Zomato Bank Offers 2024: SBI, HDFC, Axis, Yes Bank cards

Zomato bank offers for SBI, HDFC, Axis, and Yes bank customers will help all the food enthusiasts in getting their favourite food delivered at discounted rates. Food lovers can now place an order through Zomato whenever they want and from wherever they want, because the budget is no longer going to be a matter of concern.

Zomato bank offers for 2024 give you an opportunity to order more, eat more, and pay less for the food by ordering through their platform. There are times when we just don’t feel like stepping out of our homes because staying at the comfort of our pajamas is more important. Undeniably, food delivery apps such as Zomato and Swiggy have eliminated the need to step out and wait for hours to get our food packed. At the touch of a button, we can have the food delivered from our favorite restaurant at our doorstep. Isn’t that truly comforting?

Apart from Zomato and Swiggy, there are various other food delivery platforms available. However, the turnaround time of Zomato is unmatchable, and hence, it has also flourished as one of the most efficient and widely preferred food delivery platforms.

With a variety of cuisines and restaurants cropping up, our food cravings know no bounds. From breakfast to lunch, dinner, or a dessert, everything can be ordered through Zomato at discounted rates by availing either of the offers mentioned below. In fact, Zomato bank offers on SBI, HDFC, Axis, and Yes bank cards are surely going to attract you to pursue the offers.

Who does not like saving a bit, especially when it’s about food which is otherwise very expensive at restaurants. So, whether you are alone at home and too bored to cook or have guests coming in for dinner, you can stay stress-free by ordering food through Zomato from your preferred restaurant.

So, if you are totally excited to learn about the offers that will let you order food at a much economical cost, then here’s your go-to list of Zomato Bank offers for 2024 that are going to leave you in awe with food. Check it out below –

Let’s check the list of Zomato Bank Offers & Coupons 2024 –

When it comes to ordering food online at relatively lesser rates, Zomato is one name that strikes our mind. The main reason behind its growing popularity and acceptance is its range of offers, which might not be easily available elsewhere. Certainly, it is the availability of numerous offers on one platform that it becomes easier for the people to order the best possible food items from anywhere. And what’s best? These food items will be available to you at a much lesser cost than it otherwise would.

There are numerous offers to be availed for a satisfying feasting experience. Here’s a Zomato Bank offers list that’s going to make you fall in love with food all the more –

Bank NameCoupon CodeZomato Offer
Visa CardsVISAFlat Rs 100 Discount with all Visa Cards
HDFC BankZOMATOHDFCFlat Rs 150 OFF with HDFC bank cards
Axis BankAXIS20% Discount on Axis bank cards
State BankSBI20020% OFF using SBI credit cards
Yes BankYES20Rs 150 discount with Yes bank cards
RBL BankRBL15Extra 15% discount with RBL credit cards.

1. Use your Visa Cards to Avail Discounts

When was the last time you ordered food from a restaurant through Zomato? If it’s been really long since you ordered food from out, then what you don’t know is that Zomato is still waiting for you to order food through its platform. You must be wondering why – then here’s the reason. Zomato has launched a Zomato Visa Card offer that lets you order food from any restaurant and helps you save about 20% on your first order.

For all those of you who have never found the chance to order food through Zomato, you may now utilize this platform for ordering food. However, do note that you’ll be eligible for the offer only if you make the payment via visa card.

On per visa card, you can get up to Rs. 100 discount. So, if you are a visa card holder of ICICI, HDFC, Axis, SBI, Kotak, PNB, or YES bank, then you are going to be immensely benefited by this Zomato Visa card offer.

But how would you avail this Zomato Visa card offer? Don’t you want to know that? Well, here’s your answer – by applying ‘VISA’ promo code at the time of payment. Simple, isn’t it?

There’s absolutely nothing that can stop you from ordering your favorite food online through Zomato. You only need to remember that since the offer is valid for a limited period of time, you need to place an order within the stipulated period of time in order to be benefited. Get going now!

2. Zomato’s offer for HDFC Bank customers

Who will not appreciate saving an amount as considerable as Rs. 150? The Zomato HDFC bank offer lets you enjoy a discount like this. In today’s times where every minuscule item is expensive to our pockets, saving even a bit of it gives immense joy.

Spend a minimum of Rs. 500 on your food order place through Zomato and get a flat 25% cashback on it. However, do note that you’ll be eligible for the cashback only if you make your payment via HDFC bank debit or credit cards.

Insert the Zomato Coupon code ZOMATOHDFC or ZOMATOHDFC25, and avail all the benefits that fall under this Zomato HDFC Bank offer.

The best part? Your weekends have truly got sorted. Now, you need not worry about making food at home while the guests are home, you can simply place an order online through Zomato.

Since this offer is valid all the days in the week, you can simply skip the idea of cooking over the weekend. This offer can be availed once per user per week – so don’t miss your chance!

3. Budget no Constraint for Axis Bank customers on Zomato

You may be craving for something really special from a restaurant close by. If that restaurant is registered with Zomato then nothing can stop you from ordering it. However, what’s important is whether you are an Axis bank customer or not. If yes, then you are lucky. Wondering why – then here’s the reason. The Zomato Axis Bank offer is for all those of you who love to order food online frequently and are constantly hunting for discounts and attractive deals.

Under this particular Zomato Axis bank debit and credit card offer, you can benefit with a flat 20% discount if you are a first-time Zomato user. All you need for availing this offer is an Axis bank credit or debit card. That’s about it. And yes, let’s not forget the importance of the promo code; insert ‘AXIS’ while making the payment. In turn, you are going to earn an amount as high as Rs. 100. Well, Rs. 100 does make a huge difference, especially when it comes to food. By saving that amount, you can spend it elsewhere for your other needs.

4. A sigh of relief for SBI card users on Zomato

It seems to be a lucky phase for food lover’s since Zomato has introduced multiple offers in association with multiple banks. The Zomato SBI offer is especially for all those of you who are SBI credit card holders but find the least chances to utilize it.

Who knew credit cards would be of so much benefit. If you are planning to place an order for any food item through Zomato, and if your order value exceeds Rs. 300, you can avail this Zomato SBI offer.

There’s nothing that can stop you, except for the absence of an SBI credit card. This might surprise you, but in exchange of placing an order for Rs. 300 or more, you get a chance of saving almost half the price, i.e. you hold the chance of availing a discount of up to Rs. 200. In total, you are going to be benefited with a 20% discount if you use your SBI credit card on Zomato.

This SBI credit card offer on Zomato is valid on every Monday and Tuesday, so the start of your week has been sorted. But, let’s not forget how important it is to apply the promo code SBI200 – without this; you’ll not be able to save a single penny. So, make sure you apply ‘SBI200’ code and avail the offer once. So, where’s your card? Find it and get it out now!

5. Save bigger on Zomato with your RBL credit card

This offer comes for those of you who are RBL credit card users. There are various things you need to keep in mind to make full use of the Zomato RBL credit card offer – the minimum order value should be Rs. 399, only then you can go ahead and avail this offer.

Secondly, this Zomato RBL credit card is valid only on Thursday’s and Friday’s, so you need to plan to order food on these two days only.

If you have never ordered food through Zomato, we give you an opportunity to access the platform now. It’s only on this platform that you’ll get a whopping 15% discount if you make the payment through your RBL credit card. All you need to remember is the promo code – insert ‘RBL15’ to save while eating from out. So, are you set to calm your hunger pangs? You should be, this offer is valid for a limited period of time, so hurry up!

6. Make the most of this offer using your YES bank card

YES bank Zomato offer is the most wonderful opportunity for all the food enthusiasts who have been wanting to order food online for the longest. Now is the time when you can order whatever you crave for and manage to save up to Rs. 150 by grabbing a flat 20% discount on Zomato.

If your order value exceeds Rs. 249, you can happily avail this offer using your YES bank credit card. Plus, the best part is that you can now skip cooking on the weekends because this offer is valid on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

We all love to eat from out, and getting a discount on the ordered food feels like a blessing in disguise. All you’ll need to remember is the Zomato Yes bank offer promo code ‘YES20’ at the time of payment. You are then good to go.

These offers definitely feel too attractive to be missed at any cost. We have shared the details of all the offers, now you have to keep an eye on the offer dates and follow the instructions to avail either of it. Splurge the saved money by buying whatever is lying in the list of pending items.

Your guide to Availing Zomato bank coupon codes –

Discounts and offers are two things that can awaken any person on this earth – be it on apparels, travel, food, or anything else. This is so because discounts allow us to look for better things without having to spend much. So, if you want to avail the following offers on Zomato, you must know the process of availing the Zomato bank coupons.

We’re listing down the process for you. Go check it out –

  1. Log in to Zomato’s app or website
  2. Select the preferred restaurant and food item from the menu
  3. Add the item to your cart
  4. Proceed to pay. Apply the given promo code at the payment page where you wish to redeem the offer
  5. Make the payment using the specified bank’s card
  6. Enjoy the discount. Celebrate “saving” while eating without worries

Simple, right? There’s no way you’ll go wrong anywhere. Follow our guide and you’ll not face any difficulties in pursuing any of the offers.

Food lovers can happily celebrate the joy of saving!

We are pretty sure that you have got all excited to order all the possible food items from your favorite restaurant. So, why hesitate? Now that you know the offer details, you know where your benefit lies. It’s time that you keep aside all your concerns and order everything that you are currently craving. There’s no way you can save more, we bet these are the most pocket-friendly deals ever. Apart from Zomato, if you like ordering from Swiggy too, then you can also check out the Swiggy bank offers to grab amazing deals and discounts.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait for too long, grab them while they are active, or regret once they are gone. We don’t want you to lose this chance, and hence, we’re here to remind you of it!

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