Top 10 Best Gear Cycle Brands in India 2024 – Ride Today!

Go through the Best Gear Cycle Brands in India in 2024 and decide which one of these bicycles will add a kick into your life.

If you are a bicycle enthusiast then this article is for you, as we will be listing the Top 10 & Best Gear Cycle Brands in India in 2024. One of the foremost reasons why bicycles are loved today is because they have proven to be the best friend to many fitness freaks in this current day & age, where everyone desires to keep fit and healthy.

Best Gear Cycle Brands in India

But don’t worry you don’t have to be a fitness fanatic to benefit from a cycle. It appears to be the ideal ally in a variety of environmental challenges because it also addresses the need to be environmentally conscious. Given that it uses no fuel to run and prevents a significant amount of pollution it is a very green investment to have a bicycle.

Another advantage of having a bicycle is that, if you live in a city or town with unmanageable traffic then having a bicycle gets you through a short distance with ease without wasting a lot of time. In short, it is a perfect vehicle to use.

Cycling in itself is a great pastime, alongside being an activity that helps maintain your health. Having a bicycle for a lot of travel enthusiasts is a great addition because it helps them cycle around their destinations, and ride through mountains or hills swiftly.

This article will help you find the best gear cycle in India which makes a valuable addition to your lifestyle for health and leisure activities. Trust us it is fun to have this companion in your house, because of how beneficial they are.

Make that small grocery run, that morning exercise routine all by browsing through this list of best gear cycle brands in India and finally choosing which one of these friendly companions you want to purchase.

Listing of The Top 10 Best Gear Cycle Brands in India 2024

Let’s follow this list of Top 10 gear cycle brands in India 2024 and give you a fair idea as to what the market looks like, what features should you be looking out for in these brands, and most importantly which suits your idea of a bike.

1. Atlas

Atlas Cycle

Atlas is one of the best gear cycle brand in India and also a brand that produces bicycles for different age groups. The retailers of Atlas are available all across India, you can also book their bikes over the internet. You just have to select from their wide range of cycles for people of various ages. Their bicycles are sold at retailers all around India.

If you’re looking for a brand that would have the best bicycles for the young one in your home then Atlas should be your go-to brand. One of the most liked cycles by the kids is the Atlas Smashes IBC 20T.

Atlas cycles are lightweight and supremely cost-effective so you don’t need to worry about burning a hole in your pocket. Their wheels are one of the best in the market and are recommended by a lot of people. If you’re looking for the best sports cycle brand in India then this is it.

The ‘top features’ of Atlas brand are;

  • The Atlas Smashes IBC 20T is one of the best models for children on the market, it has the perfect brakes made of steel, with steady wheels that make sure your child enjoys cycling.
  • They produce exceptionally good racing bikes, and are India’s top racing cycle producing brands.
  • They use high-quality material in making their bicycles, thus ensuring that you get a cycle which will last for years to come.

2. Hercules

Hercules Cycle

Hercules is part of the list consisting of the best gear cycle brands in India in 2024. Hercules is the top-selling and mass producer of gear cycles in the country. As it manages to produce the most durable and strong cycles possible, it has claimed a name to fame which makes every Indian aware of the brand.

The company produces the most prominent everyday use bikes in the country. Part of their collection are some amazing mountain bicycles which are effective and equally cool. Hercules mountain bicycles are thoroughly enjoyed by professional bikers who claim that the cycles are actually a good choice for tough terrains.

However, if you’re looking for a great everyday use cycle then a suggestion from us regarding this brand is to go for the Ryder Contour 21 Speed Bicycle. It should also be noted that this brand produces the best gear cycle under 10000 rupees, making it an affordable choice.

Their quality is exceptional and if you’re looking for a brand that’s a bike you can keep for a long time then Hercules is the brand for you irrespective of the terrain you take it on, it has exceptional endurance and can prove to be a good partner.

Let’s learn about some of the ‘top features’ of Hercules as a brand;

  • They have twenty-one gear bikes available.
  • The Ryder Contour 21 Speed Bicycle has a strong bike frame that makes sure you’re safe while riding. It has a V break but offers fast stop.
  • It comes with a promised one-year guarantee alongside it can take up to a hundred and fifty kg rider’s weight on it.

3. Avon

Avon Cycle

Avon is by far the best brand that offers you a gear cycle under 8000. If you’re a beginner and just want to invest in a bicycle because of how it reminds you of your childhood, and just to pass time then Avon is the brand you should lay your eyes on.

It is presumably one of the most looked out for brands in the country at the moment. This brand has an Indian origin; the company started in Ludhiana, Punjab in 1951. They have exceptional variety both online and offline and that is noteworthy for almost around 200 options.

Not only regular bicycles but Avon produces bicycles used in gyms too, and is one of the largest producers of it in the country. It is very upfront about its quality and makes sure that customers are happy with the products it offers.

If we talk about the most sought-after model that you can look out for in Avon it has to be the Neowave. It is popular in the market and is an exceptional choice.

Now let’s look at some ‘Top Features’ of Avon

  • It has sturdy and classic designs which appeal to the Indian audience.
  • It is very cost-effective and is a great investment if you’re a beginner.
  • In terms of the Neowave as a suggestion it has a solid design and grip, and the seat is exceptionally comfortable padding. The V brakes are accompanied by the compound switch.

4. Firefox

Firefox Cycle

Firefox is at #4 on the list of the top 10 gear cycle brand in India as it was launched as a brand for gear cycles in the year 2005. But rapidly managed to gain a ton of popularity, making it a people’s choice. Its quality is top-notch compared to a lot of other brands in the country and hence is also an excellent choice for your investment.

The brand produces cycles that suit both men and women alongside children. The frame at which Firefox bicycles are built is tough and all-weather resistant. Their cycles can be used to tour around the city and even rocky mountain terrains. Their mountain bikes are of exceptional quality and we recommend you take it for a spin.

The durability the Firefox bikes come with are definitely a plus point as the rough terrains or uneven roads tend to test a cycle’s strength. Their cycles are available in stores across the country with a wide range of designs/types to decide from. You should also know that Firefox as a brand is passionate about biking and hence also conducts track events.

They have a different variety of ranges, from mountain cycles, off-road cycles, city cycles and much more. If you are on a hunt for a model in Firefox we would suggest that you check out the Firefox Torreto 27.5D.

If you want to figure out more ‘top features’ of this brand then read on;

  • Their bikes are an ideal match for all the streets in your city.
  • Their bikes come with a front suspension which makes sure that you are safeguarded well.
  • They have disc brakes which are very smooth and comfortable for use.
  • Talking about the Firefox Toretto 27.5D model it has a hard trail outline which gives a superb look. It has tires that are perfect for off-roading rides.

5. La Sovereign

La Sovereign Cycle

La Sovereign is a world-class and one of the best gear cycle company in India. This bicycle producing brand has bikes that have a vibrant look and are available in many colours which makes the process of riding their bicycles exciting.

La Sovereign has been making bicycles for forty years now and has exceptionally mastered the art of making great cycles. They have models for children, young adults and adults. The bikes they make for children, for instance the BMC Bikes or the MTB Bikes are asked a lot about in the market.

Their brakes are exceptional; they use the coaster ones, which makes the ride you take on the bicycle smooth and steady. The technology used to make this bike is innovative and upgraded to match new demands hence the cycles produced by La Sovereign are durable, stylish, and safe for anybody to ride on them.

Anybody from a professional biker to an amateur can use their bikes and be blown away by the kind of quality they experience. They have a great hold over the market because of how to cater to anyone and everyone.

Their best bike choices definitely have to be the La Sovereign Town Bicycle and the Los Angeles Sovereign Town Bicycle. Both of which have exceptional qualities and are loved by a big audience.

Let’s learn a little bit more about the ‘top features’ of the bike are;

  • Their style is always upscaled and innovative which makes riding their bikes a nice experience.
  • They have the latest technology used to build their bike hence the latest trends and styles are well kept in mind.
  • As a brand they aim at making India pollution free and hence have anti-pollution bikes. Also, as a corporation they always motivate the young generation of the country to choose bikes.
  • In terms of the models mentioned above, if you look at La Sovereign Town Bicycle it is an exceptional choice for those who wish to improve around the town hassle-free, with single brakes it makes it very easy.
  • The Los Angeles Sovereign Town Bicycle on the other hand is made up of tough steel and doesn’t have the standard V brakes which takes biking a notch higher.

6. Hero

Hero Cycle

Hero is a household name in India for bicycles and also one of the Best Gear Cycle Brands in India. It has exceptional quality and is catered to the Indian audience for years now. There’s no other brand which can understand what the Indian Customers want better than Hero.

Hero was started by the Munjal Brothers in 1956 and you’d be surprised to know that they have been mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records as the company for producing the largest number of bicycles in the world. They produce approximately 19000 bikes every day, rest assured that no quality is compromised there.

Hero bikes are very strong and can handle any road whatsoever. They also have a variety of brakes in their models which makes sure that they are safe to ride around. Hero can cater to all budget needs, and yet provide you with quality bikes, so yes Hero is an exceptional choice.

There are plenty of models that you can choose from and yet end up with the one worth your money. They have the best gear cycle under Rs.15000, so as said your budget is well looked out for.

More ‘top features’ of this brand are;

  • Their bikes are lightweight which make sure your rides are immensely smooth. They have truly comfortable seats which can be customized.
  • They have comfortable brakes and gears which is why it is very easy to navigate through a Hero Bike.
  • One of their best gear cycles is the Hero RX2 Sprint.

7. Btwin Cycles

Btwin Cycle

Btwin as a brand is one of the best gear cycle brand in India. Btwin Cycles is the brand affiliated with Decathlon. Decathlon has its own fan base amongst sports enthusiasts as the brand offers products for all types of sports. Btwin was started as a bicycle division in Decathlon in the year 1976, only as recently as 2006 did it get renamed to Btwin and looked out for as a new brand.

Btwin as a brand is affordable and has plenty of unique designs that are exceptionally good for any age group because that is how Decathlon produces its products. Btwin is a brand that produces one of the best bicycles under Rs.10,000 and that has been vetted by the customers of Decathlon.

Btwin bicycles have aluminum wheels which is a plus because it helps prevent rusting and makes these cycles lightweight, thus making them easy to move around with. Its warranty policy is phenomenal as it allows you to replace or return the cycle in case of damages for a long duration (T&C Apply).

Some of the ‘top features’ of Btwin bicycles are

  • They make cycling as an experience an extraordinary one which is enjoyed by everyone.
  • Their seats are very comfortable and aren’t hard which makes cycling uncomfortable.
  • They have extensive shock resistance capacity and hence are also very durable and strong.
  • The best cycle manufactured by Btwin is the Triban 100 Road Bike

8. Roadmaster

roadmaster cycle

Roadmaster is the producer of the best gear cycle in India. The brand’s site is filled with options and varieties as it has more than 60 models on display and these are not exclusive to some specific age groups. It is open for all and which makes this brand a lot more accessible.

They have bicycles that are of top-notch quality and are loved by Indian bikers. The brand has rapidly grown its fanbase in India, with its launch just in 2015. Today it has around 153 stores across the country.

The cycles made by the Roadmaster have a lot of thought put into them, hence are the safest to ride on. This company offers premium quality mountain bikes with the most optimal gear setting to face the steep slopes. They produce their cycles with some of the most efficient tech which is why their cycles face such high demands in the market.

As a brand Road Master took fairly less time to establish a niche in the Indian market, and absolutely all the credit goes to how phenomenal their bikes are.

Let us learn about some of the ‘top features’ of this brand

  • Their bikes have a very appealing and elegant style that reaches out to the audience.
  • The build of their bikes is very strong and hence their brakes are very dependable and secure.
  • Their quality is premium with very cutting-edge services at your rescue.
  • Road Master’s best gear cycles are the ones in the ‘Roadmaster mountain bike’ category.

9. Montra Cycles

Montra Cycle

Montra cycles is on #9 on the list of the best gear cycle brands in India. This Asian brand is best known for their half-breed cycles. They have a bicycle that is good to go around the city, as well as, off-road.

Their off-road bicycles are super strong and smooth making them safe to use whilst being equally fun to be taken around. They have incorporated metallic components and alloys in their bikes making them even more attractive.

They have exceptional service as a brand. So, after purchasing if you are facing any issues you can go to their store and they will fix any problem in your bike. To add to their glory, they provide great accessories making your biking experience a worthwhile one. All of their products are available at reasonable prices.

Let’s look at some ‘top features’ of Montra

  • They come with six cogwheels which makes the biking process of biking very smooth mostly for the young ones.
  • If you love fat tires for off-roading their bikes are for you.
  • They have a huge range of varieties from which you can choose and that ensures all your needs are also checked off the list too.
  • Some of the best models of Montra are Montra Rock, Montra Madrock, and Montra Beat.

10. Leader Cycles

Leader Cycle

Leader Cycles produces some of the best gear cycle under 15000 rupees. It is an international brand with its presence spread across the globe, and subsequently offering the best bike riding experience. The reason behind their excellence is that they have catered to so many audiences that they have learned to make better and better cycles according to demand.

Leader Cycles are well known for the quality they offer and how they show it in each of the components used in their cycles. They are mended for all men, women, and children, and to add to these they have trendy designs which make them look more attractive.

These components that we have been talking about make sure that you have a very smooth experience through the rides that you take. The brand has a great brake system which makes sure that you can stop instantly when required.

Be it mountain bikes, bikes for children, road bikes everything is readily available at Leader Cycles.

So let us look at some of the ‘top features’ of the Leader Bikes;

  • They come with an advanced brake system which ensures your safety at all times.
  • They have an extensive product line which makes sure that you have a number of choices.
  • They keep up with all the recent trends making sure that you have the best in the biking world.
  • The best cycle offered by Leader Cycle is the LEADER Sphere 27.5T 21 Speed MTB cycle.

How To Buy the Best Gear Cycle? – Buying Guide

If you have a solid plan for purchasing a bike in the year 2024, and you want it to be one of the best gear cycles in India then having even the tiniest of the details checked and verified is very important. Irrespective of whether you are doing it online or offline.

To begin with, answering a few of these questions that we are mentioning below is imperative and later on, following them is important. So which are things that you need to consider for buying a bicycle;

a. What is your reason behind buying a bicycle?

Considering the reason behind buying a bicycle is very important; is it for your health or is it just for a good pastime, is it to spend time by oneself or is it for travel purposes. When you find the answer to this, deciding what type of bicycle you want and things alongside will be easy to figure out.

b. What is your budget for the buy?

Your budget shall decide a number of things from what type of bike you can buy to which brand you can afford. So, setting a realistic budget is the right way to go, because at the end of the day a bicycle is also an investment.

c What kind of bicycle do you want?

As mentioned earlier in the article brands have different types of bikes from city bikes to mountain bikes, listing below are the type of bikes available;

  1. Mountain Bike
  2. Road Bike
  3. Hybrid bike

Now the road and mountain bikes are quite easily understandable but what are hybrid bikes?

Well, they are an amalgamation of both road and mountain bikes and go a mile more than what your road or mountain bike can on their way.

There are many other types of bikes that when you step into the store or look up on the internet for more research you will find. What you need to know is what fulfills your purpose and how much you are willing to spend for that.

All these factors will decide the price of your bike and set you on a right path.

d. What are the other factors you should consider while buying the bicycle?

Well, we are listing a few things here, and checking them out is something that you should do in order to ensure you have gotten your hands on the best bicycle for your money.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are additional brakes alongside the normal V brakes that come along with every bicycle so it is on you to decide whether you want them or not. They are usually used in stunt riding, mountain riding or any place where you will need to quickly stop so you can take your pick.


They are the founding brick off the bike, so choosing the correct one is very important. If you end up with the wrong one then it will make the entire biking experience terrible hence choose the correct frame. If the commute is the most important task you’re going to perform with the bike then choosing which can handle your feet and bottom’s weight is the right way to go.

Frame Size

The frame size of your bicycle is varied according to the different heights, so make sure you choose the correct frame size in accordance with your height.

Front Suspension

A normal bike with a decent front suspension should cost you around Rs.15,000 however if you’re looking for something different and more comforting the budget has to increase. So look for something that suits your budget.

Lastly, don’t forget to take a test drive and completely make sure that this is the bike that you want. Because going over a number of bikes is rather the correct decision than buying one that doesn’t suit you in haste.

Frequently Asked Questions Before Buying a Bike

How do you choose the proper bike size?

Matching your height and weight to the bike that you’re purchasing should be one of the foremost things that you can consider in order to choose your bike. The ideal height of the bike should be roughly two-thirds of your height. Moving on the handles should be approximately three inches lower than your shoulder height.
Please pay attention to how different bicycles handle the road when trying them out. It’s a good idea to think about how simple it is to dismount, mount, and peddle.

How to choose the Best Cycle Brands in India?

To decide on the best bicycle brand there are a few things that you need to consider. One of the most important factors is your needs. Where will you be riding the bike? What is your budget? How often will you be using the bike? And, then considering all these you can choose the best brand.
If you want to learn about our opinion, it would be Hero, given how long they have been in the market all your needs would be matched by this brand.

How to choose between a geared and non-geared cycle?

If you want to go on longer rides which are also considerably faster with climbs and drops, and in the process enjoy this ride you might consider acquiring a gear cycle. However, if you are buying a bicycle for fun rides for short drives and end-of-week rides with minimal requirements, or if your primary goal is weight reduction, you should consider riding a non-gear cycle.

Buy The Best Gear Cycle Brands in India Today!

Well firstly follow a step-by-step guide as mentioned above and do more research. It really does help, talking to professionals about the same is something that will help you too. Not only will it give you a better understanding of what you should buy, but also which brand to choose for the same.

Cycling at the end of the day is a great sport or activity and if you end up with a bicycle that you’re not happy with, it takes away from the thrill. So, put in time as to what you want and how you want it.

There are a lot of things you need to consider before making this investment, and mind you this is a big investment so make sure to prepare that checklist and make sure to follow it to the brim.

Lastly, go on biking trips with people who own bicycles or are professionals by borrowing a bike, and then finally end up with the decision of buying one. Happy Biking!

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