Best Sites to Buy Medicines Online in India : Buyer’s Guide & Tips

There are numerous platforms meant for an easy online purchase of medicines. Here are some of the best sites & apps to buy medicines online in India and a buyers guide help you stay safe while making an online purchase of pharmaceutical products.

The internet has transformed the entire lives of avid shoppers. Whether it is something you need or just something you have been longing for a long time, the products and desirable items are just a click away. Online shopping has emerged as one of the most convenient options for people and it has been spreading its territory to various fields including pharmacy.

Top Sites to Purchase Medicines Online Without Compromising On Your Comfort Zone:

Now, instead of sprinting from chemist to chemist, you can easily order medicines and drugs online from the comfort of your home. After all, your health deserves more focus than the inconvenience of searching here and there for the prescribed medicines, right?

1. 1mg

1mg is India’s one of the most trusted online store for purchasing drugs and medicines. They offer a whole new level of innovation into the field of healthcare by setting up appointments with the nearby healthcare provider in addition to selling medicines. This makes healthcare facilities affordable and accessible to all irrespective of location.

The certified pharmacists are there to cater to all your medicine-related needs and clear your queries. The store enables you to focus on your recovery instead of running around from chemist to chemist in search of your prescribed medicines. They also simplify the procedure of diagnostics by requesting a diagnosis at the nearest registered lab.

2 . NetMeds

As far as carrying out the dispense of quality medicines is concerned, is accredited with an experience of more than 100 years in the field of pharmacy. With the help of a handful of clicks, you can get access to your prescribed medicines from any part of the country. They understand the essentiality of maintaining the required regularity when it comes to being on medication. Thus, sends out timely reminders for refills in order to avoid skipping of vital medicines.

With a wide array of healthcare and wellness products, medicines, drugs, and a superior online shopping experience, has made an indelible mark in the field of online pharmacy.

3. Practo

If you are on the lookout for additional facilities such as an appointment with a nearby doctor, instant chat option with a healthcare provider, etc. then has to be your one-stop destination. Apart from providing genuine and high-quality medicines, the site has a provision of securing your medical records with an enhanced privacy and end-to-end encryption for an improved security. The app also provides health tips and lets you order medicines at the same time.

4. Medplusmart comprises of information required for maintaining an overall improved health. Apart from medicines, the site also offers general health products that are 100 percent genuine. You can easily track your products and return without any hassles if anything is not up to the mark. The pharmacy section of the website includes a store locator along with the medicines you require. You can store your health records and browse drugs by category. Surgical products are also available for diagnosticians. The general store products cover baby needs, personal care, health and nutrition, supplements and various household needs.

5. Medlife provides an easy medicine purchase option for customers. All you have to do is upload a prescription online or call or drop a message on WhatsApp for ordering medicines. If you make a purchase above Rs. 200, your order will be applicable for free delivery. They make sure that your prescription is examined by qualified and skilled pharmacists and delivery is done in well packed, reusable, and aesthetically designed boxes.

6. Apollopharmacy is an all-in-one site that sells medicines according to categories along with personal care, mom and baby products, as well as nutrition and healthcare products.

Apollo is a part of Asia’s largest group of healthcare professionals that works towards the betterment of consumers as far as healthcare is concerned. The pharmacy is open throughout and they provide genuine medicines even during the late hours. Managed by a computerized system and a competent workforce, strives to deliver the best to its consumers.

7. Pharmeasy

Just like the name suggests, has made the online ordering of medicines and healthcare products easier than customers can ever imagine. People have extensive medical requirements that can only be fulfilled in a hassle-free manner when the consumption of vital medications is carried out on time and the genuine medicines are made available to the consumers online. Most of the times, discounts, and exclusive offers are available and the on-time delivery is an added bonus.

Online Medicine Buying Guide

Purchasing medicines online is on the rage at present but there is a procedure you have got to follow. This buying guide will help you make a better purchase and stay safe.

1. Make a list

In order to avoid missing out on any essential drug or medicine, make sure you prepare a list in advance. A list of medicines is the best way to keep your requirements organized. If you can segregate the names of the medicines into different categories, it would be even better.

2. Upload Prescription

Genuine online medical stores ask for a prescription. After you have prepared a list of medicines, you will be required to upload a copy of your prescription to be screened by the qualifies pharmacists.

3. Provide info

At the time of placing an order, make sure you provide all your necessary details such as name, contact number, e-mail address, and the address where you want the product to be delivered.

4. Pay

Select your payment method after you check out from the cart. Most sites provide cash on delivery, so you can opt for a prepaid or pay on delivery option accordingly.

Tips For Safely Purchasing Medicines Online

Purchasing medication online is a boon to those who don’t have the means to purchase medicines from the local stores. It has greatly enhanced the comfort level of patients. But sometimes people tend to disregard the disadvantages and dangers that accompany the wrong purchase of medicines or buying drugs that are counterfeit. In order to avoid the negative impact of purchasing the wrong pharmaceutical products, let us dive into the details and check out these essential tips for safely purchasing medicines online.

1. Check License

Always buy prescription drugs from certified and licensed online stores. The risks of purchasing medicines from an illegitimate store include counterfeit medicines, committing of fraud by not delivering the medicines at all, or delivery of the wrong medication. You don’t want to put yours and your loved ones’ health at risk, right?

2. Look For a Prescription Requirement

If a store sells medicines without the need of a prescription then you should understand that something fishy is going on. A legitimate store would always ask for a prescription before selling medicines or drugs.

3. Check For The Availability Of a Pharmacist

Make sure that the website has appointed a licensed and a qualified pharmacist to resolve all the queries related to the medicines. A website selling drugs without the supervision of a qualified pharmacist is always under suspicion.

4. Refrain From ‘Too Good To Be Real’ Offers

As soon as you come across phrases such as ‘miraculous cure’, or ‘weight loss pills that help you lose weight within a week’, beware! Sometimes, such websites offer cheap medications that either don’t work or you suffer from fatal side effects later on.

5. Check For Contact Information

A legitimate site is bound to have the contact information of the pharmaceutical company. If it does not have a phone number, email, or a street address for contacting in case any discrepancies arise, the site might be fake.

Even though online buying of medicines has caused a tremendous revolution in the pharmaceutical world, if the consumers don’t exercise the necessary precautions, the consequences can be extremely detrimental to the health.

Dr. Manish Ranjan is a professional doctor who often writes on health and medical content in order to share his experiences. Apart from being a professional doctor and writer, he possesses an avocation of travelling and reading too.

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