Best Generators in India for Home Use in 2024 for Maximum Efficiency

Check out our take on the 10 Best Generators in India for Home use in 2024! Our list comprises petrol, diesel and even solar-powered generators! Check out for yourself which generator fulfils your demands!

Are you on the search for some of the best generators in India for home use? We can understand how confused you might be, as almost every generator promises to work to its full efficiency. But how many of these generators are actually worth their price?

A generator plays a vital role in Indian households as you never know when you might not have access to power. The constant worry that the power may be cut or when will it come back so you can go back to your everyday routine is quite frustrating.

In such cases, it is utterly beneficial to purchase a generator for your house. These machines do take up space and mostly run on petrol, but giving the amount of energy/electricity they provide it is an acceptable compromise.

So, if you’re living in a locality where there are frequent power cuts or you have many people living in your house and due to light not being available at times they aren’t able to do their work or sleep properly. You should opt for some of the best generators in India for home use!

Best Generators in India for Home Use

Now you may be wondering as to what is the best selling generator? Well, to help you out we have curated a list of the most prominent generators available in the country. So, let’s check out the list and help you get the best generator which will be suitable for you and your household.

10 Best Generators in India for Home use that Provide Full Backup

Before we dive into the list of the best generators in India for home use it should be noted that we have ranked these generators on the basis of customer feedback, what retailers recommend, what is the best selling generator for home and our own expertise.

The list below comprises of some of the most efficiently working generators which people across India use and trust on!

1. Elemax PEG3200B C2 Petrol Generator

Elemax PEG3200B petrol generator

Elemax PEG3200B C2 petrol generator is the best generator for home use in India in 2024. With a compact design and silent working, this generator tops our list! Just looking at the picture you may have gotten a hint as to how modern this home generator looks like.

It has an easily accessible petrol tank opening on the top so whenever the generator runs out of oil you can just refill it without any hassle. The Elemax PEG3200B is an ISO certified generator, meaning this machine has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.

Now when you hear the word ‘generator’ the first thought that might come to your mind are those old-time generators that required you to spin a handle or string multiple times to make them start. However, the Elemax PEG3200B has an electric start and hence saves you all the manual effort.

This generator’s dimensions are 84 x 56.5 x 66.5 cm which is a compact size in comparison to the energy it is going to offer. You can almost just store it under the staircase or in the back of your home and it will barely take up any space.

For easy mobility this home generator also has wheels, thus making Elemax PEG3200B the best portable generator. Now coming to the technical features, the Elemax PEG3200B has a single cylinder, 4 stroke and has forced air cooling so the generator does not turn out to be too hot.

The mileage of this generator is around 2litre/hour to 2.25litre/hour with the load being at 75% and 100% respectively. Hence, great efficiency and less petrol consumption. The Elemax PEG3200B house generator will cost equivalent to the price of an average generator price in India Rs.85,000.

You will not be able to run a 1 ton AC on this generator and will have to refer to a higher model of the same generator. You can run AC’s smaller than 1 ton with ease just on this one generator. On a scale of 1 to 5 this generator produces noise at about 3.

  • Small and compact, hence takes up less space
  • Has wheels so you can get easy mobility.
  • The fuel tank opening on top consumes about 2.25litre/hour of petrol at full capacity.
  • Electric Start
  • Cannot run a 1 ton AC, has to less than that.
  • The noise could have been less.

2. HONDA Siel Power Products EP 1000

HONDA Siel Power Generator EP 1000

Honda Siel Power EP 1000 is one of the best generators for the home in India in 2024. When someone says the phrase “I have a generator at home” the picture that pops up in your mind is the same as to what the Honda Siel EP 1000 depicts.

With a metal structure that encompasses the whole generator and also acts as handles to pick or move the generator, the Honda Siel EP 1000 is India’s most loved house generator. Majority of households can be seen possessing this generator as it is a trusted product of Honda and comes with many perks.

This house generator has the fuel cap on top so it can just fill it up whenever it runs out, barely takes any effort. This generator however is preferred in those circumstances where you do not have to move it too often.

As it only has rubber supports on the bottom and no wheels, picking up and placing this generator here and there can become difficult and is not moved properly can also cause you to injure yourself. This generator weighs around 31kgs (including the weight of petrol), so will be difficult to pick up and move.

The technicalities of this generator are that it has a 4 stroke single cylinder generator with maximum output up to 850VA. It does not have an electric start, but rather has a manual string which you need to pull multiple times till the generator starts, hence there will be some manual labour required to run this generator.

The fuel tank capacity of this generator is around 3.5 litres and the mileage offered by it is around 0.5 litres/hour. That means at full capacity it can run up to 5 to 7 hours.

It has a nice air cooling system and also incorporates green technology so that the generator doesn’t cause much pollution and make the atmosphere around your house go up in smoke. The honda generator price in India for the Honda Siel EP1000 is around Rs.30,000.

  • Efficiency and great mileage
  • Easy access to the fuel tank and good energy output
  • Firm and compact design
  • Manual Start
  • No wheels to ease mobility

3. Sarrvad Solar Generator

Sarrvad Solar Generator

The Sarrvad Solar Generator is the best mini generator you will be able to find in India. It is not just a mini generator but rather portable too. If you’re to buy this generator consider it as a bigger version of the portable charger. It is solar-powered and hence an amazing choice for those who want to rely on green energy.

The Sarrvad solar generator weighs about 2.3kgs which is nothing compared to the big home generators which you may find online. This portable generator comes with AC output and 4 DC Ports, so you can plug in big machines while you’re out camping or just having a picnic.

You can directly charge your phones with the available 2 USB ports and one C-type port to charge phones and MP3s. This portable generator also acts as a multi-usage device as it has a 2x1W ultra-bright LED light which basically acts as a torch and can be of great use when you go on treks.

The Sarrvad solar generator incorporates the uses of Lithium metal batteries to store the energy obtained. The generator can support the basic amenities required while going on camping, trekking or even at home. It can easily charge and provide electricity to laptops, tablets, mini fans, TVs, etc.

It has however been mentioned not to use an AC device which might require power more than 200W. Along with being solar-powered, you can charge this portable generator by a normal power source or via a car adapter.

This portable generator is so strong that at full charge it can recharge an iPhone up to 20 times over. It has an LCD screen on top with a 4 button so you can control how the generator is to work. The Sarrvad Solar Generator is priced at Rs.18,000.

  • Solar-powered
  • Portable and Compact
  • 4 DC ports, 2 USB ports, 1 C-type port
  • Cannot support big machines or devices.
  • Not suitable for long periods of usage.

4. Kirloskar Electric Make Silent Diesel Generator

Kirloskar Electric Make Silent Diesel Generator

Kirloskar Electric Make Silent Diesel Generator is the best generator for home in 2024. This generator isn’t anything like the one mentioned above, this home generator is bigger and better. It takes up ample of space but the electricity backup it provides is easily tenfolds.

Weighing at about 900kgs this generator is a one-time-placed generator. Meaning be specific with the sport you place this generator on, because after it is placed it will become nearly impossible for you to shift or move the Kirloskar electric make silent diesel generator on your own.

The generator is powerful enough to provide power to a small retail shop so you can just estimate how much electricity it is capable of generating. To give you a rough estimate the Kirloskar produces about 15 kVA of power and is rated at 12 kVA.

The generator’s technicalities are as follows, 2 cylinders which produce about 21HP each have a speed of 15000 RPM. The generator incorporates the use of liquid cooling, natural aspiration and liquid cooling. This generator has a few complex controls and hence you might need a professional to operate it.

Generators like the Kirloskar electric make silent diesel generators that can withstand any weather and participate in the long run. This generator has an average life of about 10-15 years. This Kirloskar generator price in India is about Rs.330,000 plus.

  • High power output can give power back to a whole house.
  • You can run ACs, TVs, Fridges and other big appliances
  • Durable
  • Cannot be moved once placed without professional help.
  • Too big for an average house.

5. Honda EU 70is Inverter Generator

Honda EU 70is Inverter Generator

Honda EU 70is Metal & HDPE inverter generator is the best honda generator which is available in India. This generator is like a generator on wheels, quite literally! The generator has two big wheels on the backside to support its mobility.

The Honda EU 70is runs on petrol and has an AC output. This generator of honda does not have an electric start but rather a key start, where a key has to be used before the generator can power up. This is a type of generator which has compact look and is easily portable, but when needed can also be expanded.

The Honda EU 70is has a power output rating of 5.5 kVA with the max power being rated at 7.0 kVA, voltage rating of 230 Volts and a rated amperage of 23.9 (A). With such efficient technicalities, this house generator has a fuel tank which can store up to 19litres of petrol.

However, all these features come at a price and that price is its weight. This house generator cannot be picked up and moved that easily as it weighs around 123kgs. The 2kva honda generator price in India of such a generator is about Rs.53,000 plus.

The noise level of this Honda generator when observed on a scale came out to be 82db on which, 140 is the highest and 0 is the lowest rating.

To give you a rough estimate, on using the Honda EU 70is inverter generator you can power a 1.5 ton AC, 6 tube lights, a few fans, a curling iron and a hairdryer without any difficulties.

  • Big wheels located on the back for easy mobility.
  • Compact design which can also expand.
  • Can power a 1.5 ton Ac
  • Heavy; 123kgs
  • No electric start

6. Elemax PEG2500B C2 Generator

Elemax PEG2500B C2 Electrical Generator

Elemax PEG2500B C2 generator is one of the best generator in India which is readily available in the market. A one-line definition of this generator is that it is an efficient generator on wheels. It has handles on the side to make it easy to move.

This generator has good mileage, it basically consumes 1litre per hour. And given that its tank capacity is at 18 litres, this house generator can easily run up to 18hours. That is more than enough to power your house in case there is no electricity for a whole day.

Coming to the technicalities of the Elemax PEG2500B C2 generator, it has a single cylinder type engine. Which is compiled with 4 stroke, OVH and forced air cooling.

To make the refilling of fuel easy, the fuel tank cap is located at the top of the generator. It also uses an oil alert system which tells you when the petrol is about to completely deplete.

This generator also has an electric start so you don’t have to put in the manual effort. The company claims that they have produced a super quiet generator which you can easily use at night while you sleep.

To give you an estimate of what all electrical appliances this generator can support, it can support an LED TV, 4 Fans and a small fridge without fluctuating or running out of fuel fast. It’s due to its amazing efficiency that people prefer to buy this house generator.

So what is a silent generator for home price in India like that of Elemax PEG2500B C2 generator, it’s close to Rs.70,000.

  • Efficient milage (1litre/hour)
  • A silent generator
  • 4 wheels for easy mobility
  • Has an electric start
  • Cannot provide power for a 1.5 ton AC
  • Can run for a maximum of 9 hours at a time

7. Honda EU 30is Metal & HDPE Inverter Generator

Honda EU 30is Inverter Generator

The Honda EU 30is Metal & HDPE inverter generator is one of the best generator in India for home use. This generator is quite small and compact. To make sure that you can move it around without having to drag it along this generator comes equipped with 4 wheels. It also has metal handles located at the front and the back so that an individual can move his home generator within his/her house.

This generator like it’s 70is counterpart is also silent and can be expanded when needed. The material used to make this house generator is metal & HDPE. It has multiple AC outputs and outputs which support other appliances.

The fuel tank capacity is 12.5 litres and which when used to its full capacity can provide power backup for about 23 hours. In eco mode, this house generator can run on 2 litres of petrol for about 7-8 hours. Which basically means that you are saving 20%-40% of fuel. Excluding the weight of the fuel, this house generator weighs about 60kgs.

It is claimed by many that Honda has used new and improved technology in this generator as it is extremely silent, so silent that you might have to go check on whether it is on or not.

Thus making the Honda EU 30is Metal & HDPE inverter generator the best silent generator for home use. The generator has a power output of about 3000 VA and a rated output of 230V/50Hz.

An efficient and silent house generator which you have just got to buy. This Honda generator 3kva price is about Rs1.1 lac.

  • Silent and compact
  • Easy mobility
  • Fuel efficient
  • Can even support a 1.5 ton AC
  • Expensive
  • As you increase the load on the generator its noise level increases

8. XLNT-6500E Petrol Generator

XLNT-6500E Petrol Generator with electric start

The XLNT-6500E petrol generator is one of the best generator in India for home use. It has a unique design in comparison to other generators on this list. The XLNT portrays an open body design in which one can see major parts of the generator. This approach gives the generator a good look.

This home generator has two wheels with good grip located at the back and stoppers in the front so that you can easily move the generator and when the time comes to place it you can do so without it budging. This generator is rated at 5.5 kVA, 230V and 3000 RPM.

It has a single cylinder engine type with 4 stroke, OVH, efficient air cooling so that the generator doesn’t get too hot and has a power factor of 1. The fuel tank is located on the top of this generator which can hold up to 25litres of petrol.

The continuous running time which the XLNT-6500E can support is up to 9 hours. After which it will require a break to cool down. This generator has an electric start which gets activated by the push of a button. It also has a recoil pull start option as an alternative to the electric start.

It has an oil alert system which will tell you when the tank is about to get empty. The dimensions of this generator is 95 x 57 x 78cm. This generator provides 5500 watts of starting power and about 5000 watts of running power.

The dry weight of this house generator is close to 80kgs, which may seem like a lot but given that it has wheels and a strong metal frame, you can move it around the house and face no difficulties. This generator will cost around Rs.55,000.

  • Unique design with strong metal frame
  • The fuel tank can hold up to 25 litres of petrol
  • Provides 5.5kVA of power supply efficiently.
  • Has wheels and electric start.
  • Cannot power an AC
  • Can only run up to 9 hours continuously

9. Greaves Power Generator

Greaves power Generator

Greaves power generator set is one of the best generator for home use. This may look like a portable generator due to it having 4 wheels at the bottom and metal handles on top. But don’t be fooled, the Greaves power generator weighs a whopping 300kgs.

So, when you are placing it somewhere in your home, choose a spot where you might not need to move it later on. This is a diesel generator and one of the best diesel generator brand in India, its bigger generators are an epic sensation across the nation.

It has a power rating of 2.5kVA, uses a single cylinder type engine and is forced air-cooled so that the generator doesn’t turn out to be too hot. However, for its surprising weight, this home generator is quite compact and offers smaller footprints (eco-friendly).

It has a fuel tank located on top which has a maximum capacity of 15 litres. This generator incorporates the use of 12 V dry batteries with connecting leads and terminals. Some amazing features of this generator is that it has a 4-line LCD screen to display commands, and a unique integrated DG set controller.

It has a fully configurable digital output and all the parameters are settable and password protected. It even starts with the click of a remote. An amazing choice and something which those individuals who have big homes should consider.

  • Diesel generator
  • Wheels make it portable
  • Controls available in the front, LCD screen
  • Will provide ample power as it is extremely efficient
  • Too heavy about 300kgs

10. Sarrvad Solar Powered Generator

Sarrvad Solar Powered Generator

Sarrvad Solar powered generator is the best solar generator in India. This brand is quite famous for the manufacturing and selling of generators which are available for home use. Designed to look like one of those portable speakers, this generator is a great choice if you wish to have a portable generator with you on every step of the way.

This generator weighs about 2.4kgs and has a handle on top of it; similar to the ones which were put on radio/boomboxes. This makes the Sarrvad solar-powered generator a nice and portable one. It has multifunction outputs, which includes 1 AC port, 4 DC ports, 3 USB ports and 1 C-type port. The mini generator price of this generator is Rs.18,000.

With such a variety of ports available you can charge multiple devices at once, power a mini-fan, TV, small size fridge or other appliances. You can check to see how much power the generator has left by looking at the screen, which displays it.

The Sarrvad Solar powered generator is the best mini generator for home use. This generator can easily be used outside in your car, on treks or at picnics. Its amazing portability, charging speed, power output and easy accessibility makes this generator a prominent choice!

  • Multiple outputs; AC, DC, USB and C-type
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Affordable
  • Cannot support or provide backup to big appliances
  • Will run out of power fast if too many appliances are charged at once.


That was all about some of the best home generators of India, now coming to some frequently asked questions which may have popped in your head. These questions down below will help you get a better understanding of what exactly all the fuss is about.

Which generator is suitable for home use?

The Elemax PEG3200B C2 Petrol Generator and Honda Siel power products are suitable for home use.

Which generator is best for home in India?

The Elemax PEG3200B C2 Petrol Generator, Honda EU 70is and Sarrvad solar-powered generators are the best generators in India.

What is the most reliable home generator?

The Honda generators and the Elemax generator are the most reliable as they are made by ruptured brands.

How much kVA generator is required for a house in India?

Depending on your usage a 2.5kVA to a 5.5kVA generator will be sufficient for a house in India.

What type of generator is best?

Petrol generators, which have a wheel and are not too heavy are the best type of generators.

Buy the Best Generator in India for Home Use Today!

That was it, folks, the best generators in India for home use, that was our take and what we thought would definitely satisfy Indian households needs. The list prepared incorporated all types of generators, petrol, diesel and even solar-powered generators.

Each generator serves a different purpose and hence is priced differently. That is why it is recommended that you check what is your demand for power or how much does your house use before you buy yourself a home generator.

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