Swiggy Bank Offers 2024: Upto 50% discount with Debit/ Credit Cards

Now put an end to your hunger pangs because Swiggy bank offers for 2024 are here with the best deals available at the touch of a button. Grab up to 50% discount using your debit or credit cards and awaken the epicurean within you.

Swiggy Bank Offers

Through Swiggy bank offers, you can order your food online, experience seamless food delivery, and relish up on discounts of up to 50%.

Swiggy and some of the most leading banks like ICICI bank, Standard Chartered, State Bank of India, Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, and Citi Bank have partnered together to provide a massive range of offers and deals for all the food lovers across India.

During the upcoming offer period on Swiggy, the customers will get to enjoy cashback and discounts using either the debit or credit cards of the prominent partnered banks.

Food-lovers across India who use Swiggy on a day to day basis understand how important Swiggy bank offers are!You don’t have to visit a restaurant and wait for an hour to place your food order or hunt for restaurants that serve your favorite cuisine. Secondly, you have a wide range of options displayed right in front of your eye-sight that allows you to order anything of your choice. Additionally, besides having a wholesome meal delivered at your doorstep, you also get the benefit of taking back home a significant amount of cashback by availing any of the stated offers.

To put it up in simple words – Swiggy’s bank offers on debit and credit cards are all that you have ever wanted! If you are just as curious to know the offers as we are, then keep scrolling down and take a look at the details.

Also, if you aren’t a frequent user of Swiggy, it’s high time that you start exploring this platform because such offers are once-in-a-lifetime kind of offers. Now, without further ado, let’s dive in to find out what’s in store for you.

Exclusive Swiggy Bank Offers with Coupon Codes 2024 – Grab them now!

Who doesn’t like to save a bit, especially when you end up ordering food from out? Swiggy’s offers on the usage of debit and credit cards allow you to relish on the joy of saving whilst savoring some delicious food.

Swiggy, in partnership with the country’s leading banks is going to fulfill every food-lover’s dream by introducing offers that are exclusively available only on their platform.

1. Enjoy your First Discount on your First Order Using Master Cards

The first offer comes for those of you who are Master card holders of banks such as ICICI, State Bank of India, Axis Bank, HDFC, Citi Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of Baroda, and PNB to name a few.

There are a couple of things you need to remember to make full use of this offer – you are eligible to get flat Rs. 100 off on your first order on Swiggy if you place an order that amounts to Rs. 400 or more. To avail the same, you need to apply “SWMASTER100” as your coupon code.

Besides, with Swiggy bank coupons, you also get flat 20% off, i.e. an amount of up to Rs. 100, on your first order, if you use “MASTER20” promo code.

Most importantly, this offer can be availed using Swiggy’s App, official website, or the M-site. This offer is applicable only on the first order you place on Swiggy using your master cards of either of the banks mentioned above for making the payment.

So, are you set to awaken your solid cravings? You better be, because this offer is valid for a limited period of time.

Now get ready to find out what the next offer is!

2. Union of Swiggy and HDFC Bank – Unmissable Offer

Calling all HDFC Bank account holders – don’t stress because this offer is specially curated for you.

HDFC bank in partnership with Swiggy has remembered it’s debit and credit card holders respectively through Swiggy cashback offer.

Create space in your digital wallets because now, through HDFC bank Swiggy offer, you can earn 5% cashback on all the transactions made through HDFC bank debit cards. However, you stand a chance to earn the cashback only if your minimum order value is Rs. 300 or more.

Moreover, if you swipe your HDFC bank credit card while making the payment on Swiggy, you get to earn 5X reward points on all the transactions.

For availing this offer, all you need is your HDFC bank debit and credit cards handy for making the payment and not forgetting to insert “HDFC5X” promo code while making the payment! Here’s what this offer is all about. Isn’t this totally grab-worthy? It indeed is.

3. Grab the very Exciting Swiggy SBI Credit Card Offer

Calling all SBI credit card holders. This offer needs your attention because it has been specially curated for you. You can now fulfil all your food desires without being worried about the huge bill that comes along with it.

Through the Swiggy SBI credit card offer, you can grab a discount of up to Rs. 100 per transaction per card. Isn’t that great? Besides, if your transaction amount costs Rs. 400 or more, then you stand eligible for a 20% discount. However, do note that this offer will be valid only on Monday’s and Tuesday’s.

This is an ongoing offer which ends on the 31st December. During the offer period, you can avail the discount once per Monday-Tuesday through your Swiggy app or website. It’s important for you to note that the discount will work only when you apply the promo code, which in this case is 100SBI.

We are sure you must be regretting for not having an SBI credit card. But don’t worry, you can apply for it by visiting the nearest branch. Have a happy meal experience with Swiggy!

4. Blockbuster Axis Bank Offer on Swiggy

There couldn’t be a better time to indulge in some delicious food than now, especially when there’s an offer on Swiggy for Axis Bank customers. If you don’t have an Axis bank account yet, you are missing out on a lot of things.

Axis Swiggy offer enables you to reap the benefits of massive discounts, as high as flat 50% on your first Swiggy order. The maximum discount you can earn through this offer is Rs. 125.

However, you can avail the discount only if your minimum order value is Rs. 99. Now, you can save a large portion of your expense by making use of your Axis Bank debit or credit card for making the payment on Swiggy.

Well, you must now be wondering that this offer needs to be utilized at the earliest. Yes, why not? In fact, you should hurry up because this offer is valid for a limited period of time.

Don’t miss your chance because such exclusive offers are not made available too often. But, do not forget to take note of the promo code that you need to apply at the time of payment – AXISNEW. This promo code and your Axis bank debit/credit card are going to be your savior in the real sense!

5. Flat 10% Discount on Swiggy for Kotak Bank Customers

Everyone who shops or places an order for things online always look for the best deals to save a tad bit of their expense. Gone are the days when you would place an order at a restaurant and receive it an hour later. Swiggy has made it easier for all of you who love eating from different restaurants on different occasions.

The best part? Swiggy has partnered with Kotak Bank to offer significant discounts and attractive deals to its customers in a bid to help them enjoy ordering their favorite food online.

Swiggy Kotak Bank offer is for all those of you who were upset about not being an Axis or HDFC bank customer. The duo has got you covered! So, all you Kotak Bank customers get your debit and credit cards out because they are going to be your source for availing the discount.

So, hurry up and install Swiggy’s app or access the website through your desktop immediately. Select your preferred restaurant and shortlist the items you wish to order. Once you’ve added it to the cart, insert “KOTAK125” promo code to get a flat 20% off on your order.

However, make sure that your minimum order value is at least Rs. 500. For payment purpose, you can either make use of your Kotak Bank debit card or credit card.

The maximum discount you can get through this offer is Rs. 125. Yes – that’s undoubtedly a significant price! Before going ahead with placing your order now, do note that this offer is valid only on Thursdays and is valid four times per user.

So, plan your lunch or dinner party accordingly. Don’t miss this offer!

6. Check-out the Discount on HSBC cards

Ever imagined that you would have to pay only half the amount of your total food bill? Yes, you heard that right. It’s possible if you place an order through Swiggy.

The Swiggy HSBC cards offer is for all those people who have never used Swiggy but wish to use it in the near future. In this offer, you can get flat 50% discount using your HSBC cards on the first order placed through Swiggy.

Now, you don’t have to worry about pricey items on the menu because this offer is going to lessen your burden of paying hefty bills. All you need is your HSBC debit or credit cards to get a discount of up to Rs. 125.

The best part – there’s no minimum order value defined here! You can place an order for as less or as more as you want – the choice is yours. Also, don’t forget to apply “HSBCNEW” promo code to avail this offer.

Now is the time to plan a party for the week ahead and prepare a list of appetizers and desserts for it. Shortlist the best restaurant in your vicinity and grab your HSBC card that wasn’t utilized a lot before this.

7. Calling out RBL Credit Card users for offers on Swiggy

For all food-lovers who love ordering food from out, this offer is specially curated for you! Now, you can drop the idea of cooking and engaging yourselves in the kitchen while the party is on. Swiggy and RBL Bank have come together to provide Swiggy RBL credit card offer for all its customers waiting to make optimum use of RBL credit card.

If you are bored of cooking and planning to order food online through Swiggy, you can avail this offer if you are an RBL bank customer. The duo has made full arrangements of setting you free on the weekends by keeping this offer valid only for the weekend.

If you are placing an order for food that’s worth Rs. 300 or more, you can get a flat 15% off on your transaction. The maximum discount you can earn on the mentioned order value is Rs. 200. Well, that’s quite a big amount. Isn’t it? Finally, your Saturday and Sunday plans have now been sorted, all thanks to Swiggy and RBL ‘s partnership.

Take a note of this promo code – RBL200 – because this is going to save your pocket from getting deeply dug. Get ordering now!

8. Eat More, Worry Less – Swiggy Laxmi Vilas Bank Cards Offer

For your love for food, here’s your chance to order and eat all that you want and all that you can! Get ready to save a huge amount on your food order because Swiggy and Laxmi Vilas Bank have come together to provide flat 40% off on any two orders placed via Swiggy.

You can save a maximum of Rs. 100 on each of the orders placed through Swiggy with payment made through Laxmi Vilas Bank cards.

So, if all this while you were wondering of how you could utilize those cards for something beneficial, this is it! This offer gives you the perfect opportunity to do so. All you need to avail this offer is “LVB100” promo code – so take a note of it and do not forget to apply prior to making the payment.

9. First 5 Orders & 50% off – Use your Rupay Cards

Ever imagined that you could get a whopping 50% off on your online food order at Swiggy? We all love discounts and deals that save our pockets from getting deeply dug. But, this offer is especially beneficial for all those food-enthusiasts who constantly order food online and end up spending a huge amount on a monthly basis.

Swiggy’s offer on Rupay cards is unlike other offers that let you benefit just once. Here, you’ll not just get flat 50% off on your orders placed through Swiggy using Rupay cards, but you’ll get the same discount on your first five orders. However, it is important to note that you’ll get a discount only if you make the payment via Rupay cards; no other cards can be used.

For those of you who never felt the need for using Swiggy earlier, now you have the perfect opportunity to install Swiggy’s app since this offer is specially meant for new users.

What could get better than having a discount of up to Rs. 100 on your food order? Well, that amount makes a huge difference. So, if you want to avail this offer, select the restaurant of your choice on Swiggy, shortlist the items from the menu, and proceed to make the payment. Do not forget to apply “RUPAYTREATS” coupon code. Without the coupon code, you won’t be able to reap the benefits of this offer. Hurry up now!

10. Calling out Citi Bank Customers – Earn 25% Cashback on your Cards

What is it that you are craving for? Pizza? Burgers? Cake? Ice-cream? You name it and you get it. This offer is valid for all the Citi bank customers in association with Swiggy to offer the best food items delivered at your doorstep while still being able to earn cashback.

If you are a Citi Bank credit or debit card user, this is a perfect chance to make use of those cards for earning cashback of up to 25%. All those of you who are eagerly waiting to welcome the weekend with a bang, the good news is that this offer is valid only on Fridays!

So now, the concern of your Friday meals has been sorted. If your order amounts to Rs. 500 or more, you can earn cashback of up to Rs. 200. However, do take a note that this offer is valid only once per card per offer day.

Do not forget to apply Swiggy Citibank coupon code ‘CITIFOODIE’ on your transaction. In less 60 working days after placing an order, you’ll find the cashback credited into your wallet directly. Make use of each of these Fridays till 28th June because that’s when the offer ends.

Enjoy your fabulous Fridays with Swiggy and Citi Bank cards.

Now that you have read through the details of all these offers, let’s also check out what the process of availing either of these offers is. Stay tuned to know more –

Your Go-To Guide to Avail the Swiggy Bank offers

If you wish to avail either of these Swiggy offers but are not sure how to go about it, this list is going to come handy to you. Treat this guide like a process manual and you will be sorted to make use of any of these offers. The process is pretty quick and simple, so take a quick glance at it –

  • Firstly, if you are a new user and do not have Swiggy’s app installed in your mobile phone, install it right away or access the website through your desktop.
  • Select your location and the preferred restaurant nearby.
  • Select the food items you wish to eat from the restaurant of your choice.
  • Fill in the required details and go to the payment page.
  • At the payment page, apply the given promo code for the relevant bank offer you wish to avail.
  • Now, clear the payment using the required bank’s debit/credit card.

This is it! Isn’t the process simple? What are you now waiting for? Go install the App and save a bit of your expense. Do not that, none of these offers will stand valid if you make the payment via any other bank cards other than the stated ones. So, read well and then place an order!

Food Enthusiasts Now Have a Reason to Celebrate!

We are sure that all these offers have got you craving for eating more while spending less! Now order your food being stress-free and do not restrict yourselves due to budget constraints or unavailability of restaurant delivery. There’s a solution for everything here. It’s time for you to eat double whilst saving little. We bet nothing gets better than this and there’s no way you can save more than this through any medium, other than this. Since these offers are available for a limited period of time, you shouldn’t be wasting any time. Go; grab the deals before they disappear.

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