Amazon Axis Bank Offers July 2024 {Get Upto 10% Discount}

Are you aware of the mind-boggling Amazon Axis Bank Offers for July 2024? Not yet? We thought so. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Check ‘em all out here today.

Amazon Axis Bank Offer 2024 have done it yet again! This is not the first time Amazon and Axis Bank have come together and collaborated in order to provide their users with the greatest deals possible, in a market where competition is always cut-throat.

Amazon and Axis Bank never cease to amaze its clientele and keep outdoing themselves. This time yet again they’ve come up together with some remarkable offers that could be availed by using Axis Bank Debit Cards and Credits Cards for shopping at Amazon’s online portal.

To know more about what follows, read on and enjoy the benefits.

Here’s a compilation of Amazon Axis Bank Offers 2024 :

Amazon Axis bank offers and coupons

Axis Bank Debit and Credit Card users are eligible for four offers when they shop at Amazon online. Also, there are offers a user can avail even when they opt for the EMI option.

Check all the following Amazon Axis Bank offers 2024 out and choose the one that suits you the best, but before you do here is a quick brief about what to do and how to do in order to avail any of these amazon axis bank credit & debit card offers.

  • It doesn’t matter if you have an Axis Bank Debit or Credit Card, the initial steps remain the same for both. The first step would be to browse through the Amazon Store via its website or application on your PC or mobile phone, respectively.
  • After browsing through, you can select all the items that you wish to purchase and add them to your cart. There will be a very clear option to add each and every item you view to your cart, in case you intend on buying it. Add all the items you wish to purchase to your cart.
  • Once you are done, go to your cart, and eventually move to the checkout page. Once you land on the check out page, does the real application of this entire article comes into action. Decide whether you choose to make the required payment via your debit or credit card. Based on the card you select, you can find the offers listed below.
  • Also, in case you decide on purchasing something expensive, don’t worry, you can buy it on EMI. EMI now comes handy even with your Axis Bank Debit Card and not just the Credit Card, as it has always been!

Now read on and find out detailed information about all the offers that Amazon and Axis Bank together send your way!

1. Amazing Amazon Axis Bank Debit & Credit Card Offer 2024

Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale 2024 is a heaven for everyone who depends upon online shopping for their everyday needs. From mobiles to electronics to Appliances to Fashion products to daily essentials, Amazon Sale Axis Bank debit & credit card offer from 13th October will surprise you with its wide coverage and choice of products. Name it and they’d have it for you, anything, everything, trust us on this!

So, if you already are a fan of the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale then brace yourselves and well, if you aren’t, you ‘re going to be, as Amazon and Axis Bank together give you pretty good deals when you shop using these two at the Amazon Online Store.

  • You get an instant 10% discount when you use your Axis Bank Cards at Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale via the Amazon website, or its mobile site or application. The catch here is, the instant discount comes with a minimum transaction of Rs.5.000.
  • The maximum discount a person can get is Rs.1500 per Axis bank credit card & Rs. 50 per debit card.
  • This offer shall be valid from 18th October to 25th October.
  • You already know how to avail this offer by purchasing items off the Amazon Online portal/app and making required payments via your Axis Card Debit/Credit Card.

I hope you’ve already checked out the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale by now and doesn’t it have every-damn-thing? I’d want to say, I told you so! Well, what are you waiting for now? Hop on and start shopping from the Amazon Sale right now!

2. You can now avail 50% cashback with Amazon Pantry Axis Bank Offer

How often do y’all shop at Amazon Pantry? Because I do a hell lot more than I honestly should! Well, you can’t really blame me for it. Amazon keeps collaborating with our banks and other vendors in order to bring us the best of deals and I just can’t look away from all these tempting offers.

Well, read on and I’m sure, you won’t be able to too and understand my dilemma of shopping it all or letting it go! Well, well, read on what follows and I’m sure, you won’t let this opportunity go either and start shopping instantly as I did!

Here’s your chance to get up to 50% cashback when you shop at Amazon Pantry Section using your Axis Bank Debit/Credit Cards. Read more in order to claim this fantastic deal!

  • You can earn up to 50% cashback on your first two online payments with Axis Bank Debit/Credit cards when you shop at Amazon and pay with them.
  • You can shop at the official Amazon website or use their mobile site or the best option would be to use their app.
  • The maximum cashback would be up to Rs. 50/-.
  • This Amazon Pantry Axis Bank offer is valid on every Wednesday.

And you know the remaining drill!

3. Now get Debit Card EMI on Amazon using none other than your Axis Bank Debit Card

Amazon Axis Debit Card EMI Offer

Do you also get annoyed when you come across something absolutely lovely absolutely expensive while shopping online? Well, I’ve been there. Also, the problem doesn’t end here. You think about EMIs and realize that you don’t own a credit card and ultimately bid adieu to that lovely, lovely thing you wanted to buy so bad!

Well, gone are the days when EMI’s weren’t available on Debit Cards, not gone very far in the past, though. But let’s come together and appreciate Axis Bank for making EMIs available on Axis Bank Debit cards as well, who would’ve thought!

All you really have to do is make a few selections while you’re at the payment page. Select for the option that lets you choose the option for availing “EMI on Debit Cards” and you’d be ready to roll!

4. You can now have access to flexible EMI Offers with Axis Bank Credit Cards while shopping at Amazon

Amazon Axis EMI Offer

EMIs can be tricky, in general. The interest rates, terms and conditions, and what not. It hasn’t been all very easy in the years for the general public and no wonder so many of us run away from it thinking about paying hefty interests later on. This dilemma usually drives us away from not only buying what we wanted to in the first place but also makes us skeptical about the whole institution of EMIs. It isn’t that bad of a thing, trust me!

Well, availing EMIs with credit cards isn’t a piece of brand new news and we’re all pretty much aware of it but what we do not know is that Axis Bank now allows a user to shop at Amazon’s online portal and buy things on EMI using its credit card.

So, here’s how it’d work:

  • A user can choose from a wide variety of options when it comes to the term of EMI, like a very flexible 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months EMI plan.
  • The EMIs would be calculated at a very minimum rate being 12% for time periods of 3 and 6 months, while a mere one percent increase and making it 13% for 9 and 12 months time periods. A slight increase, making it 15% for tenures of 18 and 24 months, still very nominal.
  • The cherry on the cake being, no processing fee will be charged from the end of Axis Bank, which is a big relief for its users.

All the user has to do is shop, shop, and shop from or its mobile website or the application. Easy much?

5. Now get a cashback when buying things on EMI using your Axis cards

Well, well. To add on to your happiness after reading all these offers here’s some more for you! You can now get an extra 5% instant cashback on minimum purchases worth INR 11,000/- on EMI, given you make all the adequate payments using your Axis Bank debit or credit card.

A cashback of maximum INR 1000/- can be expected on going through with this offer. This offer shall commence on 25th January and run till 27th January. So, what are you waiting for?

But what if you do not own any Axis Bank cards, debit or credit? What happens then?

Well firstly, do not worry! Amazon has got you all covered! In the case where you do not own any Axis Bank Cards, Debit or Credit, here’s what you can do – You can rather use your HDFC Bank Cards offers on Amazon or your SBI Offer on Amazon and enjoy some equally great discounts and deals as well and save some money.

We hope that you really have a good time shopping at Amazon!

For any further queries or question, feel free to reach out to us via the comments section below and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Until then, stay tuned for more deals and discounts related news, see ya soon!

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