Latest Nykaa Upcoming Sale Offers & Dates : January 2024

Check out exciting Nykaa upcoming sale January 2024 offers and dates if you are fond of online shopping. Dive into the details to know more and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime kind of sale.

Nykaa upcoming sale 2024 dates, offers, and deals have exclusively been planned to keep the shoppers engaged with a variety of attractive offerings not for a week or month, but the whole year ahead. So, without turning you more curious, let’s check the Nykaa upcoming sale scheduled for the months ahead.

The shopaholic in you can finally find justice, now that Nykaa sale is here to your rescue. Now is the time for you to mark your calendars for the Nykaa upcoming sale 2024 and buckle up to save a hefty amount on your bills! From the best conditioners and shampoos to some of the branded lipsticks and eyeshadows, from hair brushes to face packs, you’ll find anything and everything of your choice on sale.

Nykaa Upcoming Sale Offers and Dates

Excited much? Keep scrolling below to know more. Here are more details for this Nykaa sale offer:

Nykaa Upcoming Sale 2024Dates
Nykaa New Year Sale1st to 5th January 2024
Nykaa Republic Day Sale18th - 26th January 2024
Nykaa Valentines Day Sale10th - 19th February 2024
Nykaa Women's Day Sale5th to 8th March 2024
Nykaa Holi Sale7th to 9th March 2024
Nykaa Birthday Sale10th to 12th April 2024
Nykaa Summer Sale10th to 14th May 2024
Nykaa Hot Pink Sale22nd to 26th July 2024
Nykaa Freedom Sale10th - 15th August 2024
Nykaa Navratri Sale15th - 20th October 2024
Nykaa Diwali Sale5th - 12th November 2024
Nykaa Pink Friday Sale24th - 28th November 2024
Nykaa Christmas Sale20th to 25th December 2024

Look forward to Nykaa upcoming sales in January 2024

How can we kickstart a new year without spending a bit on ourselves as well as our loved ones by going on a shopping spree? Begin your year with a bash by shopping on Nykaa for any of the products listed on their site or application. Want to know more? How about checking out the details listed below?

1. Take a look at Nykaa new year sale 2024

The most awaited Nykaa new year sale 2024 is finally here and we couldn’t be happier! Isn’t it? Well, the wait is finally over and now you can head to the site or application and shop as much as you want without any hesitation. Why? Because you are going to be able to avail heavy discounts and offers. The Nykaa upcoming sale starts from 1st January 2024 and will last up till 5th January 2024.

  • Enjoy up to 20% discount on hair and care products
  • Avail flat 10% discount on lipsticks and eyeshadow pallets
  • Payment can be made through debit card, credit card, or cash on delivery

2. Check out Nykaa Republic day sale 2024

We don’t want you to leave a single opportunity to save some bit whilst enjoying shopping online. And thus, here we are to introduce you to Nykaa Republic day sale which starts from 18th January and will last up till 26th January 2024. Why let the first month of the new year go dull when you can have fun shopping from Nykaa?

  • Grab a Maybelline mascara, loose finishing powder, and concealer at flat 20% discount
  • Pick up any hair brush during the Nykaa sale at flat 10% discount through the application or website
  • Pick up any personal care product at 30% off while the Nykaa offers 2024 are active

Brace yourselves for Nykaa upcoming sale in February 2024

You have umpteen number of reasons to be excited and enthusiastic. Wondering why? Well, the Nykaa upcoming sale in February 2024 is certainly something that would make you jump out of your sofas and log in to the Nykaa website or application. So, check out what’s scheduled for the month of February.

1. Do not miss the Nykaa Valentine’s day sale 2024

Nykaa Valentines Day Sale

Valentine’s is just around the corner and there wouldn’t be a better than now to indulge in some shopping – either for yourself or your special someone. How about purchasing a few cosmetic products for your wife, girlfriend, or a special friend? Sounds great, right? We bet, you won’t get a better deal than this elsewhere or any other time. Thus, this Nykaa upcoming sale date has been scheduled from 10th to 19th February 2024 so that people who want to purchase gifts can buy easily, at much lesser prices.Check out lingerie during Nykaa sale offer and grab some of the branded pieces at 10% discount

  • Check out lingerie during Nykaa sale offer and grab some of the branded pieces at 10% discount
  • Gift a valentine’s day special kit of the Face Shop brand for flat Rs. 1200
  • Take advantage of the flat 23% discount on Bombay Shaving Company super grooming Valentine’s Day gift kit for women

Glance through the Nykaa upcoming sale in March 2024

Nykaa has ensured that none of your months go boring or dull by scheduling a sale each month. For March, too, there are plenty of deals and offers to keep your entertained. So, get ready for it and get your hands on the things you have been wanting to purchase for a long time.

1. Go on a shopping spree during Nykaa Women’s Day sale 2024

March is the month when we get to celebrate the special women of our lives, so why not pamper them with some gifts and surprises purchased through Nykaa? The added benefit, there’s Nykaa 2024 women’s day sale in March, so you can rest assured that whatever you purchase, it’ll be available at a discounted rate. The sale period is from the 5th to 8th March, 2024, so plan your list of gifts accordingly.

  • Grab all evening wear products, be it royal gowns or jumpsuits, heels or cut dresses, at a flat discount of 20% to 40%
  • Purchase kurtas of any available brand at a discount ranging from 10% to 65%
  • Buy any of the beauty products in a combo during Nykaa upcoming sale at a discount of 10% to 25%

2. Nothing better than the Nykaa Holi sale 2024

After having taken all its customers through an extraordinary savings rollercoaster, Nykaa is also gearing up for its Nykaa Holi sale 2024! Take a quick glimpse at this sale on Nykaa and you’ll understand how grand this month’s sale is going to be. Nykaa’s Holi sale will begin on 7th March 2024, and will go on till 9th March 2024, so do keep an eye on the offer.

  • From Garnier’s super saver combo to Dove’s everyday essentials, pick hair and skincare products at 25% to 35% discount
  • Avail up to 40% off on highlighting and contour palatte on purchase of Rs. 2000 during Nykaa online sale
  • Check out the exciting deal by Faces Canada wherein you can buy 1 product and get 1 free

Nykaa sale for April 2024 is like no other

Our list of shopping never ends and this is precisely why Nykaa sale exists – to fulfill all your needs and help you pamper yourself as well as others. Nykaa has got you covered for the month of April as well. So, do check out what’s in store for you!

Get your hands on the Nykaa Birthday Sale 2024

Being Indians, if there’s something we constantly look forward to, it has to be our birthday’s. It’s time of the year when we indulge in shopping unapologetically. And Nykaa Birthday sale 2024 has given us another excuse to go all out with our shopping list through this Nykaa sale offer which will commence on 10th April 2024 and will last up till 12th April 2024.

  • Check out the combo offer by Everyuth available at flat 30% off
  • There’s nothing better than Garnier’s new exciting face mask launch available at flat 35% off
  • Invest in Maybelline New York’s eye products, be it kajal, eyeliner, or mascara and grab it at flat 40% off

Keep an eye on the sale for May 2024

Just the way other months have fetched you great discounts on different category of products, there are deals available for May 2024 as well. We are certain, you wouldn’t like to miss availing it at any cost. You may have shopped abundantly at the start of the year, but a little summer shopping, too, does absolutely no harm. Look into what Nykaa online sale has for you!

Nykaa Summer Sale 2024 is here to blow your mind

If you haven’t indulged in the sale in the prior months, its time you check out the Nykaa Summer Sale which starts from 10th May 2024 and will go on right up till 14th May. Expect a heavy discount and some of the most attractive deals during this period.

  • If you are a fan of lingerie, you must try your hands on products of different brands on Nykaa – right from Triumph which is giving 60% off or Clovia, which is offering 70% off
  • Take advantage of the heavy discount of up till 85% on jewellery from different brands like Zaveri, Jewels Galaxy, and Karat Cart
  • Grab the best hair accessories from Youngwildfree at 70% off

Do not miss the Nykaa sale in June 2024

Get ready for going on a shopping spree in June without worrying about getting a deep hole in the pocket. Nykaa sale for June 2024 has got you covered with some of the best deals and offers that are like no other. Scroll down and check it out yourself.

Nykaa clearance sale is here to your rescue

Why wait for an occasion to purchase some of your favorite products when you can shop on Nykaa during the Nykaa clearance sale in June 2024. This sale will begin from 20th June and will last right up till 25th June, so make the most of this time.

  • With up to 60% off on top beauty, personal care, and skin care brands on some of the best brands in town, unlock the best trends every day!
  • Sport the best hairstyles by investing in a few hair accessories from Blueberry, available at a flat 65% discount on Nykaa sale today
  • Enhance your simple look and outfit by purchasing a fine piece of jewel from Likha on Nykaa at flat 40% off

Wait for the most exciting July 2024 Nykaa sale

In the monsoon months, it gets harder than ever to step out of the house and shop for anything. But here’s where online shopping comes to our rescue. And what better than Nykaa sale today? We all love shopping at the comfort of our homes, and Nykaa has all the more given us a chance to do so with the upcoming Nykaa sale 2024. Let’s check what the offer is!

Participate in the Nykaa Hot Pink Sale 2024

Whether you want to buy playsuits or jumpsuits, ethnic kurtas or dresses, you’ll find it all on Nykaa pink hot sale 2024 at a 20% to 60% discount. The best part, some of the topmost brands are listed on Nykaa, so rest assured of the quality, pricing, or fitting. The Nykaa hot pink sale 2024 begins from 22nd July 2024 and will last up till 26th July 2024.

  • Grab ONLY playsuits and dresses at up to 60% discount
  • Find interesting 2 layered face masks at 15% off
  • Pick up ethnic blouses of Fabnest, Indya, or Desi Weaves at 20% to 40% discount.

Look forward to Nykaa August 2024 Sale

Let it be a sale in any of the months, the end goal is to reap benefit out of it. So, if that’s going to take place in the month of August too, why not try your hands in it? Let’s find out what does Nykaa sale offer for August have in store for us!

Get shopping from Nykaa Independence Day sale 2024

The month of August is certain to benefit you like no other. Wondering how and why? Well, the Nykaa Independence sale is going to bring to you a list of attractive deals and offers that are like no other. For this particular month, the Nykaa independence day sale 2024 offer starts from the 10th August 2024 and will go right uptil 15th August 2024. Plus, the added benefit is that you won’t have to shell out a lot of money in exchange of shopping so much.

  • Purchase a Trapeze crossbody bag at flat 52% discount on Nykaa
  • Try your hands on the DailyObjects tote bag, available at flat 53% off
  • Enhance your appearance and overall look by grabbing a rose gold evening clutch by Parizaat for 64% off

Look forward to the September 2024 Sale

The festive season in India officially begins from September and there cannot be a better time than that to purchase a few clothes, accessories, and beauty products here and there. Who would want to miss a chance; especially when there is sale on Nykaa offering great deals at discounted rates. Sounds interesting, right?

Nykaa fashion sale is here to leave you surprised

Get enchanted by the Nykaa fashion sale scheduled for the month of September which begins from 20th and goes right until 24th September, 2024. Let’s find out what the biggest Nykaa sale 2024 has in store for its customers.

  • Grab gold plated studs and hoop earrings at flat 50% off
  • Look stylish Caratlane’s sterling silver earrings available at 20% off
  • Shop for forever new chain stud earring at 50% discount

Nothing better than the October 2024 sale

How else can you get a feeling of festivity if not by shopping and indulging in delicious delicacies? Excited already? Keep in mind the October sale dates, which will commence on 15th October and will go on right until 30th October 2024. Take a look at the perks the Nykaa Navratri sale gives!

1 – Nykaa Navratri sale is worth participating in

Brighten up your Navratri celebrations by shopping during the Nykaa Navratri sale! Whether you need clothes, bags, necklaces, earrings, lingerie, or hair and care products, grab anything and everything as per your choice at discounted prices.

  • Purchase kundan jhumki earring from Zaveri Pearls at 84% off
  • Make your ethnic look vibrant and classier by getting your hands on the traditional gold kundan earrings by FIDA at 55% off
  • Karatcart gold kundan tassels earrings available at 75% discount will better your appearance like never before

2- Shop from Nykaa Diwali sale 2024

There’s typically no festival when we do not indulge in a little shopping here and there. And Diwali being an important festival for us, we’d sure not like to miss the chance of shopping. The Nykaa Diwali sale 2024 will begin from 30th October 2024 and is likely to last until 10th November 2024, so you have plenty of days to get your hands on whatever you have been wanting to purchase for a long time.

  • How about having for yourself a fancy, black mystic woman fan bag by modern myth at 36% off?
  • Don’t shy away from carrying a gun sling bag by modern myth available at 10% off
  • A multicoloured stone sling bag by Odette is all that you’ll need on an ethnic wear. Grab it at flat 36% off

Check out the Nykaa sale of November 2024

How about concluding the year by indulging in shopping on Nykaa? The Nykaa sale for November 2024 is here to impress you and leave you shopping more and more like never before. Take a look at the offers available for the month.

1. Impressive Nykaa Pink Friday sale 2024

Nykaa Pink Friday Sale 2021

We assure, nothing would interest you more than the Nykaa Pink Friday sale 2024 starting from 24th November 2024 till 28th November 2024. From kurtas to dresses, tops to shirts, you’ll find something or the other on Nykaa during the Nykaa sale offer. Check out the details below.

  • Pick up a grey chanderi embellished stylish kurta from Juniper at 67% off
  • How about donning a W beige geometric kurta available at 30% off?
  • Avail 65% discount on Janasya’s green poly crepe kurta

Take advantage of the December 2024 sale

Nothing would feel better than ending the year on a happy note by shopping online, at the comfort of your home. Nykaa upcoming sale will leave you impressed, we assure, and you are certain to find whatever you wish.

1. Participate in the Nykaa year-end sale

There’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to participate in the Nykaa year-end sale which will commence on 15th December and will go on right until 31st December, 2024. Keen on shopping for your new year party, right? We are sure you are!

  • A stylish veromoda sleeveless jumpsuit can be yours during the Nykaa upcoming sale at flat 60% off
  • Invest in one of the chic skirts from any of the top brands – be it AND or ONLY, RSVP or Forever New – and have it for yourself at a heavy discount of 15% to 60% flat!
  • Pick up floral conical reusable mask by Radhika Gupta at 20% off during the upcoming Nykaa sale.

2. Nykaa Christmas sale is truly like no other

We are certain you’d have a Christmas party scheduled to celebrate and cherish the special day, so how about shopping for it? The Nykaa Christmas sale is lined up from 20th to 25th December, 2024, so you might want to make complete use of it.

  • Pick up jeans or jeggings of any of Miss Chase or ONLY at a discount ranging from 50% to 55% flat.
  • Shop for a comfortable and cozy cardigan from Kazo at 20% off
  • Pick up a few denims from one of the top most brands, Levis, at a discount ranging from 40% to 60%

This was an elaborate list of some of the interest Nykaa sale offers. If you are still apprehensive about something or need a few more details, check out the frequently asked questions section below. It might help you out!


Most of the questions have been addressed here, so do check out the information given below.

Is there any upcoming sale on Nykaa?

Yes, Republic Day Sale is the upcoming sale on Nykaa, which would be going live on the 24th of January 2024

Which sale on Nykaa is the best?

Nykaa women’s day sale is the best among many others

How long does Nykaa delivery take?

Nykaa normally takes 5 to 7 business days to deliver a product after it has been shipped

How can I get free delivery from Nykaa?

If the value of your order goes above Rs. 500, you can enjoy the benefit of free delivery

What is the significance of hot pink sale on Nykaa?

Nykaa hot pink sale 2024 offers flat 40% off on skincare, makeup, hair, fashion accessories, personal care, and beauty & health.

Does Nykaa offer birthday gifts?

Yes, Nykaa sends a birthday gift if you happen to be a private member and place an order in your birthday month.

Does Nykaa have Christmas sale?

Yes, Nykaa does have a Christmas sale scheduled from 20th to 25th December, 2024.

How can I get discounts on Nykaa?

You can get the best discounts by participating in different offers scheduled throughout the year

How can I earn Nykaa reward points?

There are a lot of ways to earn reward points. Sign up for an account. Create your Nykaa account, 2000 reward points will be directly automatically to your account

Does Nykaa refund money?

Yes, if you put a product for return, the money will be refunded back to you within a week, straight into your account or as Nykaa points

Through these questions, we hope your queries have been resolved. Enjoy shopping!

Eagerly awaiting Nykaa upcoming sale 2024?

Nykaa has sorted out your shopping plans for the whole year. What more would you want? For every occasion, you can find something or the other on Nykaa, during the biggest Nykaa sale 2024. Excited much? We too are! So, lets save the dates and get shopping. Such offers do not get lined up often, so when there’s a benefit, we must take its advantage. Hurry up now!

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