Paytm Mall Coupons, Cashback Offers & Upcoming Sales 2024

Feel fascinated with the all new PayTM mall coupons, upcoming sale and cashback offers for 2024! Want to know more? Hop in!

Paytm Mall Coupons, Cashback Offers & Upcoming Sales

PayTM mall online shopping offers are back with a bang for all the PayTM fans out there! With the brand new PayTM mall sale today, you can focus on saving more, despite buying more.

In fact, the discounts that have been created by the company allow you to get more from all the money that you are willing to spend through PayTM.

If you don’t have a PayTM account yet, you can go ahead, create one for yourself and still enjoy the offers.

The Amazing list for all the PayTM Mall Coupons, Sale & Offers in 2024:

Let these Paytm Mall discount offers give you all that you have been looking for.

1. The incredible PayTM Mall Sale in 2024

PayTM mall coupons are available for the popular Sale as well! All you have to do is check for PayTM mall cashback offers and add all your favorite items to your cart.

What’s special for you in the year 2024? You get a 70% discount on all the products like shoes, watches, clothes, kitchen appliances, smartphones, laptops, and other electronic items.

You just have to be sure of all the products that you wish to buy and enjoy the discounted rate of each one of them. With such offered prices, you feel like buying more, since you spend less in the end!

2. Save with super value bazaar:

Have you been thinking of buying a brand new helmet? Do you want to replace your old car audio system? Are you planning to invest on car or bike accessories? Then you don’t have to wait anymore because when you are all set to enjoy the Super Value Bazaar at PayTM, you can enjoy PayTM mall online shopping offers today!

PayTM mall shopping offers today are meant for those looking for 50% off on home decorative items, 25% cashback on helmets, 50% to 60% off on car as well as bike accessories and 20% cashback on car audio systems.

Well, this is not all – you have mind blowing 50% cashback offers on prams, strollers and baby gear from brands like Mee Mee, 40% cashback on Electronic and RC toys, 40% cashback on bicycles and tricycles and 40% cashback on toys of brands like Fisher-Price and Funskool.

You can also go ahead and get 30% to 50% cashback offers on stationery items and fill your child’s cupboard with everything they need to go back to school.

Wait a minute…

You can now also buy Parker, Sheaffer and Lamy premium pens at 40% cashback offers! What are you still waiting for? Grab these awesome offers this very moment! Don’t forget that some products also offer more than 70% discounts!

3. Hop on to the supermarket with PayTM:

PayTM mall offers are available for all the intelligent brains, who want to shop for a lot of products with the help of all the discounts available for them.

When the discount period is on, you should be prepared to buy stuff in stock, so that you don’t have to spend over and over again and higher prices when the discount period is not available.

PayTM mall upcoming sales talk about how you can save 35% to 50% when you shop from the Supermarket section of the website.

Whether you are looking for anti-aging Olay creams or Dove condition for your hair, PayTM has everything available at discounted prices.

When we say discounted prices, you get up to 50% cashback on the total bill that you make for the products you purchase from the Supermarket section on the website. This means that now you can finally buy VLCC products at affordable prices. Other brands that you get at cashback offers are Colgate, Vaseline, Lakme, Gillette, Nivea, etc.

This means that from the toothpaste that you use at home to the lipsticks that you use to look good when you are out of your house, everything is on offer at PayTM mall.

4. Big Bazaar store presents discounts for PayTM users:

If you haven’t used online Big Bazaar yet store, yet, here is your chance! When you go to the PayTM mall, you can click on the Big Bazaar section so that you can be led to some of the highest quality products for yourself.

Pigeon kitchen appliances, Aristocrat suitcase, Bombay Dyeing bedsheets, Dreamline curtains and all such things are available at discounted rates and cashback offers.

You get casseroles starting from as less as Rs.299. you get Mafatlala and Dreamline curtains starting from Rs.545 online. Apart from these, you can save up to 50% on amazing dinner sets, along with 60% cashback offer on Dreamline and Bombay Dyeing bedsheets.

If you want to buy FBB clothes, you can enjoy 50% off and 30% cashback on men’s and women’s clothing. If you are looking for kids’ clothing, you can enjoy a minimum of 30% cashback.

Names like Skybags, Gala, Disney, Cannon and Philips are also on discounts. You just have to visit the e-store, check the products, compare the prices with those on the other e-store and make the wisest choice. You are surely going to enjoy shopping at the PayTM mall.

5. Beautiful offers on mobiles and tablets:

The offers on smartphones at the PayTM mall are going to make you pinch yourself to believe them! You have up to 15000 cashback on 4G mobiles!

Names like Samsung, Vivo, Apple, Micromax and Oppo are all available at discounted rates. If you haven’t got Kindle for yourself, it is time for you to get one at an affordable rate and a discounted price.

Lenovo K6 Power is available at flat 16% cashback; Oppo is available at flat 15% cashback; Gionee is available at 16% cashback, etc. You also have a few smartphones available at 20% cashback.

Forget about spending Rs.60,000 to own Apple iPhone; you can now buy it for as less as Rs.48,199, thanks to the 20% offer available for you! You can also own iPhone gold at 8% discounted price.

If the above offers and discounts are not enough for you, you can switch to learn about Motorola’s offers. You get up to 40% off on Motorola phones and that’s what makes the PayTM mall so special for you this year. You also have Redmi Gold cellphone available for you at 7% discounted price; do you really want to waste your time on any other e-store this month? We doubt!

You think these are the only PayTM mall sale offers available for PayTM users? Here are a few more offers that you must learn:

If you are already jumping by reading the above mentioned discount offers, you are yet to read the list of the remaining seven! Delight your eyes and get excited by more offers.

6. Laptops at discounted rates:

PayTM offers on laptops are here like the breeze that calms down your mind! You have up to Rs.20,000 cashback offer on laptops of brands like HP, Lenovo and Apple.

That’s not all – if you don’t want to buy a laptop, you can also search for the right kind of accessories for your computer. Don’t forget to check awesome Apple monitors for a smart computer at home for yourself and your entire family.

Apart from the brand names mentioned above, Dell Vostro and Dell Inspiron are also available at discounted prices. All you have to do is find that perfect laptop for yourself and own it!

7. Television sets and appliances at lesser prices:

PayTM mall new user offer allows you to get more from the little money you have for shopping! If you are a new user of PayTM, you get better discounts.

You are allowed to enjoy up to Rs.20,000 cashback on LED TVs, up to Rs.10,000 cashback on refrigerators, up to 25% cashback on mixer grinders, up to 30% cashback on fans, etc.

If you are looking to get discounts on brands like Havells, USHA, Samsung, etc., PayTM mall has got to be your favorite destination. You can save up to 50% on microwaves and upto 20% cashback on air conditioners as well.

8. Get more clothes, shoes and fashion accessories by spending less:

Jeans, ethnic wear for men and women, suits and blazers, sportswear, innerwear, winter wear, t-shirts, formal shirts, necklaces, earrings, shoes, etc. are available at discounted prices. You can enjoy upto 50% cashback on brands like Jockey, FCUK, Lee, Spykar, Lee, Pepe Jeans, Mufti, VanHeusen, SkyBlue, Shein, Marie Claire, The Vanca, etc.

No matter what brand name you have in your mind, you can get it at a discounted price when you are at the PayTM mall. The Mera Cashback Sale is surely designed for customers like you!

9. Ming boggling offers on home and kitchen appliances:

Even if you are not just a homemaker, there are so many things that you want to keep at your place. Bathroom accessories, LED and CFL bulks, spiritual products, cookware combo, bedsheet and curtains, house-keeping items, bakeware and tools are all available at offered rates. Some products are available at 40% cashback offers!

Corelle, Cello, Wonderchef, Pigeon, Prestige and Glen are some of the brands that you are going to fall in love with when you look at their products at the popular PayTM Mall. Kitchen appliances promise to enhance your lifestyle and thus, they are always good for collectibles as well!

10. Get cars and bikes at offered prices:

Forget about getting 50% to 70% cashback offers, it is time for you to buy Yamaha, Hondo, Hero and Suzuki bikes and scooties and win 100% cashback! Why would you want to visit a land based showroom to own such vehicles when there is so much that you can get from the PayTM mall?

TVS provides you with an offer to book your two wheelers at as less as Rs.1000! That’s not all – even some of the car brands are here with cashback offers and when you have such wonderful offers, you don’t feel like visiting any other e-store for your car and bike needs. Car and bike accessories are also available at affordable and discounted prices.

11. Use PayTM to recharge your phone and here’s what you can enjoy:

PayTM Mall recharge offer has been designed to help you recharge your phone with cashback offers. You use PayTM mall promo code PayTMMall20 to get Rs.20 cashback on the recharge of Rs.50; this means that you get a cashback of 20% on mobile recharging of Vodafone, Docomo, etc.

Please note that this offer does not work on Airtel recharges. You can use this offer only once and the promo code mentioned here is bound to expire after a certain period of time. Thus, you must make the best use of it before it expires and you have no discounts left to enjoy!

12. This awesome Paytm Mall ICICI bank offer will help you get more:

PayTM mall ICICI bank offer allows the ICICI credit & debit card users to get 10% additional cashback at the PayTM mall.

You just have to use your ICICI bank card when you shop at the PayTM mall and along with all the cashback offers mentioned above, you enjoy this additional cashback offer designed exclusively for ICICI bank account holders.

However, you have to know that the minimum transaction amount from your HDFC card has to be Rs.5,000 and the maximum cashback that you can enjoy is Rs.3000. This offer is valid only on purchases made between 17 – 21 October at PayTM mall.

Way Forward

PayTM is a very popular Indian electronic payment as well as an e-commerce brand. It has its headquarters in Delhi, NCR. It was launched in the year 2010 and since then, it has been ruling the industry with its outstanding services. To get more customers, it ties up with different brands in order to present attractive discounts.

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