Paytm UPI Offers & Coupons 2024: Earn up to Rs 700 Cashback

Presenting some striking Paytm UPI offers and cashback coupons for 2024 for you to use and be benefited out of it. You may thank us later, but for now, you have a chance of earning an amount as much as Rs. 700 in the form of cashback or a voucher. Going forward, you’ll never run ‘out of balance.’

Whether you wish to go shopping or pay your bill online, make use of Paytm UPI offer today, and clear off the payments in a jiffy. Not only this, with the cashback earned after availing these offers, you can make use of the balance amount for booking your tickets on BookMyShow, paying your electricity or mobile phone bills, or for paying at a restaurant.

Ever since Paytm has integrated with BHIM UPI, our lives have become easier since we can now create our own Paytm BHIM UPI ID through the app and link our savings bank account for seamless transactions.

While we are all fond of Paytm for its online payment solution feature, but with Paytm UPI we can even transfer money from our bank account to another one, without having any waiting period for adding the beneficiary.

So whether you plan to use Paytm for making the payment at a nearby store or transfer money to another bank account, on performing either of these activities, you are going to get to earn cashback if you avail the Paytm UPI offers.

Gone are the days when you would get cashback only while recharging or shopping for a certain amount, now you’ll get to earn cashback on the simplest of things – even for adding money to Paytm wallet through Paytm UPI. Isn’t that great?

The days have come where all the offers are designed from a customer point of view. All you need to do is to stay vigilant about these offers. If you keep eye on the offers regularly, there’ll be no need for you to hunt for offers or discounts at stores during monsoon or festive time, you’ll easily find them online on almost every shopping website. And, for your payments, Paytm is always there – a safe, seamless, and reliable source!

For now, it’s time for us to check out what these Paytm UPI offers are and what do they have in store for us. Let’s loosen up our pockets and get ready to drain our wallets. Dive into the offers now –

A range of Paytm UPI Offers and cashback coupons 2024

BHIM UPI Paytm offers are set to bring a huge smile on your face. So, whether you are craving for a pizza or planning to transfer some money to your child’s account for a party, make the payment through Paytm UPI and earn cashback in return.

There’s no need for you to hunt for other payment options or log in to your internet banking site, Paytm’s platform is quick, reliable, and easy.

You don’t have to worry about downloading a thousand different apps on your phone, just one app and you are sorted with your payments, bills, shopping, and everything else.

In fact, you wouldn’t have to carry your wallets either. You can roam cash-free! Yes, that’s absolutely right. Sounds too comforting, right? Well, we’ve given you an idea, now it’s up to you whether you prefer it or not. But meanwhile, let’s take a look at how much we’re going to get benefited through these offers. So, here’s the list down below-

1. Fill your digital wallet with cashback via Paytm UPI payment

If you are willing to know what this Paytm UPI offer is, then you first need to download the app if you haven’t already! What you need to know about this offer is that you’ll have to pay up to 7 times using UPI on Paytm App for earning cashback of up to Rs. 700. Now this cashback can be in the form of vouchers too, but of the same worth.

If you are planning to try your hands on this Paytm offer, then you must know that you need to complete 7 payments within 30 days of unlocking this Paytm UPI offer.

For activating the offer, you’ll first have to make a payment of Rs. 21 or more, after which, you will receive a push notification.

Another way of activating this Paytm UPI offer is by going to “cashback offers” from your “profile” section and clicking on this offer. Besides this, also remember to scan Paytm QR code and then make any payment using UPI linked bank account.

This offer is applicable throughout India at any grocery store, restaurant, clinics, auto/taxi rides, dairy outlets, hospitals, etc. on payments done through Paytm using a mobile number or QR code.

Once you have completed the payment, within 24 hours you will receive the vouchers with promo codes for redeeming the cashback. Alternatively, the cashback will be credited to your Paytm wallet within 24 hours of completing the offer. Sounds like a great deal, right? All set to avail it? You must be!

2. Earn cashback on your Paytm UPI money transfer

Isn’t it surprising that you’ll get to earn cashback on your money transfers too? With Paytm UPI offer 2021, it’s easily possible.

If you happen to complete 2 UPI money transfers of Rs. 200 or more, then cashback worth Rs. 30 will straight be credited to your wallet. Isn’t this quite doable? However, you can avail this offer only once during the offer period, but hey, you shouldn’t miss that one opportunity either. If you face any problems while activating the offer, then follow our guide.

Firstly, send Rs. 200 or more to any UPI address. You can either send money to different UPI handles or the same one for both the transactions. Alternatively, you can tap the cashback icon shown beside search bar in the top-right on Paytm app home screen and press on “activate.” Once you have done this, press on “flat 30 cashback on UPI money transfer.” With this, you get done with a quick one-step procedure. Keep in mind that the duration of the offer is 3 days, so complete the 2 transfers within that period.

3. Paytm UPI users – get cashback on adding money

Are you set to witness another alluring Paytm UPI offer today? If yes, then you have plenty of reasons to rejoice. This is one offer where you are getting the benefit of simply adding money to your Paytm wallet. Yes, that’s right.

Ever thought you could earn some money in exchange for adding money to your digital wallet? We are just as surprised as you are, but let’s not miss this golden chance!

Don’t we all constantly use Paytm to make some or the other payment or booking? The Paytm wallet add money offer is just right for such people who are frequent users of this platform. By adding Rs. 1000 or more to your Paytm wallet via Paytm UPI, you’ll get a cashback worth Rs. 50.

All you need here is a promo code that’ll help you earn the cashback – remember the code here is NEWUPI50. You’ll be surprised about how much you can save if you avail such offers occasionally. Keep shopping, keep saving!

4. Find out about earning cashback on UPI transfer

Ever used an app that enables you to earn whilst shopping? Quite unusual, right? Hence, it’s time for you to switch to Paytm for utilizing Paytm BHIM UPI offer and many more like this.

Talking about this offer specifically, if you make 10 UPI money transfers of Rs. 1000 or more, you get to earn Rs. 15 cashback on Paytm. This is for all those of you who use Paytm on a regular basis.

We don’t want you to miss your chance of earning even the smallest amounts. So, if you want to avail this Paytm UPI offer, ensure utilizing it while the offer period is on. Get going!

We have now checked out all the Paytm UPI cashback offers and details in depth, but we also want to take you through what the Paytm UPI platform is, and what features does it have to offer you. So let’s dive into it.

What is Paytm UPI?

Paytm BHIM UPI (Unified Payment Transfer) enables you to instantly transfer money between two bank accounts. UPI is a real-time system developed by National Payments Corporation of India for facilitating inter-bank transactions.

How to create Paytm UPI account?

The process of using BHIM UPI payment feature in Paytm is as follows –

  • Download the Paytm app and tap on the BHIM UPI option at the top seen besides the options like Lifafa, Pay, KYC, etc.
  • Press on the feature option and select the bank account you want to proceed with.
  • Get your mobile number linked with the Paytm account verified.
  • Once it gets verified, set your M-PIN and get started with your transactions.

What is the daily limit of Paytm UPI?

The daily limit of Paytm UPI transaction from a bank account is Rs. 1, 00, 000. One can carry out a maximum of 10 transactions in 24 hours within the stipulated limit.

How safe is Paytm UPI?

Paytm UPI is safe since the platform makes use of world-class security and encryption to keep its users data safe and secured.

Get loaded with cashback by using Paytm UPI Offers today!

It has never been easier to earn money in exchange for shopping, transferring money, or making payments. With the commencement of Paytm UPI offers, we’re now going to be able to save an amount as big as Rs. 700 or an amount as basic as Rs. 15. But when it comes to saving, no amount is big or small. The joy of saving itself is an achievement. We don’t see a reason why one would not make use of either of these offers. We’ve presented you a handy list of these offers; it’s for you to decide which fits into the bill. Try your luck and save some bit!

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