.

Wondering How These Independence Day Offers are Going to Make this Year Special?

If you are not sure about what products you should buy during the SALE period, let us remind you about all those special days that are going to come after the Independence Day in India. You have Rakshabandhan, Dussehra, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Christmas, birthdays of your loved ones, etc. You can buy awesome products at discounted rates and gift them later to special people in your life.

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