Paytm Bus Offers & Coupons 2024: 50% OFF on Tickets

Introducing to you, Paytm bus offers & coupons for 2024. You can readily avail 50% cashback on bus tickets booking at the comfort of your own home. So ditch those long queues and manual booking processes. Know the details and save some bucks from the Paytm bus ticket booking cashback offers.

Paytm is accelerating its grip on encouraging more citizens to travel across the country and save a little expense while doing so. So, it’s time for you to plan and book your pending trip by availing Paytm bus offers.

Eyeing to spend with fear? Why worry or panic when there are several deals and Paytm cashback offers, whatever are the circumstances. Paytm brings in another exciting offer to encourage customers to travel stress-free and cashless with money secured in their digital wallets.

By opting for Paytm bus Ticket booking offers, one can travel hassle free and avail up to 50% Cashback. This reward can be utilized to pay mobile bills, utility bills, recharges, or shop for products on Paytm directly.

The new Paytm bus offer comes with an option of customizing your trip as per personal preferences. The offer can be accessed from anywhere in India at the best prices one can have.

Everytime you plan a trip to some other city, you almost feel the blood pressure levels bouncing higher than ever, especially if there’s a festive or wedding season around the corner. At a time when you are trying to cut down on the expenses of your accommodation or travel, Paytm bus offers are going to come handy to help you save a tad bit of your money.

This means that you can easily plan wherever you want to go, at any given time, and buy all that you want. To add some icing on the cake, you’d even be eligible to get a 25% Cashback if there’s a delay in the arrival of your bus, or if there’s a change in the schedule.

So, get ready to vacuum clean your untouched bags, grab your travel clothes with all the fancy stuff, and head-over to places you’ve always wanted to go but never really went due to exorbitant flight tickets and unavailability of railway tickets due to impromptu plans. Want to make the most of these benefits no matter where you are? But before that, let’s consider some of the benefits of Booking Bus Tickets Online via Paytm

Top Advantages of Booking Bus Tickets Online Via Paytm

Now you have a chance to undergo a sorted bus ticketing process by simply opting for suitable bus tickets, bus route, bus operator, and then bearing out secured online payment in less than a minute. Paytm focuses on offering impeccable travel experiences and services at the lowest fares by providing exciting cashbacks, making your transactions more worthwhile.

1. Can Avail Cashback Deals

By availing Paytm offers for bus tickets, one can potentially earn Rs. 100 Cashback on tickets that cost Rs. 1000 or more. Besides this, there are many other deals on Paytm, specifically on bus bookings and ticket reservations. You can opt for all these facilities and save money while booking your bus tickets through Paytm bus offers.

2. Availability of Detailed Information

Most of the customers state that they prefer booking their travel tickets online since they have accessibility to check reviews and ratings about the service provider. Same applies with booking tickets through Paytm. One needs to add the location and preferred route while booking the tickets, and Paytm offers detailed descriptions and details about the most preferred routes by other people, best bus service providers, timings, reviews, cost, etc.

3. Independence of Figuring out Things

By choosing to book tickets online via Paytm, one can have the liberty of choosing things as one may need and there’s no compulsion of sticking to a particular schedule. If you happen to avail Paytm bus offers, you’ll also notice that they have a directory of places and routes on which buses comply the most, and meanwhile, you can also read about the service provider on the site. You can instantly find details such as contacts and reviews to get the desired information for your bus ticket booking needs.

4. The Flexibility of Picking Seat

Amongst the many advantages, one more benefit of booking your bus tickets online via Paytm is that there’s no need for you to rush into a bus for grabbing a seat. You can pre-handedly book a seat of your choice based on the sitting arrangement that pops-up while you are booking the ticket. You can choose the seat as per your convenience and availability, without having to pay anything more than you should.

5. Reducing your Workload

If you are currently not utilizing Paytm’s platform, then you’re most probably still processing all your travel bookings manually. Now, you can avoid investing too much of time doing everything by yourself by simply putting in a minute to add your personal details and booking your bus tickets online via Paytm. All you have to do is to make sure that you have enough funds in your Paytm wallet to check out quickly.

Save big on convenient travel by booking your bus tickets through Paytm bus offers where you can earn cashback on your booking and reservation. Let your savings grow by merging your cashback with other coupon discounts.

Paytm is your one-stop shop for all your travel related needs. They assure to instantly reserve your bookings, find you the cheapest buses and best routes, and be available for all your queries 24/7. Known for exceptional travel values to customers across the country, Paytm is a great platform to begin all your travel planning.

Whether you’re getting ready to road-trip on the Bengaluru-Hyderabad route in one of the luxury AC buses topping on our list, or heading over to Coimbatore from Chennai to reunite with your family or simply a tour with your friend to explore the “City of Lakes – Bhopal,” Paytm offers attractive cashback rewards on bus tickets that function across hundred different routes. But how do you get started? What are the different offers and deals?

Exciting Paytm Bus Booking Offers & Coupon Codes 2024 :

Paytm Bus ticket booking coupon codes

Booking through Paytm allows you to plan and book your bus tickets online at affordable prices, saving you both, money as well as time. You have a chance to travel spontaneously and save with the latest Paytm bus offers, without the need of booking your tickets in advance.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details of Paytm bus booking offers and cashback coupons to help you save even more:

Paytm Bus OfferCoupon Code
Flat 10% Cashback on Bus TicketsHAPPYBUS
100% Cashback for New UsersFIRSTRIDE
Rs 200 Cashback on Bus BookingsBUS1200
Flat Rs 200 Cashback on Bus TicketsTOPBUS

1. Flat 10% Cashback reward on Bus Ticket Booking at Paytm

Paytm Bus ticket booing offers

Paytm gives you yet another opportunity to travel and save at the same time. Take full advantage of Paytm’s special offers on bus ticket reservations across the country. So, travel anywhere in India by availing Paytm bus offers today and get 10% instant cashback in your Paytm wallet.

This Paytm Bus offer shall be valid for five-time usage per user with absolutely no lower limit of the value of your bus ticket. For instance, if the amount of your ticket is Rs. 500, you can expect 10% cashback on it i.e. Rs. 50. Similarly, if the amount of your ticket is Rs. 1,000, you’ll get 10% cashback worth Rs. 100 and if your ticket amount is Rs 3,00 or more you will receive a whopping cashback of Rs 300.

If you’re wondering what the process of receiving paytm cashback is, don’t panic. In less than 24 hours, the cashback amount will successfully be credited to your Paytm wallet.

Also, it is important to note that if you cancel your tickets at any given time, you do not stand eligible for cashback. Do not forget to use the Paytm bus booking promo code “HAPPYBUS” at the time of booking.

2- Seal the Deal and Earn up to Rs. 200 cashback on Bus Ticket Bookings

Lock in the best prices on your travel and bus ticket bookings. Make the most of earning 5% cashback that amounts to a maximum of Rs. 200 by availing Paytm bus offers today.

The old users of Paytm bus offers can combine the cashback amount with Paytm coupon code “BUS1200” and you can really save! This offer is not just valid for the old users, but in general for “twenty-five time usage per user” for all the users across the country. All that you would need is to be registered with Paytm and have your easily accessible mobile number verified.

If you plan to travel with your family and if the booking amount exceeds Rs, 5,000, you’ll see Rs. 500 reflecting back into your Paytm wallet. Similarly, if it’s a huge group and if the amount exceeds Rs. 10,000 or more, you save Rs. 1,000 by getting a cashback worth that value.

3 – Save on your Reservation with 100% Cashback on Paytm Bus Tickets

In case you are a first-timer of Paytm, you are very much eligible for Paytm new user’s bus offers, but the first-most thing is to download the Paytm App since this offer can be redeemed only when you book the tickets through the App. Besides, you’ll often find discounted prices and Paytm coupons plus cashbacks when you book through Paytm.

Get up to Rs. 100% cashback if you book your bus ticket of Rs 50 or more via Paytm. Simply go on the site or download the paytm app, choose the bus of your choice, the route you prefer as per our list of availability, and proceed to book bus ticket today through Paytm offers.

For all the users across the country, this offer stands valid for one-time usage per user. Ensure applying paytm bus booking promo code “FIRSTRIDE” at the time of booking.

4 – Double Dhamaka – Rs. 50 Cashback on Bus Booking + Rs. 50 Extra on Recharge and Bill Payments

You can avail the Paytm bus offers today and earn Rs. 50 cashback on your bus ticket booking. Simply make sure to apply the coupon code “BUSRB100” at the time of booking, and “BUSRB” on utilities, recharges, and bill payments after 6 hours of booking.

If you’re skeptical about how to earn Paytm cashback on bus ticket booking, first begin with searching buses through Paytm. Once you’ve selected that, apply the given promo code, in less than 24 hours of booking, your cashback will be credit to your Paytm wallet. However, the booking amount needs to be a minimum of Rs. 500 for you to be eligible to earn Paytm money.

The given promo codes for both bus & recharges/bill payments/utilities are valid for one time usage per user.

5 – Exclusive offer for your First Four Bus Tickets, Earn up to Rs. 200 Cashback

If you’re planning to travel by bus anytime soon, you’ve hit the right place. On your first four bus tickets via Paytm bus ticket offers, you can use code “TOURPASS1” and get 20% cashback up to Rs. 200, apply “TOURPASS2” to avail 30% cashback up to Rs. 200, “TOURPASS3” to get 50% cashback up to Rs. 200, and “TOURPASS4” to get 100% cashback up to Rs. 200 on your first, second, third, and fourth bus ticket booking respectively.

The minimum booking amount needs to be Rs. 300 for you to be eligible to earn Paytm cashback. This offer will be applicable only if the user is registered with Paytm with a verified mobile number.

6 – Super Deal on your Next 3 Bus Bookings with cashback up to Rs. 225

If you’re looking forward to availing Paytm bus ticket offers today, make sure to apply the following promo codes on your first, second and third bus ticket booking to receive cashbacks up to Rs. 50, Rs. 75, and Rs. 100 respectively: “BUSPASS1, BUSPASS2, and BUSPASS3.”

The minimum bus ticket value, to avail this offer, should be Rs. 300 for “BUSPASS1” promo code. Also, the Paytm offers on bus bookings are applicable only after you have booked the bus tickets, if you happen to cancel your tickets, you do not stand eligible for the cashback rewards. So think well before booking your tickets.

7 – Travel Together and Earn Cashback Together

Here’s an exciting deal for all those of you who have never used Paytm or are new users, Paytm bus cashback offers now give you a chance to travel together and save together as well.

Under this deal, there are different offers for 2 passengers traveling together, 3 passengers, and for 4 passengers respectively. While making your bus booking, if your minimum order value is Rs. 500 for 2 passengers, you can get 10% cashback up to Rs. 120 by applying “RIDE2GETHER” as your promo code. For 3 passengers traveling together, apply “RIDE3TOGETHER” and earn up to Rs. 300 cashback. Similarly, with minimum order value of Rs. 500 for 4 passengers, apply “RIDE4TOGETHER” and get 10% cashback up to Rs. 300.

To avail this bus ticket booking offer on Paytm, download Paytm App or browse Paytm through your phone or desktop and enjoy the joy of saving by traveling together. Do note that this offer is valid only on a minimum booking of 2, 3, and 4 passengers.

8 – Special Cashback offer on Goa Buses

Excited to head-over to India’s party hub? Planning to travel by bus to Goa? You should be, there’s every reason for you to take a bus, especially if it’s going to fetch you some cashback. It’s not common for Paytm to come up with such great deals, specific to cities.

So if you live in India, and if you’re planning to make travel bookings to or from Goa, you can avail Paytm cashback offers on goa bus bookings and get flat Rs. 222 cashback in your payment wallet.

However, this offer stands valid on a booking of minimum two tickets, and the order value needs to be of Rs. 500 or more. Customers will receive the cashback reward within 24 hours of booking their tickets, limited to one-time usage per user. You need to use “GOABUS” promo code on the given offer.

9 – Grab a chance to win Gold on Bus Bookings

You wouldn’t be expecting this, but now there’s a chance for you to win goldback worth 1 gram if you happen to be the 100th user of Paytm’s offers on bus ticket booking and reservation. If you’re one amongst the fortunate winners, you’ll get goldback worth 1 gram straight into your gold accumulation plan account. The minimum order value for bus ticket booking should be Rs. 300 or more and the offer stands valid for one-time usage per user.

The maximum goldback is Rs. 3000, but to redeem the same, one needs to be registered on Paytm with a valid mobile number. If you wish to enjoy the gold back reward offered by Paytm on bus offers, you just need to apply the “RIDEGOLD” promo code.

10- Saving with Travel Card

Get ready to travel without any worries, and enjoy unlimited benefits alongside great savings. Here’s the Paytm bus offer which will only be valid if you own a Paytm travel card. Purchase a BUSCARD worth Rs. 169 or Rs. 199 and earn cashback of up to Rs. 500 or Rs. 555 for 5 bookings respectively. Similarly, for the ones who fly frequently, they can purchase a FLYCARD worth Rs. 499 or Rs. 999 and get cashback of up to Rs. 2500 or Rs. 5000 for 5 bookings respectively.

If you’re wondering about how you would redeem it, all you got to do is to shortlist your travel card by completing the payment process, you’ll then receive a unique code through e-mail, and the same unique code can be used to redeem the cashback.

11 – Bus Delayed, No problem – You get to Save and Earn

Firstly, this offer holds valid only for those users who are registered on Paytm with a verified valid phone number. Now when you book your bus tickets through Paytm offers, and if the bus gets delayed by 30 minutes or more, you can get 25% cashback.

However, this offer is valid only for bookings done for the following operators – SUGAMA. The cashback reward will be credited in your Paytm wallet only after the operator confirms the bus delay on the stated boarding point. There’s no need of a promo code to avail this offer. So now, forget about those frustrating delays because you’re getting a chance to save a bit and earn a little!

12 – Cancellations Available without any Cancellation Charges

All you travelers who often hesitate to book your tickets in advance, merely because you do not get any refund if the plan changes, can now benefit by availing complete refund at the time of cancellation of bus or flight tickets booked through Paytm.

You only have to bear a small fee while you’re booking the ticket. The fee varies with the ticket price, and it can be as low as Rs. 3 for a bus ticket. So if you’re planning to postpone your travel and want to currently cancel the ticket, just look for the FREE cancellation option on Paytm App/website. The refund will be directly credited to your Paytm wallet.

Now that we have had a look at all the exciting offers, are you totally set to book the tickets? But, you’ll be able to do so only when you know the right steps to book the bus tickets and make reservations using Paytm App or Website. Let’s understand the process of availing the above-mentioned offers:

How to Avail Paytm Bus Booking Offers?

Here’s the step by step guide –

Step 1 – Browse and then Login to the official Paytm App or Website on your Desktop or Smartphone.

Step 2 – Choose the option of selecting the preferred date and destination for which you’d want to book the ticket.

Step 3 –Find the Traveller you’d want to travel with, and then fill in details of the shortlisted traveller.

Paytm Bus Ticket Booking

Step 4 – Once these options are filled, towards the left hand side in the Promo code section, you need to enter the Promo Code you want to redeem and finally click on Apply.

Step 5 – Now that you have entered the Promo Code, simply click on Proceed to Pay and clear the payment of discounted amount through any payment method.

Isn’t the process easy and user-friendly? Well, that’s how it has been designed. So now experience hassle-free travel with instant bus ticket booking via Paytm and save little by little while you do so!

Paytm believes in offering services to simplify and ease the life of travelers to make traveling fun and memorable experience. We achieve this by constantly catering to all travel-related services for our users, and also by helping our users chose the right destination, routes, modes of transport, service providers, and availability of each of this. Paytm bus offers are meant for you and are going to stay here for a while.

So, here’s a list of your general queries answered about bus ticket booking via Paytm:

When will I receive my Paytm cashback?

You will receive your cashback within 24 hours of bus ticket booking confirmation, basis the current offer.

What are the different payment modes available?

Paytm users can easily add money to their Paytm wallets or make payments using Debit/Credit Cards or Net Banking.

What is Paytm Customer Care number for Bus booking purpose?

If you wish to connect with Paytm Customer Care for Bus Ticket related query, you can reach call up 24X7 on 0120-4880880.

How Can I Cancel the Bus Tickets on Paytm?

If you wish to cancel your ticket, you need to log into Paytm Account. Click on the order section against the order ID and cancel the booked tickets. Kindly note the terms and conditions before cancelling your ticket, since the refund will be processed basis the cancellation policy.

What is the refund policy and Paytm bus cancellation charges?

Paytm offers free cancellation on bus bookings. All you have to do is to bear a minimum fee of Rs. 3, which may vary depending on the cost of your ticket while making your booking. Paytm reimburses prepaid payments for tickets that are cancelled through Paytm no less than 6 hours before the departure of the bus.

For instance, if the booking time is 16th February 20201 10:00 am, the departure time is 20th February 2021 at 6:00 pm, and the ticket price is Rs. 500, then the ticket canceled before 12 noon on 20th February is subjected to a refund of Rs. 500.

However, the refund of the ticket canceled after 12 noon on 20th February will be depending on the bus operator’s cancellation policy.

Will Cancelled Tickets be eligible for Cashback?

The canceled tickets are not eligible for Cashback.

Can Paytm Cashback be transferred to bank account?

If you happen to be a new user without KYC, you’d have wait for three days to transfer money from your Paytm wallet to Bank account. You can transfer a minimum of Rs. 100 and a maximum of Rs. 5000 at a time.

What if the bus booked through Paytm has been canceled?

If the bus booked through Paytm bus offers has been cancelled, you need to share your ticket number and cancellation message with the customer care, and your refund will be processed after getting confirmed by the bus operator.

How can I check the routes or bus service provider’s information?

If you need information on route or bus operator, you need to visit Paytm Home Page and then click on “Bus Tickets.” After this, you need to select the date of journey, origin, and destination, and then click on “search buses” to skim through all the available buses and operators

Paytm : Your One Stop Shop to Earn & Convert Cashback into Cash Forward

Now that you’ve read about Paytm bus offers, don’t ignore the amazing selection of offers provided. Are you an avid traveler, or rather wanting to explore places but hesitate because of exorbitant airplane tickets and unavailability of train tickets? Well, you’re in luck. Paytm’s offers on bus ticket bookings are here to stay, so hurry up, plan your travel, book your bus tickets through Paytm, and spare yourself from the high prices!

Another great option is that the offer is accessible from any corner of the country, so it doesn’t matter where you stay. It’s simple; with Paytm you can book your tickets at any given hour, travel to any destination that falls under the pre-fixed routes, and decide the service operator as per your preference. This way you can rest assured that the tickets are being booked instantly with everything of your preference.

Another way of getting benefited with cashback offer is to utilize and invest in a Paytm travel card. This feature is specifically favorable for those of you who travel frequently within India. Paytm’s offers on bus ticket booking enable its user’s to save on their bookings, earn cashbacks, and then redeem the same in a variety of ways.

Now that you’ve earned the cashback, what would you do with it? Explore ways in which you can redeem what you’ve earned. Is monthly mobile bill due for payment? Clear of the partial bill payment with the cashback earned. Prefer to just transfer it to your bank account? You have a choice of doing that too. This is an easy and quick way of paying yourself back, or in other words, ‘converting cashback into cash forward.’

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