Top 10 Sandals Brands in India for Men and Women in 2024

Check out our take on the top 10 sandals brands in India for men and women in 2024. With some of the most budget friendly brands you’ll start buying sandals right away!

The 10 and best Sandals Brands in India in 2024 is a tough list to combine. You keep asking yourself, who has the best quality, who is the cheapest and who is keeping up with the fashion world? There are so many questions to answer andway too many brands to choose from.

The Indian market offers numerous great sandal brands, all of them competing from neck to neck, of course, it becomes hard to decide which one to choose.

Top 10 Sandals Brands in India

Sandals are one of the most versatile footwear, they come in all shapes and sizes. You can rock them with a dress and even casuals. Choosing the right sandal and the best one is a great task at hand. Wouldn’t it be absolutely awesome if someone could give you a list of the best sandal brands in India?

The Top 10 Sandal Brands You Cannot Miss Out On!

Given below are the top 10 and best Sandals Brands in India for Men and Women in 2024 on the basis of quality, quantity, price, reviews and popularity. It becomes so confusing to choose from different sandal brands, especially when there is an abundance of them.

To make the selection process simpler for you, we have narrowed the search down to the top 10 so you can choose the most suitable brand according to your requirement, budget and style.

1. Bata

The Bata Sandals

Bata is one of the best sandal brands in India. Why? Because bata is perfect for the Indian population. Bata is one of the oldest sandal brands in India, but that does not mean it has become old fashioned.

The new motto of Bata is surprisingly bata and rightly so, bata has renewed its image from an old school brand to a brand who follows the trends and even sets them.

Bata has a humongous collection ranging from formal wear, party wear, casual wear, home wear and even adventure wear. The quality and comfort of Bata are unmatched and it takes into account the needs of everyone. You will find sandals for everyone at bata from comfortable walking sandals for your grandmother to stylish sandals for your sister.

One of the biggest reasons why bata wins the race of the top 10 sandals brands in India is that Bata is reliable. The quality and durability of Bata is a popular name nationwide and it has become a trusted Indian household name for sandals. You can count on Bata sandals because they are robust and are made to last.

All in all, Bata rightly deserves the top rank in our list because of its comfort, reliability, price, popularity and of course style.

2. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper Men's Leather Sandals

Lee Cooper is one of the best sandal brands in India because Lee Cooper is a style statement in India. The brand redefines style and brings a wave of western-style into the Indian market.

Lee Cooper is an old British denim brand that expanded into the Indian market in the early 21st century and has been growing in India ever since.

Lee Cooper has a great aspirational value and the same is reflected in their tag line “the fabric of London”. The brand is known and acknowledged internationally for the right reasons. The designs by Lee cooper are beautifully crafted.

Lee cooper manufactures the most stunning sandals for both genders because of the style and versatility of its footwear. The formal sandal collection of Lee cooper is stunning and something every modern man would like to own.

Lee Cooper has an original British style and a really strong brand value which makes it shine in the Indian Market. It includes the latest trends and has designs that everyone would want to wear and for these reasons Lee cooper is surely one of the top 10 sandals brands in India.

In totality, Lee cooper is a great brand to buy shoes from. It offers great designs, many options and has a strong brand value.

3. WoodLand

Woodland Leather Sandals

Woodland is one of the best leather sandals brand in India as it has the most prestigious leather footwear. It delivers quality footwear and does not disappoint in any aspect. Woodland is a company of Canadian descent. The story behind Woodland starts with a desire to manufacture the perfect leather shoe.

Woodland spread in India around the early ’90s and was an instant hit in the market because it brought something never seen before in the Indian market, premium leather stitched shoes. Later Woodland expanded into the adventure apparel and footwear market.

Woodland has a reputation to manufacture quality adventure shoes. Woodland is a top name in the sandal leather market and is often quoted as making the best leather sandals for men. Woodland shoes are premium and the price range is slightly on the higher side, but do not worry their shoes are worth buying.

If you are someone who has a hunger for adventure sports and often go on uninhibited wild ventures, Woodland has the perfect sandals for you.

Woodland is considerate towards the planet and envisions to manufacture “Proplanet footwear”. They give a premium look especially if you are looking for adventure sports shoes, leather sandals and formal shoes.

4. Nike

The Nike Sandals

Nike offers some of the most premium branded sandals for men. Nike provides its customers with high-quality sportswear which is carefully designed to give the best fit at the best price. Nike believes in manufacturing sustainable products which are good for the consumer and the environment.

Their footwear often incorporates new types of innovative features which make them more consumer-friendly. Nike aims to shape the future of sports footwear by making products which are more efficient and hassle-free. Nike Inc is also the father of the other two big sportswear brands, Converse and Jordans.

Converse shoes are a staple name and trusted brand. Converse shoes lean towards casual street fashion. Jordans on the other hand is a luxury sneaker and shoe brand designed to make a statement. Nike has many collections and all their products belong to different price ranges.

Nike is of American descent. The heavy western influence can be seen in all the Nike products and advertisements and that is what attracts the Indian customers the most. The brand has great designs, innovative shoes and a varied price range which makes it accessible to most people in the Indian Market.

5. Adidas

adidas Women's sandals

Adidas is the best women’s sandals brand in India due to its unique range. The brand is known for its excellent service, a wide range of products and affordability. Adidas is a brand which is known in every household and is a rage amongst the youth of India.

Adidas has brought a wave of casual sportswear in India. Adidas became one of the top 10 sandals brands in India because of the various styles and designs it introduced. Adidas specialises in running shoes and has many innovative running shoes to choose from.

All the designs are made keeping in mind the modern aspect and the Indian clientele. This is why Adidas is so popular amongst the Indian masses because it is the perfect mix of western designs and Indian comfort.

Adidas shoes and sandals speak of comfort and style to anyone and everyone who wears them. The shoes are made of top quality materials to ensure the quality of each piece is maintained.

Adidas has many collections like Ultraboost, Predator, Nemeziz, Copa, X, Home of classics, Nite Jogger etc. All the collections follow a different theme and have great designs. Adidas gives a plethora of designs to choose from.

6. Metro

Metro Women's Sandals

Metro offers the best sandals for women in India and is popular among the female population. Metro is a one-stop solution to all your shoe problems. If you are not getting variety, if you are not getting the right shoe size, not finding the right pair for a party or not getting comfy enough slippers, do not worry Metro shoes will come to your rescue.

Metro shoes is a trusted name in the Indian household and are loved by every Indian woman. It offers the most prominent products in terms of variety, style, comfort and price. Metro offers many different brands under one roof and you can easily find the right footwear for any occasion.

Another reason why Metro is one of the most popular women’s sandals brands is that it has great discounts, offers and sales. Every festive season you can catch great deals and offers on Metro and you can splurge on shoes all you like.

Metro aims to be the favourite place for every shoe lover. It offers all sizes, colours, designs and a wide range of different brands. Metro Shoes has stores around the country. Their motto is to give quality footwear which embodies style and elegance.

7. Khadims

Khadim's Men's Sandals

Khadims is one of the best men’s sandals brands in India especially for the adult population. Khadims offers stylish and dashing sandals for men.

The style of Khadims is authentic and Indian. Khadims started in India around the early ’80s and has been a very honourable men’s sandal brand since due to the quality provided.

Khadims was awarded the 3rd Most Trusted Footwear Brand in India in the year 2011. Khadims is an old India based sandal brand which promises quality sandals at an affordable rate. The mission of Khadims is to expand its retail network to deliver more quality products all around India.

Khadims keeps in mind the economic diversity of the Indian market is a very price-conscious brand which wants to make a brand which provides fashion for everyone. Khadims takes customer feedback very seriously and is a brand which works for the consumer.

Khadims has won many awards and mentions for its great service and quality. You can find authentic Indian leather sandals, formal wear and casual wear at Khadims. Khadims has many stores all around the country. They offer attractive deals and great offers.

8. Mochi

Mochi Women's  Sandals

Mochi is one of the top women’s sandal brands in India as it is the favourite choice of every working woman. It gives stunning designs which are stylish yet formal, thus making them perfect for every office going woman.

Mochi has great deals too and makes quality footwear affordable. Mochi collections are designed with detail and have many intricate shades engraved in each piece. Mochi is known for its unique and gorgeous designs.

Mochi is the best choice for classy Indian men looking for elegant and prim style. Mochi is more than a brand, it is a style statement. Mochi has many collections and the range keeps getting bigger and bigger with newer designs coming every season.

Mochi is one of the top 10 sandals brands in India because it is synonymous with class, style and exquisite designs. The price range is wide but the sandals are appropriately priced and worth the money.

Mochi is most reputed for its footwear but it also manufactures accessories like bags, belts, socks, mobile accessories, shoe care products and lightweight apparel. If you are looking for wholesome shopping Mochi is the right place.

9. Relaxo

Relaxo Sparx Sandals

Relaxo offers the best sandals for men in India and is highly advertised as so by famous stars like Salman Khan. It is trusted by Indian families and has been a top choice in the Indian footwear market. Relaxo is a huge brand with many other brands under it, like Sparx, Schoolmate, Flite and Bahamas.

The Bahamas is a collection which has casual wear and beachwear shoes like slippers, floaters etc. Sparx is a dedicated sports line for those who want great active footwear.

Schoolmate is a line of shoes specially made for the school going children of India. Flite is an exclusive line with fashionable shoe wear from formal to casual footwear. Relaxo is one brand that has it all.

Relaxo has a huge range of designs from casual wear to festive wear. Relaxo is one of the most affordable brands in India. It makes over 6 lac pairs of shoes in a day and is a manufacturing giant which manages to combine comfort with style.

Thus Relaxo can be termed as one of the best sandal brands in India. It is the top choice of many Indian citizens. Relaxo aims to set trends for the Indian market and is a reliable, fashionable and great sandal brand in India.

10. Liberty

Liberty Fashion Sandals

Liberty shoes are one of the popular women’s sandals brands. The brand has been providing quality footwear to Indians for more than 5 decades. Liberty has a huge retail network of over 150 distributors providing shoes to over 400 liberty stores and 6000 outlets all around the country.

Liberty shoes started as a single store in the 1950s, making only 4 pairs of shoes a day and in 2014 it joined the 1000 crore company club. Liberty Shoes is a company dedicated to its customers and their top priority is consumer satisfaction.

Liberty is a wholesome footwear brand which has shoes for your every need. Liberty shoes are the father brand of cooler shoes, tip-top footwear and even senorita. It also provides free shipping and great customer service which makes the brand even more attractive.

Liberty is also known to make some of the best sandals for ladies. They have many designs and shoes are comfortable to wear. Another great thing is they have an entire section on their website for women’s comfort shoes which promises fashion and comfort.

The Ultimate sandal buying guide for Men & Women

Buying the right sandal is a handful task, there are so many things to keep in mind but not to worry we have some tips that will make your job so much easier.

1 – Know the best shoe for your lifestyle:

If you are someone who commutes a lot, a soft sole and active shoes are the best for you, if you work in a corporate environment you need comfort with style. Know what degree of comfort and style you need in your footwear.

2 – Know the best time to grab deals:

There are different seasons for different shoes, but many great things happen out of season. Grab clearance sales. The best time to buy summer shoes is the last months of summer, clearance sales have great shoes at half the prices. You’ll be surprised to see what you find.

3 – Know your show types:

Now we all know heels and flat, formal and casual but that isn’t all? Know if you need pumps for your office or block heels for the office. Being through with all the shoe types makes buying shoes a cakewalk.

4 – Know your feet:

Know what your feet want and would love. Know your measurements, know what fabric suits your feet the best and what sole is the best for your feet. Knowing your feet goes a long way when buying sandals.

Buy Off Any of the Top 10 Sandals Brands in India Today!

The above-given list is of the Top 10 Sandals Brands in India. All of these brands have been picked carefully so that they have the maximum capacity to fulfil consumer needs. They are one of the best-rated sandal brands in the market and have one of the best reviews.

Choosing the right pair of shoes is as important as choosing the right outfit. Shoes reflect your style and buying from the best brands is of priority.

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