Top 10 & Best Treadmill Brands in India 2024

Fitness enthusiasts will love to check out the top 10 and best Treadmill brands in India in 2024 that would help to keep fit & burn that extra fat at home. Browse these amazing fitness equipment and keep exercising.

We have prepared a list of best Treadmill brands in India in 2024 after intense research, to help you buy the best equipment.

Top 10 and Best Treadmill Brands in India

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, when it gets difficult to find time for gym, a brief treadmill session at home can be highly productive in keeping you fit and flexible. With a barrage of brands available in the market, it again becomes a difficult task to choose the right brand of treadmill that would be ideal for your exercise regime.

Furthermore, which parameters to consider while shortlisting the best treadmill brand is also a big question. These exercise equipment contributes a lot in keeping us in shape and hence should be chosen with every detailing in mind.

Our rigorous market research, extensive user feedback, expert interviews and industry reports have resulted in shortlisting the best of Treadmill brands for you. Each and every products mentioned in the list here have been tested and evaluated by our team before making suggestions.

We have evaluated them basis parameters like belt size, control panel, motor type, price, speed, space utilization etc. We want you to concentrate on your exercise routine while we meticulously prepared the top treadmill brands that would suit your requirements.

All that you need to know about Treadmill


The first consumer treadmill was developed by an American mechanical engineer named William Staub in late 60s, which later gain popularity among fitness freaks and normal consumers who are health conscious. Ever since treadmill came into commercial use, people make the most of it by doing indoor exercises like running, brisk walking, jogging etc. It has changed the dynamics of indoor exercise into a new level.

Treadmill, thus is an exercising device that is generally used for walking, jogging, and running within the comfort of your home and without venturing outside. It is made of a conveyor belt that is operated either by an electric motor or a flywheel. The rear movement of the belt helps the user to either walk or run in the forward direction. With a control panel attachment, the speed of running and calories burnt etc can be monitored.

Inspite of several home gymming equipment, treadmills continue to be the most preferred and highest-selling exercise equipment around the world. As a result, hundreds of manufacturers across the world have mushroomed to offer various kinds of treadmill equipment.

Which Treadmill type is best suited for you?

Even before you explore the list of best treadmill in India it is important to understand the major types of treadmills available in the market and how different are they from each other. Apart from functional differences, you should also understand how you are going to get benefitted with the varieties of treadmill available in the market place.

Mapping it back then with your requirement would result in a perfect purchase of these exercise equipment. Often we look out for a product without knowing the nuances. Hence, a clarity on the type of treadmill available will help you understand it better. Accordingly, the purchase process becomes much simpler. Below listed are the type of treadmills that you should be knowing of.

1 – Manual Treadmill

As the name suggests, these are the types that do not require electricity to run. It is a simplistic form of a treadmill which runs without a motor. It is simply a belt wrapped around a deck on an incline, and this belt is made to rotate by applying force while walking or jogging. The belt doesn’t operate automatically but is controlled by your feet movement.

As soon as you get off the manual treadmill, the belt comes to a standstill. Though it is cheaper than other forms of treadmills, it comes with its speed limitation and dynamism that is being offered by modern equipment.

2 – Motorised Treadmill

Unlike the manual treadmills, in this type, the belt is set in motion by the help of a motor, while you run or jog on it. Your speed should sync with that of the moving belt in order to avoid a fall. The horsepower of the motor differentiates a good treadmill from a bad one. Atleast 1.5 continuous horsepower is needed for minimal functioning of a motorised treadmill.

However, for heavier users, the horsepower should be higher. On a motorized version, the user need not have to strain their leg/ankle to set the belt in motion, instead just switching it on does the trick.

3 – Folding Treadmill

For those who wants to have a treadmill at home yet save space, to them folding treadmill or foldable treadmill is ideal. Whenever the treadmill riser can be folded, it forms a foldable treadmill and can be conveniently stored under the bed or sofa. Apart from this function, rest of it is common. It too has a belt that is set into motion by either a motor or manually. A folding treadmill can be used as walking pad treadmill under the desk while working.

4 – Hybrid Treadmill

This is considered to be an all-rounder treadmill, and has an efficient design element ingrained to it. The reason being it is an integration of ordinary treadmill function along with cycling component and stair climber. It has a padded seat and two pedal-like platforms for using the entire unit as a low impact bicycle. Besides running, jogging, walking once can do pushups, step-ups, stair lunges and other workouts.

5 – Commercial Treadmill

These variants of treadmill are highly durable and can withstand long hours of usage. Mostly used in commercial premises like public gym, hotel fitness centres, physiotherapy clinics, spas etc. Because of multiple hours of use, the strength of the components tend to be of highest order and made of superior quality materials. These treadmills support heavy workouts and large volumes. Almost 99% of them are static and cannot be folded. Commercial treadmills are not meant for domestic or private use.

How can you be benefitted by a Treadmill?

Every individual is aware of the fact that staying fit is important. Regular exercises help us to gain flexibility, controls weight, keep blood pressure and sugar levels within limits. However, going outdoor for some basic exercises like walking, jogging, running or stretching at times become a bit taxing due to our busy schedule. As a result, we often miss out on our regular exercise regime. And this is where a treadmill comes handy with loaded benefits. Few vital of them are listed below.

a) Maintains Healthy Heart

Regular workout on treadmill increases heart strength, thereby improves blood circulation throughout the body. And better circulation means the muscles get more oxygen. Stronger heart translates into lower blood pressure which is essential in today’s world where most of us lead a stressful life. The risk of heart attack thus minimises.

Regular treadmill exercises also controls cholesterol, thus having a healthy heart rate by keeping the arteries and veins blockade free.

b) Controls Weight

Running on a treadmill regularly helps you to reduce weight. It helps you to burn calories and thereby aids in weight loss. A fit body and mind is always rejuvenating and gives more energy to work on regular stuffs. Following proper instructions can lead to fat burning through treadmill exercises, and hence one can control weight.

c) Improves Flexibility

Regular running or jogging on treadmill develops stronger muscles and enhances stamina. Muscles of arm, leg, thigh, and abdomen are directly affected depending how you run. It also increases joint flexibility thereby helps in prompt mobility even in your old age. Flexibility also reduces the chance of having arthritis.

d) Impacts Bone density

A great help of regular workout on treadmill is developing bone density. Bones become stronger and durable, thereby chances of osteoporosis is minimised. By running and jogging on treadmill, minerals flow seamlessly through the bones and hence impacting its density.

e) Easy of use & Convenient

The greatest benefit of treadmill is that it is highly convenient to operate. At the comfort of your home, you can workout while listening to music or watching TV. At times going to gym becomes taxing, as a result the regularity of doing exercise comes to a halt. Its ease of use also is an attractive feature, just with few clicks on button you can set the speed and enjoy your session. The panel helps it to operate the entire devise at ease.

Look out for the Best Treadmill brands in India in 2024

For your convenience we have listed top 10 best treadmill brands in India in 2024, so that you have a hassle free purchase experience from the best brands. Your regular workout is more enjoyable on a device that gives stupendous performances and yet is easy to operate. We have done in-depth research and have meticulously put up this list.

Several factors were considered while preparing this list so that it becomes robust and be of best use for shoppers looking to invest in a treadmill. Have a look and go for the best one that suits your requirements.

1. PowerMax Fitness

PowerMax Fitness Treadmill

Considered to the best treadmill brands in India, PowerMax Fitness has a wide range to offer to the fitness freaks. This ISO 9001:2015 certified company is passionate about exercise and wellness, and is on a mission to get you fitter. They are also into spreading fitness awareness and motivate people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

PowerMax Fitness equipment with its wide distribution network can be spotted at each nook and corner of the country. Incorporated in 2009, this Goa based company supplies the best of fitness equipment to the Indian consumer.

Most of the treadmills from PowerMax ensures a smooth ride at your desired speed. The powerful and attractive LED panel helps you monitor every aspect of your workout, thereby satisfies you to the core.

What do we like most in PowerMax Fitness?

  • It provides hassle-free services to its customer
  • Free installation assistance is provided over a voice or video call. Also, the official Youtube channel has videos to assist installation
  • Most of their product has lifetime warranty on frame, 3 years motor warranty, and one year warranty on parts
  • It uses codes to differentiate its product category, viz TDM (Treadmill – DC Motor – Auto inclined), TDA (Treadmill – DC Motor – Manual Incline), and TAC (Treadmill – AC Motor – Commercial)
  • Equipment can be controlled by mobile app “Gfit”
  • For easy maintenance semi-auto lubrication is used
  • Provides amazing health benefits through pre-set programs

2. Lifelong

Lifelong FitPro Treadmill

Having a diverse collection, Lifelong is undoubtedly among the top treadmill brands in India in 2024 that’s making a mark with their superior product offering. Most of their products are built around client’s requirement which forms a shape through exquisite design element. Known to have diverse and innovative product range in fitness category, they claim to be at least 30% cheaper than other existing brands.

With Milind Soman as their brand ambassador for fitness equipment, they are on the right track in capturing the fitness conscious market of India. As a consumer oriented brand, Lifelong takes constant feedback to update their product.

What do we like most in Lifelong?

  • The treadmills offer a wide running area and can withstand 110 kg of maximum limit for user weight
  • Maximum speed of 14 km/hr
  • Motor inclination is 0-15%
  • Can be easily stored at home
  • It’s being provided with wheels for easy mobility
  • Attractive panel with safety latch
  • Free installation assistance across India
  • Has 1 year warranty on motor and 3 years warranty on frame
  • Provided with 12 pre-set programs for better training and workout

3. Cockatoo

Cockatoo Treadmill

Anand Group offers the best motorized treadmill brand in India under the brand name of Cockatoo. One of India’s oldest sports company, Anand Group is known for feathered shuttlecock and tennis balls under the brand name Guru. It has now ventured into high quality fitness products that’s designed in Australia. With an aim of total customer satisfaction, this particular company offers a wide range of treadmills to Indian customers.

Even though it has few manual treadmill models, Cockatoo is known for motorized treadmill with wider variety and models. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company having wide presence.

What do we like most in Cockatoo?

  • It offers free installation of their products across India
  • Attractive console displaying details like time, speed, distance, calories burnt, and pulse-rate
  • Can withstand maximum user weight of 90 kg
  • Auxiliary input, easy to install
  • Easy to move and fold
  • 5” LED display makes it look elegant
  • Provided with 12 pre-set workout programs for better results
  • Highly trained technician for servicing
  • Wider service network

4. Durafit

Durafit Treadmill

This Tamil Nadu based firm produces the best treadmill for home use in India. Known for specializing in home-use fitness equipment, Durafit treadmills are customized to enhance safety, convenience and enjoy regular workouts at the comfort of home. With a large network of authorized service providers across India it provides regular service to its customers.

Durafit focuses on customer centricity and hence closely works with the user base to enhance designs, update features and integrate user experience in their treadmills.

Durafit makes a conscious effort for customer safety and hence their products are designed with utmost care. Available across a domestic and commercial range of treadmills, Durafit is gaining popularity very fast.

What do we like most in Durafit?

  • Heavy duty DC motor fitted
  • Has vertical hydraulic folding system for easily mobility and storage
  • Provided with Dura-Spring technology and gel cushion for additional shock absorption
  • Can withstand maximum user weight of 120 kg
  • Fitted with MP3 player and loudspeaker, so that one can enjoy music while exercising on treadmill
  • Comes with 3 yrs of motor warranty, 5 yrs of frame warranty and 1 yr of parts warranty
  • Durafit treadmills are 95% pre-installed and takes only 30 mins to install it. Online installation support provided to all customers
  • Provides a speed limit upto 16 km/hr
  • Wide network of authorised service partners pan India

5. Welcare

Welcare Maxpro Treadmill

Whenever you think of best treadmill brands for home use in India, Welcare would definitely feature within the list. With a mission of providing right fitness solutions and help people to lead active & healthy lifestyle, Welcare offers an array of fitness equipment that’s stylish and durable. Since its inception in 1996, Welcare has done more than 2000 gym installation and have served more than 2,00,000 happy customers.

Known for setting up gyms both for home and commercial purposes, Welcare offers a wide range of treadmills with attractive features. It also provides life time service support to the customers.

What do we like most in Welcare?

  • Fitted with powerful DC motor
  • Has blue backlight LCD screen displaying important data regarding workout
  • Fitted with wheels for easy mobility
  • The maximum speed of 16 km/hr can be reached
  • Easily foldable using soft drop hydraulic system
  • All India product installation support is provided
  • Life time warranty on frames, 1 year motor warranty, and 1 year warranty on parts

6. Fitkit

Fitkit Treadmill

OneFitPlus with its comprehensive fitness solutions provides the best treadmill brand in India – Fitkit which is a premium product engineered with principle, performance and perfection.

With an objective of building ecosystem of home fitness products, OneFitPlus’ Fitkit brand of treadmill is gaining popularity among fitness freaks in the country. This Telangana based brand has integrated their treadmills with digital technology, to provide the most modern and wholesome workout experience to its customers.

Fitkit has an array of treadmills as per your requirement. Their motorized, foldable, portable and highly robust products will definitely boost cardiovascular health & metabolism by effectively burning calories.

What do we like most in Fitkit?

  • Fitted with powerful DC motor for better performance
  • Can attain max speed of 14 km/hr
  • Free one year subscription of Fitwarz App (immersive fitness game app)
  • Can withstand a weight of max 110 kgs
  • Fitkit provides free diet and fitness plan for three months along with doctor consultation and supercool personal video training session
  • 1 year warranty on motor and other manufacturing defects, 3 years warranty on frame
  • Prompt customer support and after-sales service

7. Lifeline

Lifeline Treadmill

Today most companies are into motorized treadmills, but Lifeline is the best manual treadmill brand in India in 2024 with a good customer base.

Lifeline’s manual treadmills are the best for any beginners. However, it’s not that much relevant for pro-athletes. It’s not that they don’t have motorised version, in fact they offer 9 motorised products as compared to 3 manual ones. With such array of treadmills featured with modern technology, Lifeline has gained market popularity quite fast.

Their products can be directly shopped online besides being available on top eCommerce sites.

What do we like most in Lifeline?

  • Simplistic design yet sturdy and durable
  • It has three easily adjustable inclination levels that can be done manually
  • Made of alloy steel body
  • Has a dashboard with electronic meter that displays details like speed, time, calories burned, pulse rate etc.
  • Motorised version is available in multi-colour
  • Fitted with DC motor of 4 hp
  • LCD display panel showing details
  • Fitness ball and hexa dumbbell comes free with treadmill

8. Healthgenie

Healthgenie Treadmill

Healthgenie is an online portal for healthcare products and fitness shopping having best foldable treadmill brand in India. With wide variety stocked in their web-portal, it becomes easier for customers to compare and purchase treadmills of various specifications. This Delhi based firm sells treadmill for both home use as well as commercial use. Their webpage has basic tutorials to guide best purchase of treadmills.

Healthgenie’s motorised treadmills are simple designed with elegant look that can help you in your exercise regime.

What do we like most in Healthgenie?

  • Wide range of products available
  • Onsite service provided by Healthgenie across India
  • Easy DIY installation with 90% of it is pre-installed
  • Attains speed of 10 km/hr
  • Motorised ones have 1 HP DC motor fitted
  • Can withstand a max weight of 100 kgs
  • Easily foldable and hassle free storage
  • 1 yr motor warranty, and 3 yrs warranty on frames
  • Provided with Auxiliary port and cable. Also has MP3 player installed.
  • LED display panel highlights detail like time, speed, distance, pulse rate etc.
  • Mobile / iPAD / Tablet holder attached for convenience

9. RPM Fitness

RPM Fitness Treadmill

RPM Fitness is a flagship brand from OneFitPlus that offers best automatic treadmill brand in India which is stylish and loaded with features. Known for both manual and motorized treadmills, it also manufactures an array of fitness equipment and accessories.

RPM Fitness provides the ultimate solution in home fitness and has a catalogue of excellent treadmills which are made of top-notch technology adhering to user safety and durability.

With affordable price range and wide network, these treadmills are easily available. It covers almost 27000 PIN codes in India. With no cost EMI & COD options, they empower users to procure a treadmill at best deal.

What do we like most in RPM Fitness?

  • OneFitPlus App connectivity is there
  • Personal trainer video session free
  • Free diet and fitness plan for three months along with doctor consultation is packed with the purchase
  • Max speed can be attained is 16 km / hr
  • Can withstand a max weight of 110 kg
  • Free at home installation services available
  • Easy lubrication for mobility and movement
  • Offers motor warranty of 1 yr and 3 yrs warranty on frame
  • Offers 15 level auto inclination for intense training

10. Viva Fitness

Viva Fitness Treadmill

Sold and serviced in more than hundred countries and rated as the best commercial treadmill in India, Viva Fitness equipment is known for their hi-tech products that standout among competition.

This ISO 9001 company produces wide range of commercial treadmills that serviced by trained technician. Over the years, Viva has been a dominant supplier to commercial fitness centers, hotel/university gyms, training room of multi-housing complex etc. With over 30+ models in commercial treadmill space, Viva Fitness undoubtedly rules the space.

Viva’s top class product will definitely want fitness freaks to try their hands in these amazingly designed treadmills. With great distribution network, they occupy top position in commercial treadmill segment.

What do we like most in Viva Fitness?

  • Fitted with AC motor with 4-5 HP
  • Has USB charger
  • Provided with emergency stop button
  • Large LCD panel for exercise related detail readings of time, speed, pulse, calories etc
  • Wheels provided for easy mobility of the equipment
  • Made of heavy duty steel with high durability
  • Has orthopaedic running belt
  • Can withstand maximum user weight of 130 kgs
  • Can attain max speed of 18 km/hr
  • Installation manual is provided to assist product assembling

Important features to look out for while purchasing a Treadmill

Now that you have decided to workout at home and is looking for a treadmill to grace your home, you should consider certain factors before purchasing a treadmill. This checklist will only help you to get the best of products from the top brands of treadmill. Since, buying a treadmill is a kind of investment for better health and lifestyle, few important features should be kept in mind, and they are as follows:

i) Size of the belt

Belt size is of utmost important in a treadmill, considering the fact that people are of different shapes and sizes. While exercising one should feel safe and not get hurt due to improper belt sizes. Treadmill belt should be atleast 48” long and 18” wide. People with height over 6 ft, the length should ideally be 54”. Enquire about belt size before taking that purchase decision.

ii) Motor specs

As a regular exerciser, one should take a note of the treadmill motor details. Its power and speed matters. Quality of the workout will depend on motor efficiency. Make sure the motor can withstand your desired speed and power.

iii) Weight of the equipment

This is an important factor, as it should withstand the weight of the user. Hence should be sturdy and durable. Depending on the weight of the user, the equipment’s weight should matter. For this the material with which the treadmill is made also matters. At times light weight yet efficient alloys are used for frame build-up.

iv) Size and space it captures

The fact that treadmills are stationed at home, its size matters and the space it will capture also is important. Accordingly folding treadmills can be opted. These equipment are heavy and hence proper allocation of space should be done.

v) Warranty types

One should be very clear about the warranties offered by the manufacturer/brand. Since it consumes good investment, one should enquire about various kinds of warranties that are in place for a treadmill. Generally warranties are there on the motor, frame and other manufacturing defects.

vi) Budget

Prices of treadmills vary. You should check out the ones that fit your budget. Also, check out the various payment options available. For high-end equipment, no-cost EMI or COD is available. Look out for a great quality product that is priced reasonably.

vii) Control Panel

This forms an attractive part of a treadmill. Check the features that gets displayed, also if it can be easily accessible or not. These days’ people prefer music / video while exercising and hence the panels are provided with MP3 players and other entertainment on the panel. It should display details like speed, calories, pulse and other vital details.

Should you buy Treadmills online?

Yes, why not. Today almost everything is purchased online for sheer convenience and attractive pricing. Hence, there’s nothing wrong in buying a treadmill online. While you cannot feel the product but you can always look into the detailed specs that are showcased online.

Dimensions are also given for an understanding of the space it would occupy post-installation. 3D videos are also available to boost your confidence. Branded companies sell their treadmills either on their own webpage or through Amazon, Flipkart or other eCommerce sites.

Further customer feedback, comparison across several brands and price discounts facilitate online purchase of treadmill, which would be difficult if you visit a store. While one might be hesitant about defects and other issues, make sure about the return policies and warranties – that should give faith in your online purchase of fitness equipment.

Avoid these common Treadmill walking blunders

Using a treadmill isn’t a rocket science. But then there are certain bad practices that can ruin your exercise regime and may put you to risk of injury. Some of the mistakes that needs to be avoided while walking on treadmills are listed below.

  • Don’t forget your warm-up before treadmill workout
  • Don’t hold onto the treadmill
  • Do not stomp your feet
  • Avoid looking down your feet
  • Don’t stick to the same routine, instead alter it
  • Don’t lean forward
  • Avoid wearing the wrong shoes

Let’s Address your Queries

We have listed down best treadmill brand in India in 2024, as we understand that without a worthy fitness equipment your purpose for intense workout and exercising fails.

A lot of research has gone into making this list that articulates all details. The objective is to help you in procuring the best of treadmill brands in India, so that you can enjoy your workout. However, we have listed below the most frequently asked questions by our subscribers which we tried to address through best of our abilities.

Which is the best treadmill brand in India in 2024?

Lifelong is the best treadmill brand in India. They are very customer oriented brand and integrates customer feedback in their product design. In 2024, Lifelong offers the best prices for a wide range of treadmills to its customers.

Which is the best treadmill brand for home use in India?

Cockatoo is a brand from one of the oldest sports company in India and manufactures the best treadmills for home use. Cockatoo treadmills for home use are specifically designed in Australia with latest technology and high quality material.

Which is the best commercial treadmill brand in India?

Viva Fitness is undisputedly the best commercial treadmill brand in India. With over 30 models in commercial segment, Viva Fitness has lot to offer. Their trained technician is always there to support right from installation to servicing.

Are PowerMax brand of treadmills good?

PowerMax is a reliable brand and is a great choice. They have some modern designs which are sturdy and durable. PowerMax as a brand spends a lot in R&D to come up with new products, addressing customer concerns. Their prompt customer service complements their brand promise.

Which treadmill is better AC or DC?

DC (Direct Current) motor is mostly used for treadmills meant for home use. These motors initiate slowly, and provide a more consistent response to increased speed, inclination and increased weight on the belt. It also runs quieter as compared to AC (Alternate current) motors.

Are treadmills bad for your knees?

If used improperly, treadmills can harm you. Whenever the workout intensity is revved up by increasing the speed, one ends up putting excessive pressure on the knees, resulting in increased pain and discomfort at the knee joint.

Are cheap treadmills worth it?

Treadmill is an investment as it matters to your health. Hence, it’s better to have a reasonably priced model rather than a cheap one. Generally cheap treadmills have inferior motors, which end up burning off the internal wiring. Also the plastic parts aren’t durable and starts wearing off within a year of use. It isn’t smoothly operational. As a result, it might have adverse effect on health.

Best Treadmill Brands in India will enrich your workout experience

“A sound mind dwells in a sound body” and for a sound body regular exercise using best treadmill brands in India is a must. Often it is seen that even after having a gym membership, it gets difficult to hit the floor every day, more so when our hectic office life keeps us away from it and hence the best way to remain fit and flexible is to exercise on treadmills at the comfort of home.

Every brand of treadmill comes with its own USP and it becomes difficult to opt for the best out of the lot. However, you can trust our listing which goes through stringent norms of shortlisting, and purchase a top quality treadmill and enjoy your workout sessions at home

Dr. Manish Ranjan is a professional doctor who often writes on health and medical content in order to share his experiences. Apart from being a professional doctor and writer, he possesses an avocation of travelling and reading too.

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