Top 10 Shirt Brands in India in 2024 To Stay in Style

In this article, we have created a list of the Top 10 best shirt brands in India in 2024. Go through this article to learn so much more about styles of shirts and where to find the best one.

We made a list of Top 10 Shirt brands in India in 2024. We have brought this article to make your search easy. The list is curated after thorough research from various shopping sites and official websites of brands. We have also mentioned various styles of shirts so that you can make a worthy purchase. Treat this as your guide for finding the Best Shirt Brands in India.

Best and Top 10 Shirt Brands in India

We have progressed so much in terms of everything. Technology has evolved much and it can be found everywhere. From eating processed foods to wearing readymade clothes, we have developed in every aspect for betterment and growth.

We have to adapt to new norms in society and make changes in ourselves. For instance, let’s take Fashion, Fashion and trends go hand in hand.

Men’s clothing however has always been simple and elegant. One such eternal clothing piece is a shirt that is worn by them daily. A shirt is a symbol of grace. It is a style statement and will always remain in trend.

Anything can go out of style, but shirts are the essence of man’s clothing. A simple shirt is enough to complete your look to be anywhere. There are different styles of shirts available from different brands.

We have mentioned some of them so that you can get ideas and choose your type and choose your favourite brand out of the Top 10 Shirt brands in India in 2024. But, before we start let us run you through the basics.

Different Types of Shirt Collars:

The collar style can ruin or make the look of the shirt. It is different to determine the style that suits your body and face style the most. You can figure it out from the styles mentioned below.

  • Point Collar: This collar type has a pointed end. The collar is best suited for men who have a wide face.
  • Tab collar: Tab collar is more like a vintage type of collar with a more classic look. The collar-type shirt can be worn with a necktie.
  • Club collar: This collar type is also classic in its appearance and is narrow at the front.
  • Pin collar: This collar type is designed basically for collar pins, bars and clips. The collar type helps in hiding the space between the collar points and outshines the tie knot.

Different Types of Fabric:

The material of the cloth is the most essential feature to look into. The fabric of the shirt should be top-quality and comfortable to wear.

  • Fine cotton: Premium quality cotton shirts are the best among all the fabrics for shirts. Its softness provides you with full comfort. The most desirable cotton fabrics of the world are American Pima cotton, Sea Island and Egyptian cotton. These are the most expensive cotton and serve as the best material for making shirts. You can choose cotton shirts over anything.
  • Linen: Linen shirts are the most preferable shirts after cotton and can be worn in hot climates in summer. It is a little loosely woven.

Different Types of Sleeve Lengths:

Shirts have 2 types of sleeve length; long sleeves and short sleeves. You can choose either style according to your choice and what suits your personality.

Different Types of Fits:

The fit of the shirt is extremely important. If you wear a shirt that does not fit on your body, then it can ruin your vibe. Perfect fit type is a major deciding factor for purchasing a good shirt.

  • Regular Fit: This fit type is for all body size types. It fits all. This shirt type is generally common for all. The shirt with this type of fit usually has traditional armholes and sleeves. More room is given in the chest and shoulder area.
  • Slim Fit: The slim fit type shirt is for those men who like wearing shirts with shaped designs. It is more fashionable and will look good on young men. This type of shirt is slim across the chest.
  • Tailored Fit: This type of fit is a combination of both regular and slim fit types. It has a tapered design with some space to relax. The shirt will look good on a man with a good physique.
  • Skinny Fit: This fit type is slimmer and skinnier. Shirts with skinny fits are very narrow. The armholes are fully fit and the sleeves are much tapered.

Have a look at our list of Top 10 Best Shirt brands in India in 2024. We have compiled this list after an in-depth evaluation and we are sure you will find your perfect style and brand in it.

1. Peter England

Peter England Shirts

Peter England is one of the top shirt brands in India in 2024. The brand produces the best shirts for men and other clothing apparel. Peter England was launched in 1889 for British soldiers during the war. In 1997, the brand was launched in India.

The company has over 700 brand outlets across 150 cities and towns. It has one of the largest customer bases of 4 million people. The brand focuses more on quality and makes authenticated clothes. Peter England shirts are made with premium quality material that provides you comfort and gives you confidence. It offers a wide collection of shirts which you can choose as per your wish.

You can purchase trending shirts for men directly from the official site of Peter England. You can also buy shirts from online shopping sites like Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon. The brand produces shirts for every occasion, you can have one for every event like parties, casual, formal and business casual.

The brand makes shirts for every fit like slim, regular, super slim, comfortable, ultra-slim, and Nuvo fit.

There are all patterns of shirts available including check, solid, print, striped, textured, patterned, dots and graphic prints.

Peter England manufactures shirts in all sizes starting from 36 and going up to 48. Their shirts are available in a wide variety of colours

A new collection of stylish shirts has been added by the brand. These shirts are claimed to be antiviral and antibacterial. The material of the shirt is treated with HeiQ Viroblock Swiss Technology. The new antiviral shirts are resistant to common viruses and bacteria. This way Peter England promise you maximum safety

2. Raymond

Raymond Shirts

Raymond is the best quality shirt brand in India. It is one of the world’s oldest apparel labels and the finest. Raymond was launched in 1958 and brought a huge textile revolution in India. Raymond has pushed all the benchmarks of quality and leadership. The brand has been involved in many businesses including suiting, shirting, denim, apparel, and engineering.

Raymond has its history way back to 1925 and now has o0ver a billion customers. The brand makes the best quality shirts in the world. It offers a wide collection of shirting fabrics including a plethora of options like Cotton, Wool blends, Linen, Denim, Worsted fabrics. Raymond has over 1500 stores across 600 cities.

In India, the brand has a vast network of over 20,000 points of sale. It has been producing the finest quality shirts in India. Along with the unique designs, Raymond makes the latest shirts for men. The brand has its shirting fabric brand known as ‘Raymond Fine Fabrics. In Kolhapur, Maharashtra, the unit makes premium quality cotton and linen shirts and leads domestic and international brands. Raymond produces the best formal shirts for men.

The brand is a powerful manufacturer of textiles and has strong capabilities from fibre to fabric. Raymond is the best cotton shirt brand in India or so it has been termed by customers. It has been one of the leading companies in cotton shirting fabric and ranks as number one in the OTC space. It is the strongest brand dealing in cotton shirting fabric.

The brand shirts can be purchased directly from the official site of Raymond. On the official website of the brand, various discounts and offers are given. You can also buy shirts from other online shopping platforms like Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart.

The brand makes shirts in all colours. It makes shirts for every fit type like regular fit, contemporary fit, skinny fit, and slim fit. The brand produces shirts having different collars styles like a cutaway collar, mandarin collar, and spread collar.

Raymond produces stylish shirts for every occasion like casual, formal, party, and semi-formal. You can choose shirts according to your preference. The brand produces shirts in both half sleeves and full sleeves. The company manufactures shirts in all sizes starting from 38 to 46.

3. Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer are listed among the best casual shirt brands in India. It is the leading British retail company that provides quality products including clothing, homeware, and food to millions of customers in the world. The company has the oldest history of retail products. Marks and Spencer started in the year 1884 and since then has been dealing with over 70,000 historical items.

The main focus of the brand is to make clothes that don’t cost the environment. Marks and Spencer make stylish garments with sustainable fashion. The company has its brand products in over 62 countries with 1519 stores. It has about 44 websites globally. The brand produces all types of clothes for both men and women. Marks and Spencer make all garments like tops, shirts, t-shirts, dresses, pants, trousers. The brand makes the best quality casual and formal shirts for men.

You can buy stylish shirts for men on the official site of Marks and Spencer. The website offers a limited period of free delivery on all your orders. Various payment gateways are also available while shopping from the Marks and Spencer official website which are safe.

You can purchase the shirts made by these brands from different online portals like Amazon, Myntra, Ajio, Flipkart, and many more. Various discounts are also provided by the shopping sites. The brand produces shirts for both casual wear and formal wear. Formal shirts are manufactured in every size starting from S to XXL. Casual shirts are produced in sizes starting from XS to XXXL.

Marks and Spencer make formal shirts of different styles like easy-iron shirts, non-iron shirts, twill shirts, jersey shirts, oxford shirts and different styles of casual shirts like easy-iron shirts, overshirts, printed, laundered, oxford, and denim shirts.

Marks and Spencer produces formal shirts for every fit type including regular, slim, tailored, and skinny fit and various casual shirts fit types like regular, relaxed, and slim fit.

Shirts produced by the brand come in varieties of colours. Formal shirts with different collar styles like a button-down collar, cutaway collar, classic and semi-cutaway collar are manufactured by the brand. There is a variety of collars available in casual shirts including button-down, classic, collarless, cutaway, grandad, and revered collar.

The brand makes formal shirts of fabrics like a cotton mix, synthetic, and Tencel mix and Casual shirts are made from fabrics including cotton mix, linen, linen mix, poplin, synthetic, and viscose.

Marks and Spencer produces formal shirts of different designs like plain, checked, striped, textured, printed, floral. The brand makes casual shirts of different designs like plain, printed, striped, polka dot, checked, floral, textured. Shirts come in full sleeves and half sleeves.

4. French Crown

French Crown is listed among the best shirt brands in India. The main mission of the company is to strengthen the style of businessmen. The brand believes in traditional tailoring techniques and modern designs to make affordable and high-quality products.

It uses technology hand in hand in the making of garments. French Crown is the fashion brand for men’s clothing. The clothes are designed with sharp and minimal aesthetics. All clothing is made with the utmost priority of young and modern customers with all elegance and style.

French Crown produces all clothing apparel like shirts, pants, suits, blazers, jeans, t-shirts, and many more. Each shirt material is made with pure passion and excellence. All clothes are crafted to celebrate the individuality and personality of the character.

Presently, the French Crown is serving over 40 countries with various websites and 4 countries have marked their physical presence. The brand focuses mainly on the fabric of the material. It is the most important aspect of clothing products. The company uses few premium suppliers from the whole world and serves you the best quality cotton shirts made up of Egyptian cotton, Giza cotton, Premium cotton.

The brand pre-treats the fabric and washes it to avoid shrinkage. Certain enzymes are also added by the brand to make the clothes softer and more comfortable to wear. Various aspects are also included by the French Crown to make the best-branded shirts for men.

It includes fine-quality stitching and buttons. French Crown maintains the stitching density at a level of 16 stitches per inch (SPI). They use premium quality threads and top-quality Japanese sewing machines. The brand also uses pure pearls for putting buttons in the shirts. These mother pearls provide exclusivity to the fabric. It also adds lustre to each shirt.

French Crown shirts can be purchased from the official site of the brand. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it without any hassles. The brand provides a 100% refund after the order has been returned. The brand also offers an exchange policy for the products you want to exchange. The branded shirts of French Crown can be bought from on other shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Indiamart.

French Crown makes shirts for all sizes starting from XS to 5XL. The brand produces shirts in all colours. You can get shirts for occasions including casual and formal.

Shirts are available in different patterns like plain, checks, and prints, stripes, textured. French Crown makes shirts with different kinds of fabrics like cotton, linen, and Tencel.

The brand styles shirts with every collar type like a spread collar, mandarin collar, button-down collar, and cutaway collar. Shirts are available in both sleeve styles including sleeves and half sleeves.

5. Van Heusen

 Van Heusen Shirts

Van Heusen is among the best shirt brands in India. The company is an initiative of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle. The company’s brand portfolio includes product lines that cater to all age groups, from children and youth to men and women, and range from economical and mass-market to luxurious, high-end style.

Van Heusen defines Madura Fashion & Lifestyle as Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly, and Peter England, which personify style, attitude, luxury, and comfort. Van Heusen makes top brand shirts. It embodies a refined elegance that reflects today’s sense of style.

The brand’s line of apparel emphasizes self-expression and individualism, breaking the norms of traditional nine-to-five wearing. You can purchase shirts directly from Van Heusen’s official website. You can also buy shirts from different shopping sites like Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart.

Van Heusen makes the best shirts for men. It makes shirts for every occasion including casual, formal, leisure sport, business casual, and party. The brand produces shirts of all sizes starting from 38 to 48. Shirts are produced in all colours.

Different fit types are available for shirts like slim fit, regular fit, loose fit, comfort fit, skinny fit, and custom fit types. The company makes various pattern shirts according to your choice like a check, print, textured, solids, stripes, dots, and patterned.

Different collar styles are also available on the official website of Van Heusen. Includes regular collar, band collar, and button-down collar.

6. Park Avenue

Park Avenue Shirts

Park Avenue is the top apparels brand of Raymond Group and it also makes its way into our list of Best Shirt Brands In India. From casual to business wear, Park Avenue offers a beautiful choice of shirts for men. It produces shirts with a mixture of unique designs and comfort.

You can purchase shirts for men from the official site of the brand. Many different offers are posted by the company. Many e-commerce sites like Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart also sell the brand’s shirts.

Different fit types designed by them are regular, slim, contemporary and skinny. A wide range of collections of shirts is available in various colours. Park Avenue is one of the best white shirt brands in India.

7. Louis Phillipe

 Louis Phillipe Shirts

Louis Phillipe is among the top shirt brands in India. It makes fine clothing for gentlemen with elegant styling and defining class. The brand is internationally famous and puts its craftsmanship into contemporary clothing which suits best for a standard man.

Louis Phillipe offers a wide collection of clothes including shirts, t-shirts, trousers, and other apparel. It makes the best casual shirts for men. These shirts are made with the finest fabrics in the world.

You can purchase shirts directly from Louis Phillipe’s official website. You can also buy shirts of the brand from shopping sites like Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart. Different sizes are available on the official website starting from 38 to 44. A huge collection of shirts are manufactured by the brand in all colours.

Fit types are also available in every kind. The category includes slim, classic, super slim, comfort, regular, ultra-slim fit. Louis Phillipe produces shirts with different collar styles like a regular collar, button-down collar, and band collar.

Patterned shirts are available as check, print, solid, textured, striped, and dots. You can choose shirts with half sleeves or full sleeves according to your preference from the website.

8. U.S Polo

U.S. Polo Shirts

US Polo is the official brand of the United States Polo Association and it is ranked one of the Top shirt brands in India. The main focus of the brand is to preserve the originality of the sports and embracing the Classic American style across the whole wide world.

US Polo was launched in 1890 and has many retail stores, department stores, and US Polo Association brand stores in over 135 countries. It believes in giving the best quality products which outshine the true spirit of the American style.

US polo provides great quality clothing from shirts, t-shirts, trousers and many more apparels for all sections of people. USPA Tailored specializes in formal attire. The attention to traditional details distinguishes US Polo Assn.

Tailored from its other sub-brands. Each piece is designed to be inviting, authentic, traditional, and real, and is the ideal refresh for your 9-5 work wardrobe. It makes the best-branded shirts and polo shirts for men.

You can purchase US Polo shirts directly from its official website. Many different offers are posted by the company. Many e-commerce sites like Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart also sell US Polo shirts.

The size ranges from S to XXXL. Shirts are available in all colours. Different patterned shirts are available on the official website. It includes designs like checked, printed, striped, solid, patterned weave, washed, heathered, dobby, and dyed.

The fabric used in making shirts is cotton and linen. Various collar styles are also available including spread collar, button-down, mandarin, cutaway, forward point, semi-spread collar.

You can choose fit types according to your preference. The shirts are available in regular fit type and slim fit type.

9. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Shirts

Tommy Hilfiger is listed among one of the best shirt brands in India. It was launched in 1985 by Tommy Hilfiger to break stereotypical fashion and to set trends that are more about individualism. The brand was launched as single menswear but expanded its clothing for women and children.

One of the most well-known designer lifestyle brands in the world, known for reviving the classic American cool spirit. To effectively capitalize on its global popularity, Tommy Hilfiger markets its products under numerous brands, each with its price point, demographic focus, and distribution.

The company has over 17,000 employees which are across more than 90 countries in the world. The brand focuses mainly on sustainability. It promotes and creates fashion that will not harm the environment.

You can purchase shirts from the official site of the brand. Many different offers and deals are presented to the customers by the company. Many e-commerce sites like Myntra, Amazon, and Flipkart sell their shirts along with other products like accessories, trousers, belts and much more.

Tommy Hilfiger has wide collections of shirts for every occasion be it business or casual. Shirts are available in varieties of colours and sizes ranging from S to XXXL and 5XL.

Every fit type from classic, custom, regular, relaxed to slim fit is available.

You can choose the fabric for the shirt according to your preference. Tommy Hilfiger makes shirts with 3 different materials that are 100% organic cotton, 20% + recycled cotton and 50% + organic cotton. Both long sleeves, as well as short sleeve shirts, are available.

10. John Players

John Players Shirts

Our list of Top shirt brands in India is incomplete without John Players. John Players is a famous menswear brand in India. It was launched by ITC from 2002 to 2019 until Reliance Industries acquired the brand. John Players defines simplicity and fun in its innovative shirts designs.

The shirts of Jhon Players are made with the finest quality fabrics to give you the utmost comfort and excellent fit. Previously, the brand focused mainly on formal shirts, it has now produced casual wear also. John Players is one of India’s best formal shirt brands.

The company has won numerous honours and has a strong position in the garment industry. John Players provides an excellent fit and a variety of designs made of high-quality cloth. In 2014, Brand equity ranked the company fifth among the most intriguing brands.

You can buy John Players shirts on the official website of the brand. Various shopping platforms are also selling this brand of shirts like Myntra, Amazon, Ajio.

John Players Shirts come in all colours and sizes right from S till XXL and for every occasion be it casual or workwear.

The wide collection of shirts are available in different patterns including abstract, checks, geometric, microprint, polka dot, stripes, textured and many more. You can choose the fabric of the shirt as per your choice. John Players manufactures shirts of cotton, blended, flex, linen, polyester, linen blended, rayon and terry.

FAQs on the Best Shirt Brands in India

We have tried to answer some of the most asked questions regarding our take on the Top shirt brands in India, to give you better clarification. You can go through it to have a clearer idea:

Which is the best shirt brand in India?

There are so many shirt brands in India. However, most of them fail to stand up to our satisfaction. So, after an in-depth evaluation, we have curated a list of the top 10 shirt brands in India. We have considered many factors while compiling the list. You can refer to it with full trust and select the one that fits your budget. Brands like Peter Englan and Raymonds remains at top in our list.

Which is the best casual shirt brand in India?

Few brands like Louis Phillipe and Marks & Spencers offer a wonderful range of casual shirts that will be a perfect choice for almost all kinds of occasions whether they are formal or informal. It will be a perfect choice.

Which is the best formal shirt brand in India?

There are many brands that design elegant and classy formal shirts, to mention a few are Raymond and Peter England. They have an excellent collection of formal shirts that will leave a great impression on the wearer.

Which brand of white shirt is best in India?

A Plain white shirt is the most versatile choice of clothing. You can pair it up with any style. This statement shirt is manufactured by almost all brands on our list. You can select the one you prefer, by opting for the brand that is best suited to your budget. One of our personal favourite’s is Park Avenue.

Which is the most expensive shirt brand in India?

Brands like Tommy Hilfiger promise to provide you with premium high-end quality shirts. So the price tag tends to be on a higher side when compared with other brands of the same categories. Tommy Hilfiger also provides classy and unique style clothing.

Which brand of cotton shirt is best?

Brands like Louis Phillipe and French Crown have an excellent collection of premium quality cotton shirts to provide you maximum comfort at any time of the day.

Ending Notes on the 10 Best Shirt Brands of India 2024

When it comes to finding a perfect shirt, there are so many options to choose from. There are so many brands competing for the top position. However, only a few stand up to the expectation of the buyers and provide the best quality. The perfection is in terms of style, fit, and fabric. The wide size selection they offer and the colour option can also not be neglected.

Refer to our guide to find the Top shirt brands in India. We researched well so you don’t have to, you can follow this guide with complete faith. You can also experiment with different styles, fits, and colours. Go for whatever suits you and floats your boat. You can also check out our best T-shirt Brands in India. to find a few of the best brands in the category. We hope our review was of help to you and we will keep bridging new themes for you. Stay Safe!

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